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  1. Summer football

    I'm no longer an advocate for summer football after (barely) surviving THAT day at Annan!
  2. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    The beauty of Clarke's management is that, particularly in midfield, it seems less about the player and more about the system (give or take Mulumbu ). MacKenzie as example is no longer taking daft shots at goal from 25 yards every week and running aimlessly across the pitch with the ball as he's too busy covering a zone and doing the simple thing when he gets the ball. Therefore I'm happy to say 'Any of the above options' for today's midfield - strange times indeed !
  3. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    I thought Ambrose actually managed Jones quite well at Easter Road.
  4. How do we keep Clarke?

    sorry man!
  5. Motherwell v Killie Extended Highlights

    Spot on. Highlights would suggest we completed a smash and grab under 85 mins of constant Motherwell pressure!
  6. How do we keep Clarke?

    How could you avoid a conflict of interest in such a situation?
  7. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Please close this thread. The media can say what they like, nothing we can do about it.
  8. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    I second that. Let's just enjoy the Steve Clarke Show in peace without worrying about what might or might not happen.
  9. Fat Ally

    I was looking for a double red card to hand out for this one!
  10. The best ever?

    Power and Dicker doing the dirty work at the moment has been pretty impressive to be fair.
  11. Kirk Broadfoot

    To be fair, he wound up the Rangers fans as well last month. Our very own Pantomime villain - always niggling away at the opposition to make his presence felt, but not as blatant as Pascali.
  12. Support.

    If we get to the cup semi/final we're suddenly going to have 15,000 'diehards' wearing jester hats etc round about us. Short term it would be great if we could all try and drag one lapsed fan back to matches each. Other than that those that are not going are missing out on the good times. In the nicest possible way, f*ck them, their loss!
  13. Team for Saturday v celtic?

    Damn that Stevie Clarke. He has us going into a Celtic game not being 100% sure of beating them!
  14. Team for Saturday v celtic?

    Craigieboy has, as optimistically as ever, left space in the team for 1 more new signing.
  15. I think there probably has been a bit of a reality check in the Jan transfer dealings. We remain a club with under 4,000 home fans and limited income. Prior to Saturday's defeat Clarke had only tasted defeat twice in 14 games. Funds will be tight and the team was generally winning and performing well. Perhaps there has been some naivitie (from myself included) in thinking Clarke would cut deep and replace a lot of the squad with higher wage earners or a better quality of player on a low wage when he was generally getting the best out of the current crew.

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