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Killie Sure They Won't Go Down ....
If Gretna Fold

KILMARNOCK have rubbished claims there would be still be relegation from the SPL if Gretna go out of business.

League chiefs have so far refused to rule out the possibility of the 11th placed side going down if the Raydale Park club fail to make it until the end of the season.

Gretna are likely to be plunged into administration today but Killie chairman Michael Johnston says he's not worried about relegation after reading the SPL guidebook.

He said: "Rule H5 states that if any club in the league ceases to operate as a member for any reason its playing record for that season may be expunged and the number of relegation places shall be reduced accordingly.

"I am concerned about our position in the table but that has nothing to do with Gretna or anything else. We are looking to move up the league and are confident of doing that.

"The question regarding what would happen if Gretna became insolvent is a matter for the SPL."


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