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On the smiling Spring day of April 24, 1965, with blue and white scarves making a rainbow of joy, Kilmarnock Football Club achieved their greatest triumph.

At Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh, they accomplished a super human task, beat Hearts 2-0 and won the Scottish League Championship. It was an incredible feat. 

All the odds were stacked against Killie. They were two points behind their rivals 48 to 50 with goals average reading 1.81 and 1.91.

The goal average was calculated on the number of goals scored divided by the number of goals conceded.

 Kilmarnock had to win, and away from home, by two goals to take the league flag to Ayrshire for the first time.

Win they did, brilliantly, bravely, skillfully,
as David Sneddon and Brien McIlroy scored the most vital goals in the history of the club. Then of course there was Bobby Ferguson's title winning save near the end....all magical!

Dreams had come true.
Kilmarnock were the football champions of Scotland. 




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