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  1. Away fans make a difference..

    I had the same experience a couple of years ago. My wee guy had his own football awakening at the 4-0 win at Hamilton. Maintaining the interest is the challenge - kids seem to thrive on the variety of the whole experience but home matches in their nature are less dynamic and exciting (although the hope of a few home wins and a better home atmosphere with the SC effect is promising).
  2. Clarke Transfer January list

    Poor! Craigieboy's comms are fine.
  3. Clarke Transfer January list

    I heard he's looking for scouts to check out likely players at clubs like Preston
  4. POWER to the people

    I think we should all be a bit relaxed about Kiltie's return. Young boy coming off the back of 2 shocking injuries. It wouldn't surprise me if it's the start of next season before he's a regular effective first team starter.
  5. Hearts Match Thread

    Couldn't make it today. Reduced to BBC Scotland - Allan Preston is a total whining d!ck
  6. Let's all get to Rugby Park on Tuesday.....

    Unless you're an ex-club Secretary, sitting in your armchair going 'Doh'
  7. Jordan Jones

    I think we need to be realistic here. He's 23, has 7 or 8 effective years left and will want to get himself into a well paying contract, be that at Killie or elsewhere. He would certainly benefit from good coaching but will also want to set himself up with some ££
  8. Jags away fred

    Scott Boyd back on bench. Rory, Power and Broadfoot all starting. The experienced pros being asked to do a job today and it's up to them to rise to the challenge. They don't have a friend as boss now, so hopefully nowhere to hide if they don't perform.
  9. Sacking LM was a mistake....

    Stupid comment.
  10. Sell Rugby Park

    No doubt the polis would step in and say we must keep siting the away fans 5km away from the home support to save general polis costs and efforts.
  11. Next Manager Thread

    Yogi Hughes sneaking up the list !!??
  12. Next Manager Thread

    Sounds good, but doesn't sound cheap. It would be interesting to know how we'd be funding a bigger name manager and assistant if it happens. I presume there'll be payouts to McCulloch, Leven and hopefully some of their more questionable signings to also consider.
  13. Why McCulloch Was The Wrong Man At The Wrong Time

    I agree, albeit with a lot less first-hand experience to call upon than you have of course. Erwin was never a centre forward at Motherwell, and was very effective against us running into the box from the right with the ball at his feet. Latest in an enormous line of recent players we haven't utilised properly.
  14. Sell Rugby Park

    I was tempted to post something similar, good shout!
  15. Injury update

    Do you not think he'd improve the team? IMHO he'd help protect the defence, organise the young midfielders around him and is a calming influence who is always looking to play the ball on the deck. As for Kiltie I think we should write him off for the season - young guy coming back from 2 horror injuries should be allowed development game time to build himself up steadily.

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