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  1. Hospitality

    Gutted I can’t make this. will give you a ring and should make it out later
  2. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    I’d guess around 1700 will be there from Kilmarnock with a total crowd of 2,920
  3. Eammon Brophy

    I posted a few weeks ago that “he wasnt very good” completely won over now as he’s a different player from a few weeks ago. delighted to have called this one completely wrong
  4. Rangers thread

    Who cares hate the old firm a lot more than ayr
  5. Rangers thread

  6. Sébastien Bassong

    I’m hearing he’s bought a house in the Tay homes plus applied for an all day everyday east ayrshire bus pass
  7. Sevco Home Dec 23rd

    It would be a start if all the kfc s**te bags who have season tickets attend instead of staying away! hard to believe there are folk out there that buy full season tickets but are scared to attend old firm games.
  8. Thistle home Fred

    Well done to every one of you at last we’re proud to say we are Kilmarnock supporters again keep it going stevie
  9. Programme wanted

  10. 4339?

    Hopefully by this time next year this will be a s**t crowd onwards and upwards
  11. Motherwell 16th Dec

    Can’t see moult staying long term then!
  12. Not just the team that didn't turn up

    I think it makes us look wank
  13. Clarke Transfer January list

    Think we may be pleasantly surprised who signs shortly
  14. Crowd Tuesday


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