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  1. Gary Dicker

    What does that mean? Why is his name in inverted commas?
  2. King Kenny Speaks!

    It's telling that we've had 4 managers since, but it's Shiels that we all still talk about. I don't think any of us will ever have him 100% sussed but he gave us some really interesting times.
  3. King Kenny Speaks!

    I think this is daft. The kids got a chance because injuries, loss of form, dressing room fall outs and players sold on decimated his options. You don't sign Borja Perez and Cilian Sheridan in August planning to have replaced them by April with a bunch of kids in my mind.
  4. King Kenny Speaks!

    You're brave, talking Ashcroft and O'Hara up together on here. Usually talking just one of them up will bring an angry response from someone with a sarcastic 'Messi O'Hara' type comment. I think we should have kept both of them though. Not totally convinced Shiels had a real plan in place for these guys but I'd like to think they would have got a potential chance to establish themselves at Killie without the likes of Waddington and Cobain being brought in to take their places.
  5. King Kenny Speaks!

    Agree with a lot of that. He still was able to pull interesting signings out of the bag, but the games toward end of season in particular were terrible to watch, and we were reduced to a bunch of teenagers and Boyd. The whole Harkins affair seemed to have done a lot of damage within the dressing room as well. I watched a Queen's Park match in the December of that season and was blown away by just how much more comfortable and efficient they seemed to be playing a passing game than Killie were. Still, he brought character, excitement and some good times to the club and seemed to genuinely give a sh!t!
  6. Identity

    Apparently ( I'm not a Rugby fan) the Glasgow Warriors guys don't get to go and shower until they've signed every last autograph and posed for every last picture with piles of kids that hang around inside the stadium after every game - maybe makes them try a bit harder during the match.
  7. Identity

    Hilarious - But the point around the drum is that a group of teenagers who prob have multiple distractions feel engaged enough to put the time in together to make the flags and prepare something for the Saturday afternoon. And it's tolerated /accepted by the rest of the support. Look at the video of them on YouTube marching into For Park together on Europa League night. Going by your response maybe we have exactly what we deserve.
  8. Identity

    I left Fir Park and wandered into the Motherwell evening with the sounds of Hungry Heart echoing behind me from the tannoys. The Boss is not everyone's cup of tea, but it seemed an inspired choice for a club in Scotland's post- industrial heartland that seems to have successfully maintained a place in the hearts and minds of its modest support. With the 100 Club up and running again and another social club operating in the Davie Cooper Stand, the fans are spoiled for choice before filing into 3 disparate and sorry looking stands that suddenly spring to life and seem just right for the job at hand - creating an atmosphere to inspire the team. I dare say the big OF sell-out stand looms over them like an unwelcome guest at their party, but the seemingly assimilated Ultras sit nearby and build an atmosphere to let the away fans know they've arrived at a club with identity and spirit. The images of Davie Cooper and Phil O'Donnell on the outside of the stands caught my wee boy's attention before we went into the ground. He loved the drumming, he was desperate to go back into the 100 Club after the game. These are the distractions that kids love as they're not going to sit and study the match for 90 mins. He loved the spectacle of the Celtic fans bouncing away at Rugby Park the other week (like it or not) but is already clocking at 6 years old that our fans don't show and that we always lose, and he's already getting bored with Killie. Not with football and all its razmatazz, but with Killie - despite all my efforts. When I got home last night Facebook was full of images of a noisy wee St Johnstone (bare chested???) Ultras section that Hibs fans were complimenting for raising an atmosphere, a St Mirren Ultras group with flags and noise galore, chatter about an enormous Aberdeen travelling support and of the numerous songs Hibs fans were singing. A footie event night I went to last week touched on Queen's Park running into the pitch to The Specials, due to a tenuous black and white link someone at the club came up with. What about us though? What do other fans, and their young kids, remember about us these days? We all bought into Bobby Fleeting's dream in the 90s and in all honesty if he had said 40,000 seats we'd have said yes please. The stadium though has become the elephant in the room - 2 decades of watching the Old Firm troop in and own it have killed it for a lot of fans. And now we sit in a mostly empty ground and the away fans might as well be sat on the moon, they're so far away from us. We're all generally sat as far away from each other as we can get away with it as well, it feels like. Anyone new doesn't know which one of the 15,000 empty seats to choose as they all have white stickers on them claiming ownership by a long gone ghost supporter. Instead of social clubs we have the hotel and bar from the days we though we were Chelsea. We've had years and years of losing far more than we win, with only Mixu and Kenny to break up the grind, along with a few characters amongst the players who unfortunately get discarded by the club along the way. As the town has expanded into the countryside it seems to be forgetting about it's club that also forgot it was part of the town. All is not lost. The youth players coming through are fantastic to see and the club is doing a lot of good work at development level. The pitch everyone moans about is a false flag that detracts from the harder debates. But we feel a long long way away from a day when away fans leave hearing a song ringing out that makes them think of the identity and soul of our wee club, and when our kids leave the ground buzzing with chatter and excitement. Talk is cheap, and it would be easy to offer a pile of solutions, but I'll continue to drag the wee man along in the meantime although a positive change in our club's matchday experience and identity feels a long way off.
  9. Sean Longstaff

    Put a lot of effort in for us and made a difference. We're in a funny place now - guys like him, Magennis, Gardyne, Irvine, Sheridan, Slater came and put a shift in for the club and moved on remaining unappreciated by a lot of the support, who crave a type of player we just don't have the ability to sign or retain nowadays.
  10. Dean Hawkshaw

    Probably just a limit to the amount of 'wee guys' McCulloch will field at once. 3rd wee guy in line after Taylor and Frizzell.
  11. Trouble

    I think McCulloch made a major error yesterday by not reacting to Imrie getting hooked. Imrie had pulled Thomas into a right wee battle out on that wing, and McCulloch should have made a quick change to his plans when he saw Imrie come off, left Thomas on and pulled one of the 3 centre mids who were all sitting on a yellow card. Or hooked Jones, who was leaving Taylor to deal with 2 players alone as the Greek boy at right back was a constant danger. Erwin was also too isolated and is definitely not a long-ball target man.
  12. Return to sender...

    And Willy Gross
  13. Dicker

    I'm hoping Kiltie is given plenty of development team time to come back slowly. After 2 horrendous injuries this could be a crucial stage in his career and I'd hate to see him rushed back.
  14. Pathetic Support.

    Facing that empty East Stand I'd hope the directors spent at least part of the game discussing innovative ways of boosting the home support against the OF, now that old Bawface is not there to hinder them.
  15. Starting 11 for celtic

    I was thinking of some emergency loan signings to go along the lines of - McDonald, Bell, McKay, Woodman, Combe, Marshall, Lekovic, Geddes, McCulloch, Stewart. I'd leave Jones up front to run like hell toward the Celtic goal if the keepers can get the ball to him. Seriously though, whoever plays has to be instructed to get in about Celtic and niggle away at them to let them know they're in a game. Still amazed that Celtic gave away more fouls than us last week even though we had only had the ball about 20% of the time.

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