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  1. TIK Funding Update #7

    Perhaps we should of just contributed to a fund to buy MJs shareholding off him next year.
  2. Commercial "Manager" (sic)

    It’s about ahaving a detailed plan with many different avenues and activities. A few good simple ideas implemented and executed well which collectively gives a greater result. dissapointingly so far we are seeing very little. ultimately we all would prefer the football with 6-7k home fans at RP but unfortunately this won’t happen on its own.
  3. Season tickets

    We should of only opened up the Moffat if we had a season ticket deal that would of brought in a hell of a lot of new fans. only Killie could go on their best run for 60 years then launch their season tickets two days after their first defeat. opening the Moffat with only a small increase in numbers just spreads the support parsley over 3 stands and reduces the atmosphere. whoever took the decision to exclude of games should be sacked. massive improvement on the park this season has been let down big time by those off it.
  4. Let's be realistic

    Can’t believe someone would rather settle for 5th rather than have any hope of getting above rangers. mental.
  5. Jordan jones

    We are not great without him
  6. Aberdeen game

  7. Jones or Mulumbu?

    Nope jj has another year but offers will come in during the summer.
  8. Jones or Mulumbu?

    Unfortunately as things stand there’s next to no chance. If it was up to me I’d break the bank to tie JJ into a 4 year deal. a fantastic talent with lightening pace. Still think he will improve further. Think it would be good for both parties however I fear that we are well short with our offer.
  9. Second Place?

    Think you are out we will get more points than rangers hearts will get more than 2 points
  10. Second Place?

    Are you sure it’s not for this season?
  11. Second Place?

    Good luck wr can go business class to watch Killie in Europe on our winnings.
  12. Second Place?

    Think I must be missing something. if we win our next two games and Aberdeen, Hibs and rangers lose theirs then it’s down to 1 point behind Aberdeen and rangers. Two of these games are v us so surely not out the realms of possibility. 750/1 is generous.imo
  13. Hamilton away

    Definitely be over 2,000 on Saturday.
  14. post split fixtures

    Hopefully going for a European spot on final day v hearts rugby park would be bouncing.
  15. post split fixtures

    What’s the delay for? clowns!

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