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Dec 10th 2016:
Match template for Well 0-0 Killie created.

Dec 8th 2016: Killie boss Lee Clark shares the benefits of using "Cryo Chamber" technology - HERE

Dec 7th 2016: James Morrison's match report has now been added to the Dons match template.

Dec 6th 2016: Season Diary Week 18 has now been uploaded. The KFCSA's online petition has been closed today, they will now collate the signatures and get them presented to Michael Johnston.  
Match template for Dons 5-1 Killie created, and now includes Lee Clark's post-match comments, Killie Hotshots have been updated - HERE

Dec 5th 2016: Lee Clark's comment updated - HERE

Dec 3rd 2016: Match template for Killie 2-0 Dundee created, and now includes Lee Clark's post-match comments, and David Shaw's match report. Killie Hotshots updated - HERE

Dec 2nd 2016: Lee Clark's manager's comments updated - HERE

Dec 1st 2016: Killie fan and site member Nicola 'minikillie' Milligan joins one of her musical heroes onstage HERE

Nov 29th 2016: The Killie Trust announce former club director Russel Smith has joined their board. The KFCSA and Trust have released a statement following their AGM/SGM on Saturday. Season Diary Week 17 has now been uploaded.

Nov 28th 2016: Killie have been drawn at home against Hamilton Accies, in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup.Tie played on the weekend of 21/22 January.

Nov 24th 2016: Rage or Apathy? Let's change Kilmarnock FC Together. Baz has a rant and reminds you that the Trust AGM and KFCSA SGM is in the Crown pub at 12:30pm this Saturday. You can also read about Killie fan Ian McCaig's WinterStorm rock extravaganza which also takes place over the weekend coming.

Nov 23rd 2016: No Standring around on ceremony as Billy takes over as the BOSS

Nov 21st 2016: Season Diary Week 16 has now been uploaded HERE

Nov 18th 2016: Match template for Killie 0-1 Celtic created, which now includes Lee Clark's post-match comments.

Nov 16th 2016: The Development team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last night after being 3-1 up at half time. Read Gary Kirkpatrick's match report now.

Nov 15th 2016: Season Diary Week 15 has now been uploaded HERE

Nov 13th 2016: Extracts from the latest Killie Hippo have been uploaded at the request of fans after selling out on the first day of issue. Read the David Moran interview and Double Talk online now. Kilmarnock Football Club, the Killie Trust and the KFCSA pay their respects to Kilmarnock players who fell in service to their country HERE

Nov 10th 2016: The Killie Trust have given formal notice of their AGm and the KFC Supporter's Association announce details of their proposed new constitution and an SGM to ratify it at the Crown Inn, Kilmarnock at 12:30pm on Saturday 26th November.

Nov 9th 2016: Site staff member Alan 'Mathematics' Walker gets to Be The Boss this week.

Nov 8th 2016: We're very sad to hear of the loss of Killie's 1964/65 ever-present Eric Murray. May he rest in peace..... KillieFC.com Staff.

Nov 7th 2016: Season Diary Week 14 has now been uploaded HERE

Nov 6th 2016: David Shaw's Accies match report  has now been added.

Nov 5th 2016 Match template for Killie 0-0 Accies created. Lee Clark's post-match comments have now been added..

Nov 4th 2016: Lee Clark's comments tidied up - HERE

Oct 31st 2016: Season Diary Week 13 has now been uploaded HERE. Fed up after the weekend? Relive the victory over the Jambos with Sandy Ferguson's photo extravaganza HERE.

Oct 30th 2016: Alan Walker's match report from yesterday has now been uploaded.

Oct 29th 2016: Match template for Rangers 3-0 Killie created. Lee Clark's post-match comments are now included. Killie drop to 8th position in the League Table.

Oct 26th 2016: Match template for Killie 2-0 Hearts created. Killie Hotshots updated - HERE. QTS tell MJ "time's up"!- HERE FIXTURE CHANGE - Aberdeen vs. Kilmarnock on Nov 26th has now been moved to Tuesday Dec 6th, with a 7:45pm Kick off.

Oct 25th 2016: Season Diary Week 12 has now been uploaded HERE. Sandy Armour's match report from the draw at Inverness has now been published.

Oct 22nd 2016: Caley 1-1 Killie match template created, Killie Hotshots updated - HERE. Lee Clark's post-match comments have now been added.

Oct 21st 2016: Lee Clark's comments updated - HERE

Oct 20th 2016: Killie Trust release a statement in reply to Michael Johnston's comments in the media about investment HERE. This week's "Be the Boss" is none other than the founding KillieFC webmaster himself Allan Auld

Oct 18th 2016: Added Sandy Ferguson's photos to James Morrison's match report from last week's Aberdeen defeat, sorry for the delay! Now also added Sandy Armour's match report and Sandy' Fs photos from Saturdays win up in Perth. The online version of the KFCSA's #WeAreKillie Petition is now live HERE

Oct 17th 2016: Season Diary Week 11 has now been uploaded HERE

Oct 15th 2016: Match template: Saints 0-1 Killie, which now includes Lee Clark's post-match comments. Killie Hotshots updated - HERE.

Oct 13th 2016: FIXTURE CHANGE - Partick Thistle vs. Kilmarnock on Hogmanay has been moved to 2pm to allow you more time to get absolutely smashed.

Oct 12th 2016: Lee Clark's manager's comments updated - HERE

Oct 10th 2016: Season Diary Week 10 has now been uploaded HERE

Oct 6th 2016: Alexei Eremenko is in Scotland doing his coaching badges and the KFCSA's Chris Kyle caught up with him for KillieFC TV

Oct 5th 2016: New KillieFC.com team member Gary Kirkpartick will be covering Development League fixtures for us, his first report on yesterday's match against St Mirren is HERE

Oct 4th 2016: Greg Kiltie's hamstring injury is going to rule him out for the rest of the season, he travels to London for surgery this weekend.

Oct 3rd 2016: Season Diary Week 9 has now been uploaded HERE

Oct 1st 2016: Match template for Killie 0-4 Dons created. Lee Clark's post-match manager's comments have now been added - HERE

Sept 30th 2016: Lee Clark's Sept manager's comments caught up - HERE

Sept 26th 2016: Season Diary Week 8 has now been uploaded HERE


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