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    Hibs reaction is brilliant. the official Hibs advert advertising the game.
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    If I was in charge at BT Sport I'd be raging if the marketing people had not chosen the poster in the OP. BT Sport is a commercial enterprise and that's where the bulk of their revenue will come from. They are under no obligation to provide fair coverage to all the teams taking part. This does not however apply to the BBC, a publicly funded government organ or the SPFL who are obliged to promote the thing as an equal competition. But they still sell it the same way. I see their Ceptic luvvies took a bit a of a spanking last night.
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    Love the ‘Dumbarton’ legend bit
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    Mind that survey we all filled out a while back for Scott Boyd...
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    Would love to know what's happened in that boardroom over the last few weeks. Think someone has spiked the tea!!
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    How about a suggestion box located at a suitable place in the stadium so fans can put forward ideas on what supporters would like and the board could act on them
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    it's touch n go.......... "Concession to the nearest massage parlour, driver".
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    I wasn’t a fan of Josh, however I believe he’s working most matchdays so was unlikely to be available for the gig.
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    As SC himself said, the ball is still round and the pitch is still a rectangle.
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    Stevie's proving just how commited he is to us as he's also giving us his shirt off his back
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    It would be easier to stick the bits of paper into a box.
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    Sunday 29th October 2017 - 4pm KO at Ainslie Park, Spartans Academy, 94 Pilton Drive, Edinburgh, EH5 2HF £5 adults, £3 concessions, U16 free entry
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    Still can't get our heads around this...the KFCSA's David talk to our new manager Steve Clark. Nice.
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    Marks and Spencers luxury roast ham cooked by Gordon Ramsay or eating asdas own brand of chicken nuggets out of a dumpster which have been thrown away because they had fur growing on them?
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    But they don't mind playing the Huns there--- oh that's right 14000 £26 s
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    I have no idea what happened to Jeffries or whether it was pitch-related. However, this would be the friendliest of friendlies; the superstars would be more at risk being mobbed for autographs and selfies than playing on the pitch. Anyway, they play, or have played, Champions League and Europa League matches on artificial pitches. I'm sure I saw Gareth Bale play for Wales on a dodgy artificial pitch in Andorra. Said superstars could stay indoors after half-time and the crowd would still go home happy.
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    I must take some of the blame here. I woke up late, and we were 3-0 up...thought I was still dreaming. Anyway, settled down to watch us equal our best ever result against Celtic...and the rest is history. Sorry about that
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    Steve Clarke has a champions league runner up medal.
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    BORING FACT ALERT: They actually play in Dronfield in Derbyshire. Used to cycle past the ground all the time.
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    The publicly owned Lothian buses were so good commercial companies don't even bother running around Edinburgh. I think Lothian Buses were the last fully publicly owned bus group in Scotland. The changed Lothian Buses to Transport for Edinburgh and got away with the financial scrutiny of the Trams initially, due to the Bus network being so profitable, historically market leading and successful.
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    There is already a chalkboard as you go into the east for leaving messages/suggestions. Why not write your suggestion about a suggestion box up there at the next home game.
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    Ado Den Haag i think we got Buijs from
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    Spoke to club/SLO yesterday. Game going ahead as planned as it stands, any change and they'll let the fans know ASAP.
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    As 18 yard hero says I don't think the guys on the board are lifelong fans or that that is that important. It is more important that they have good business sense and part of that is keeping the fans inside. He was a good lawyer and a good accountant but good business sense is something MJ seemed to lack
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    I hope your right pal but let's be honest, in all my years of being a Killie fan I'd never seen Billy or John at a match before they joined the board, or heard of them for that matter. Maybe some waste management adverts a few years back, I do know the new guy though! Do we need to make stuff up about them to make things sound better? I don't think so. Neither claimed to be life long fans, that was just paper talk, I'm happy with them the way they are without anyone sounding disingenuous about their Killie pedigree. Bottom line is they've managed to sign a manager that nearly every Killie fan agrees on, I couldn't care less where they came from, they are with us now and that;s all that matters. They seem to listen or read what is said and if they think its kosher they actually do something about it, that's what we've been missing for ages, investment rather than belt tightening. Big Baws Bowie is what I'll be calling him from here on in! ;o)
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    Really? Rather than type into a phone or PC you would write it on a piece of paper, go to Killie and look for the box to post it? If you can work the forums the SLO would be the way to go. (IMO)
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    The 1-0 win with Dean Shiels scoring after the ‘we don’t do walking away, full house administration party’ was incredible!
