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Killie Ladies Shine For Scotland

The Scotland women's team recorded an fantastic 8-1 victory over the Portuguese in their last game a few weeks ago which put them top of Group 4 in the European Championships...and FC Kilmarnock were more than well represented.


Killie Goal Queen Linda Brown opened the scoring with a hat-trick which was followed by five in a row for Scotland's captain and daughter of ex-Killie boss Jim, Julie Fleeting. Linda scored in the 7th, 13th and 22nd minute...her brother Colin, a regular in The Howard) wishes he was half as good! Portugal's sole reply came in the second half from Ines Silva (64th minute).

Scotland made full use of their subs in the 28 degree heat and Pauline Hammill, who has just moved to work for Rangers at Murray Park (not sure if she's still playing with us) was brought on in the second half. The victory confirms that Scotland is now a force to be reckoned with in European women's football. Coach Vera Pauw said: “We are obviously delighted with such a convincing result, however the Portuguese did play well but Scotland took all the opportunities.” 

The top team from each of the four groups will automatically qualify for 2005 championships in England. The teams who are second and the two best third places will play-off for the remaining three places in the finals. The hosts England qualify automatically. have made arrangements with FC Kilmarnock boss Jim Chapman to increase our coverage of the team this season and we hope that they continue to dominate their league the same way they have in the past two seasons.

Scotland Team (Killie players in bold): Gemma Fay, Julie Smith (Suzy Robertson), Stacey Cook, Amanda Burns, Michelle Barr, Megan Sneddon, Joanne Love, Mhairi Gilmour (Kirsty McBride), Suzanne Grant (Pauline Hamill) Julie Fleeting, Linda Brown.

Subs (not used): Claire Johnstone, Julie Ferguson, Julia Ralph, Suzanne Malone.



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