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Rangers 2 Kilmarnock 2
(Killie won 6-5 on Penalty Kicks)
(Tennent Caledonian Cup Final, Ibrox, Aug 5th 1979)

Newly promoted Kilmarnock, were surprise invitee's to this pre-season tournament, which was in it's 4th (& final) year of existence.

Killie made it to the Sunday Final, having knocked out Brighton on penalties, after a 1-1 90 min draw. Ian Gibson scoring Killie's goal with a fine solo run and then shot! I can remember as Killie scored their winning penalty the sheer abject misery of the Rangers fans sitting around us (Rangers played West Ham after the Killie-Brighton game)... "Ache it cannie be an all Scottish Final!". Rangers did beat West Ham 3-2.




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