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  1. Dundee thread

    Aye if he made any kind of decent connection on it we'd have 3 points today
  2. Dundee thread

    Lets be positive. Thats us unbeaten in the last two games. Anyone with me?... Anyone?
  3. Well Society

    Likewise. Maybe the contributor list should be published, after all the names will be on the charter when we raise the funds. It's been mentioned on here before that we were looking into adding TiK badges to the avatars, similar to the trust ones, which is an awesome idea. Although it shouldn't be required, maybe steps like this will give people a gentle nudge to stand with their fellow supporters in support of this initiative, because as it stands we are struggling and a laughing stock to rival fans. Poor show.
  4. A response from Sandy Armour please

    Told the wife im getting too much action, see how that pans out.
  5. TIK Funding Update #4

    Disappointing we have only had 3 new standard subscriptions in the last month. I hope we aren't grinding to a standstill. Its definitely slowing down though.
  6. Identity

    Surprised Gary Holt is currently unemployed and the club are showing no interest in getting him involved in some way. Theres plenty he can do and he knows what it takes when it comes to performing on the pitch. A wasted resource who would hopefully jump at the chance if it was given.
  7. Well Society

    Don't think the membership list for TiK is public information.
  8. Penalties

    No just a red card so far for him
  9. Penalties

    Thats 3 penalties we've gave away in the last 4 or 5 games (celtic in the cup, hamilton and motherwell). Pretty poor discipline at the back.
  10. Scott Boyd Survey

    Done. Wrote a bit about good ideas to improve attendance, some of which have been mentioned on here previously i.e opening the moffat stand up for free to local school, bring a friend day, reduced ticket price for the xmas game etc.
  11. Development League - St Mirren (A) - 29 August

    At rugby park yes, this one was in paisley. St. Mirren seem to offer free entry to development matches to both home and away fans which is awesome.
  12. Board Meeting

    Any more info?
  13. Pathetic Support.

    McLean & Humper bromance
  14. Matej Podstavek

    Hopefully he resigns Broadfoot to the bench
  15. Dicker

    Does anyone know of this sprightly attacker? Oh wait I think that's sarcasm.

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