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Killie History Seasons 1980-81 to 1989-90

"Die Hards Only"

1980-81 Davie Sneddon (left below) is fired as manager, and is replaced by Jim Clunnie in Jan of 1981. Killie only win 5 of 36 matches and are relegated yet again finishing 9th.

1/1/80 Ian Gibson & Roy Aitken

Celtic fans chant on News Years day was "your going down again", and the Killie fans response "We don't give a Fu*k". John Bourke leads Killie scorers with 5 goals.

80-81 Programme 20P

Kilmarnock 1980-81

1981-82 Killie win 6-0 against QoS the last day of the season, and finish second to earn promotion back to the Premier League. Their record was 17 wins & 17 draws from 39 matches. John Bourke led all scorers with 14 goals.

1982-83 Killie experience only 3 wins that season. Killie finished bottom with only 17 points from 36 matches. Eleven long years were to be suffered by the blue & white faithful before their Premier return was to happen ! Brian Gallagher (left) nets 9 goals for Killie.

1983-84 No quick return for Killie as they finish 6th in the first division with a record of 16 wins and 6 draws from 39 matches.

1984-85 Killie's fortune's worsen as they are now only mid-table club. Killie finish 12th with 12 wins and 10 draws in 39 matches. Jim Clunnie (left) resigns as manager, and is replaced by former player (and legend) Eddie Morrison. Killie suffer one of their worst moments as they lose at non-league Inverness Thistle 3-0 in the Scottish Cup. Killie buy Blair Millar from Airdrie for 8,000 pounds, and ask for the payments to be made in stages. He goes on to lead Killie with 12 goals. Average attendance falls to 1,351. Derek McDicken is released by the club after 400+ appearances for the club.

1985-86 Morrison provides his old club with a lift guiding them to a respectable third place finish. On the last day of the season Killie defeated Ayr Utd 3-2 at Rugby Park .... Ayr are relegated, but a more important sign of the times was only 2,369 fans watched the match ! Killie had 18 wins and 8 draws in 39 matches. Mitchell & Struthers are club sponsors. Ian Bryson nets 14 goals for Killie.

1986-87 Morrison with no money to spend sees his club finish 6th. Killie had 17 wins and 11 draws in 44 matches. Ian Bryson nets 10 goals for Killie.
Yvonne Auld (below left) models the 80's Killie top!

87-88 Programme 50P

1987-88 Killie win 1-0 at Partick Thistle, the last day of the season to avoid relegation. Killie finish 10th win only 13 wins and 11 draws from 44 matches.

Killie lose 2-1 to Raith and are relegated 4 weeks later !

1988-89 Killie buy Ray Montgomerie from Dumbarton for 12,000 pounds. Tourhill Joinery become team sponsor. Eddie Morrison is fired as manager after 2 wins in 13 games,  Eddie left Killie with a sad heart in November 1988 and later became Assistant Manager at Morton. Eddie Morrison was and will always be one of the great Killie Legends. Jim Fleeting (right) becomes the new manager, along with a new Board of Directors later that year, including Jim's brother Bobby Fleeting. He had the backing of Laurel Chadwick & John Moffat of A.T. Mays. Killie were relegated that season despite winning 6-0 the last day of the season (after Clyde get a 94 minute penalty to stay up ) at QoS, with Willie Watters (left) netting 5 times. Killie finish 13th with 10 wins and 14 draws. Jim Fleeting also adds Jim McSherry & Frank Coulston to his management team...... the Scottish Second Division now loomed !! Willie Watters scores 12 goals for Killie.

Alan Robertson

1989 saw Alan Robertson play in his 607th match for Killie, to become Killie's all time appearance leader.

1989-90 Some good news for all Killie fans as the famous blue & white stripes return, and A Plant become the shirt sponsors. In Nov 1989 the Fleeting consortium is confirmed, as the prior board is ousted. Two of the principal players were Jim Moffat (of A.T. Mays) & Laurel Chadwick (Fleeting's mother in law from FL, USA. She was the only woman director in British football!)

The Late Jim Moffat, Mrs Laurel Chadwick & Bobby Fleeting

Within weeks Bobby Fleeting is installed as Killie's new Chairman, and then within days 33 old Scottish internationalist Tommy Burns is lured away from Celtic. During this same period Alan McCulloch sets a new record for Killie with seven consecutive shutouts. He plays his last game on Jan 27th 1990. Killie become the first team to be knocked out of the Scottish Cup ... on penalty kicks ! Again Killie's league fate comes down to the last day of the season they needed a draw, with some help, or a win over Cowdenbeath to ensure promotion. With nine minutes to play, and the game tied 1-1 Killie are awarded a penalty kick. Up strode club captain Davie Mackinnon, (right) he hammered the ball has hard as he could high into the center of the goal. Replays showed he just missed hitting Beath's keeper Willie Lamont by inches, the relief of scoring was evident for all the 8,526 fans to see !

Killie hold on to win 2-1, and finish second with 22 wins and 4 draws, scoring 67 goals. Top Killie scorer was Willie Watters with 23 goals.

Season 1980's League Record Pos Pld W D L F A Pts
1989/1990 Scottish Division Two 2nd 39 22 4 13 67 39 48
1988/1989 Scottish Division One 13th 39 10 14 15 47 60 34
1987/1988 Scottish Division One 10th 44 13 11 20 55 61 37
1986/1987 Scottish Division One 6th 44 17 11 16 62 53 45
1985/1986 Scottish Division One 3rd 39 18 8 13 62 49 44
1984/1985 Scottish Division One 12th 39 12 10 17 42 61 34
1983/1984 Scottish Division One 6th 39 16 6 17 57 53 38
1982/1983 Scottish Premier 10th 36 3 11 22 28 91 17
1981/1982 Scottish Division One 2nd 39 17 17 5 60 29 51
1980/1981 Scottish Premier 9th 36 5 9 22 23 65 19

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