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    The news just keeps getting better. I wondered why quite a few reports were referring to the "roundabout" way his interview came about and found out tonight that the club contacted Steve instead of the other way about after talking to the trust. Of course it goes without saying that the directors are fully responsible for making the deal happen and all credit to them for that, but knowing they consulted with fans surely augers well for when we get a fan director on the board?? The poll results must have given them some comfort that they were doing the right thing as well. I have been impressed with the way the board have handled the situation, and they've done a good job bringing in the STV guy as well, hopefully this is a sign of th eway things are going to be.
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    Eintracht. The most famous single result we ever achieved.
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    Waving tenners at them after the whistle... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMKK4bY_Ptg The preceding videos contained adult content, and scenes that huns may find distressful. Viewer discretion is advised.
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    First defeat. Heady days will turn into "He'll no dae's".
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    The game after admin day was on of my favourite ever games! Ruining the party was incredible.
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    Arguably the first time the "Busby Babes" played together, was against Killie in the first match under floodlights at Rugby Park? Man Utd may be suitable option.
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    If you are going for a big team it has to be Real Madrid. A European venue where they have played competitively before but never won.
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    Aim high go for Barcelona as they have history of doing preseason in Scotland and with the Catalonia situation they may have a wee soft spot for Scotland
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    What should happen is that it takes place on a Saturday in the summer and is a whole day event with lots of things going on in and around the stadium. Get buy-in from local pubs to have BBQs and events to boost their coffers with ex-players wandering around between them (or staggering). Make RP the hub. Have a build up to the main game by having something like a Kilmarnock Schools select versus the u-18/17 team then a legends game. I would certainly have Killie versus someone as the main game. An international select perhaps (if clubs would release players pre-season) but certainly a team which would whet the appetite. How about Iceland ? (sits back and awaits Farmfoods suggestion)
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    I've already had my say about not inviting Frankfurt but would add that, while it may be the most famous result in the club's history, celebrating it every 50 years looks a little small time to me. As for having no ties with Manchester United, the friendly match at RP in October 1953 to commemorate the club's new floodlights is widely acknowledged as being the birth of the Busby Babes so there is no lack of sentimental significance from their end.
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    As the legendary Ulysses 31 memorably posted many years ago on the original forum in response to a debate on the declining atmosphere and how to change it: Alchohol + standing = atmosphere
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    And written by Hugh Taylor, a magnificent journalist and author.
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    Eintracht were our opponents in the greatest match ever played at Rugby Park and one that will probably never be equaled That's why they were our centenary opponents and that's why they are the only possible contenders for our 150th anniversary match In my opinion.
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    Go Fame. I bet only a few of a certain vintage know what the hell your'e talking about
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    Don't agree with all the "terrible run of fixtures" talk. We have to play all the teams in the league three or four times. We can't control the scheduling so we should just get on with it. Take each game as it comes, as the cliche goes, and don't look beyond the next match.
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    And it wasn't met with the increased season ticket sales which they expected. Especially disappointing after they had been presented with a petition signed by 1,650 demanding that MJ leave the club, many promising that that would be the catalyst to their renewing lapsed season tickets. And what about those investors who were going to put upwards of £750k into the club when MJ left, irrespective of whether he sold his shares? We haven't heard much from them lately. Fortunately it looks like BB believes in walking the walk.
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    I would only go there if you were allowed to take a loaded rocket propelled grenade launcher with you, so until that day I will need to pass... [Clearly I have already caused offence to peace loving fans judging by the red cards. I don't actually mean it you ^$%$%£&* *£^£*^£s, I just mean that I hate SevCo and don't want to go there]

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