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- A Wee Bit O Killie In "TB" Till The End -
By Allan Auld Webmaster

As some of you know I recently travelled back to home to Scotland at the end of Feb, and took in the Gretna "fiasco", along with Mar 1st Buddies home win at Rugby Park.

The reason I share this is, on Sunday March 2nd, while waiting in the international club lounge at Glasgow airport, for my return flight home, I was surrounded by the Celtic travelling party (who were getting ready to head off to Spain, to play Barcelona, in the Champions League).

While standing in line sporting my Lotto Blue Killie badged sweater, (waiting to get a java, & watching plenty of Tic players jumping the queue) Tommy Burns came up to me, and said….

“Are ye awe right son?”…. to which I replied ….“Aye”!

Tommy then said …. “That wis a guid result we (winked as he said it) goat yesterday”.

I nodded back, smirked, and thought to myself, it was nice to see that there is still a wee bit o Killie left in TB!

In light of Tommy's sad passing yesterday on May 15th 2008, I thought I would share this story (again) to any-all of the Killie faithful who might have missed it the first go round!

Tommy Burns RIP

Allan Auld

David Ross Tribute to TB - Here

Do You Remember Tommy Burns - Here

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