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Apr 16 2003 by Tam Cowan

Excerpts of the Daily Records Tam Cowan, having a go at Killie for their tame performance on Sunday at Parkhead...

HANDS up all the Hoops fans who paid good money to watch Celtic's training session the other day?

By all accounts, Martin O'Neill's men took it easy and treated the afternoon as a fun day off, indulging in nothing more strenuous than a few light exercises and finding time to have a laugh and joke with the fans.

And then, 24 hours after playing Kilmarnock, I understand they did the same thing all over again on Monday.

Good old Killie, eh? Just days after being one of the few clubs to vote against the Old Firm game being played on April 27, the Rugby Park outfit tried to assist their Parkhead pals yet again by allowing the tired Celtic players to treat the Sabbath as a day of rest.

Yes, folks, if you thought the punters who parted with cash at the Old Firm open days on Monday were ripped off, spare a thought for the diehard Killie fans who travelled to Parkhead on Sunday afternoon.

Amazing how a fiver to watch Bert Konterman doing star-jumps can suddenly seem like a bargain.

Even though they'd secured a top-six finish in the SPL and are supposedly pushing for a UEFA Cup spot, Jim Jefferies' troops were ultra-defensive and totally dismal with a sleepy Rab Douglas making his only save of the match deep into injury-time.

I know a couple of Killie fans who attended the game and, like myself, they can't understand how one of Scotland's form sides could line up against Celtic (who'd won just one of their previous six matches) and seem so thrilled to escape with a one-sided 2-0  defeat.

Killie have played some decent stuff this season and calls for star performers like Gary McSwegan and Stevie Fulton to receive international recognition have been fully justified.

But their negative approach on Sunday - particularly when Celtic seem a little bit wobbly right now - absolutely stinks and I reckon their loyal band of travelling fans deserve a full refund.

Kilmarnock were so bad, apparently, that midway through the second-half a gallus Neil Lennon started passing the ball forward.

Maybe he'd have been better off just knocking it back to the keeper. Well, this might have confused the away support into thinking they'd enjoyed a couple of efforts at goal.


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