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Prices for Season 2013-2014 (bottom of page)
Our fan's forums are our most popular feature and generate an estimated 10,000+ page views per day. The front page of the forums is the port of entry for all our users/visitors to our various message boards (17 at the last count) and is more than often bookmarked as a user's 'home page'. Your advert, which can be submitted to us (or designed by our team free gratis if you prefer) and refer back to your own URL would look like the following.....

The main sponsorship for this season has been taken by The Howard Arms (until Dec 2013) and we'd like to pass on our thanks to Billy and Annie Millar for their support. However, you can still sponsor some of the individual boards for a fraction of the price, depending on the popularity of the board you choose. Again, you can either supply your own artwork or our people can knock you out something like the following...

Here is an example of some recent statistics (as of March 2013) for the fan's forums. The most up to date statistics which change dynamically can be found here. At this point in time the most popular board is the Killie Kickback forum with 283,467 posts and 24,396 topics, and you have to remember that these are 'pruned' every so often to keep the file sizes manageable!

Statistic Number
Posts per user 97.28
Posts per board 17,329.71
Replies per thread 10.55
Posts per day 146.05
New users per day 1.50
Users who have posted 42.24%
Total no. of users = 2,912
The front page generates an average 2,900+ page views per day, a figure which we are very proud of and is still increasing. The chart below is a (verifiable) example of our weekly statistics for unique* hits on the front page alone. This page houses the links to the site's 600+ pages of content and is accessed frequently by all our visitors/users. It is also the home of the most current Killie news and rumours and has been rated as one of the best unofficial club sites in the country.
Date Unique* page views or 'hits'
27 - 03 - 2013 2,552
28 - 03 - 2013 2,818
29 - 03 - 2013 2,855
30 - 03 - 2013 2,635
31 - 03 - 2013 3,286
01 - 04 - 2013 3,555
02 - 04 - 2013 2,531
Total for week = 20,232

 *Unique hits are page impressions/views that are only counted once in a 24 hour period i.e. if someone visits the front page 40 times in 24 hours it only counts once.

A front page 'button' advert, which again can either be supplied by the customer or designed in-house by, is situated on the right hand side of the page opposite the navigation bar. These adverts all have to have a maximum width of 108 pixels but the content is entirely up to you and we can also link the adverts back to your own URL or an email address of your choice.  Our counters which originated in the year 2000 are accurate, and only tracks individual FrontPage "hits".

Here are a few examples of adverts we've done in the past...




The adverts are on a 'first come first served' basis and the sooner you place your order the higher up the page you will be. Please note that all paying advertisers will take precedence over all the 'freebie' advertising we do for the club and the Trust etc.
While the fan's forums are our most popular 'feature' of the website we still take a lot of hits on our regular items, some of which appear in conjunction with Killie fixtures but others on a permanent basis. We are looking for sponsors for the following...
All of the above have links from the front page navigation bar and all can be furnished your graphics and your advertising blurb for a 12 month period from when the advert is taken out. It is worth noting that we have no intention of removing any advertising from 'historical' pages so while the likes of the Rumour Mill and the Prediction League score more in the big hitting department, the Match Reports and Match Previews that feature your advert will be there for good.
Fed up with your bog standard email address? Fancy a unique one instead? For only a fiver you can 'rent' some space (50Mb inbox) from us and a fancy an email addy that will make you the envy of all your friends to boot! It doesn't matter how you prefer to receive your mail, you can use it web based or as pop mail or even just set up a re-direct to your current email account. All the relevant details can be found online here.


The prices for this season are as follows...

Feature Price Per Annum Fan's Forums 500
Killie Kickback Board 250
You'll Never Take the Killie Board 100
Jive Talkin' Board 100
Any other board 50
Front Page 'Button' 200 (20p/m)
The Prediction League 150
The Rumour Mill 150
Manager's Comments 100
Match Previews 100
Match Reports 100 email address 5
To place an advert with us or to make an enquiry then please contact us by clicking - HERE. Please note that we are offering a 10% discount for repeat orders on a yearly basis up to a maximum of 30%. We will also send a newsletter out to all our members when a new advert is taken out.

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