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May 26th 2016: Sam Lidington is the latest (following Devlin MacKay & Adam Frizzell) youngster to be offerred a new 3 deal to stay at Killie.

May 25th 2016: Added Baz's Week 43 Scotsman column to the 2015-16 Season Diary. It's not actually in the Scotsman this week but we had to end the season after the last game!

May 24th 2016: Do you remember 19 years ago today? (We haven't got round to tidying this page up yet.) - Here

May 23rd 2016: David Shaw's match report, along with additional Sandy Ferguson's match pics have now been added to Killie's historic playoff win from yesterday.

Squad Updates: Your guess is as good as ours. We'll make changes to the squad pages when we have a clearer idea of who's still with us.

May 22nd 2016: Destiny day for Killie! Scottish Premiership Play-off final 2nd leg Killie 4-0 Bairns (Agg 4-1). Lee Clark's post-match comments have been added along with Sandy Ferguson's match pics.

May 20th 2016: Sandy Ferguson's match pics have now been added to last night's match report.

May 19th 2016: Scottish Premiership play-off final, first leg, Bairns 1-0 Killie. Template now includes Lee Clark's post-match comments, and James Morrison's match report, along with Sandy Ferguson's match pics.

May 17th 2016: Our own Craig Benson is the Boss for the first leg of our Play-Off final against Falkirk on Tuesday. Added the rest of Sandy Ferguson images to the Match Report and also updated the Hotshots and the final League Table for the season.

May 16th 2016: Added Baz's Week 42 Scotsman column to the 2015-16 Season Diary.

May 14th 2016: Match template SP38: Killie 2-4 Dundee Utd. Lee Clark's post match comments, along with Sandy Ferguson's match pic's have now been added.

May 13th 2016: The Boss for the final scheduled league fixture of the season is Paul Montgomery. Don't forget the Trust's Comedy Night at the Mauchline & District supporters Club tonight, limited tickets still available on the door.  Alan Walker's match report has now been added to SP37, the Hotshots and League Table have also been updated.

May 11th 2016: Match template SP37: Dundee 1-1 Killie, one point from a pointless fixture, figure that one out!

May 10th 2016: Added Baz's Week 41 Scotsman column to the 2015-16 Season Diary. Updated the league table, not that it matters any more.

May 9th 2016: Karen Steel is our first female Boss of the season, what do you think of her team selection?

May 8th 2016: David Shaw's match report has been added to match template SP36: Killie 0-2 Jags.

May 7th 2016: Match template SP36: Killie 0-2 Jags. Killie are now confined to 11th place in the Scottish Premiership, and will face either Falkirk or Hibernian in the relegation/promotion playoffs.

May 3rd 2016: We are launching a drive to get as many fans to the last couple of home games as possible, get to the Theatre of Pies on Saturday and let's #RockRugbyPark

May 2nd 2016: Added Baz's Week 40 Scotsman column to the 2015-16 Season Diary.

May 1st 2016: James Morison's match report has been added to SP35: Accies 0-4 Killie

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