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Simon To Move On ?

Simon Ford admits he could leave Killie in search of first-team football this summer after being dropped, having been left out since the 2-4 defeat at the hands of  Gretna.

Simon, 26, has a year left on his contract but is mulling his Killie future over in the meantime...............

"It's something I'll look at in the summer, I'll sit down with my family and review the situation."

"It's a case of training and working hard and seeing what happens at the beginning of next season.

"If I find myself in the same situation then maybe I'll think that my time is up here and maybe it will be time to try to get myself out on loan or move on if possible.

"It's been really frustrating. I've never been in this situation before and it's not one that I like.

"I'm 26 and I don't want to be sitting on the bench or in the stand.

"It's been hard to motivate myself to come out to train because I'm thinking, 'Well, I'm not playing on Saturday anyway'.

"Then Saturday comes and I think I might be on the bench and see what happens - then I find out I'm in the stand again.

"I don't like watching games, I want to play in them."

"The gaffer said I've got a chance of getting back into the team, which I'm pleased about, so I'm hopeful.

"I've just been training and working hard and trying to give him no reason not to put me in the team.

"It would be nice to come back and I just want to play again.

"It has been eight weeks without playing in a competitive game.

"The boys have been playing really well and they have had some good results and clean sheets since I've been out.

"I've got no problem with the boys who are playing or with the gaffer saying I'm not in the team because the boys have been playing well.

"On the other hand, if they weren't playing well, I would be knocking on the manager's door asking when I'm going to get my chance again."

"No disrespect to the teams around us but we don't want to be in the bottom six and I think they would say exactly the same thing.

"There is no competitiveness, it's just playing out the rest of the season.

"You have to have the right attitude because people are still paying money to watch the games.

"But, as a player, you want to be playing in the big games."

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