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  1. The encouragement and support for the team that night was at a level not seen at RP for years.
  2. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    A great quote from Sir Stevie in The Sun Today the Rugby Park gaffer told McCall to mind his own business. He said: “Ian gave an opinion but it’s not one I would agree with. “He’s entitled to that opinion but it might be better for Ian to concentrate on Ayr and make sure he repays the faith the directors have shown in him.” Stevie Clarke, He Says What He Wants!
  3. Message for Jordon

    Stay and complete your training Jordan. Don't be tempted by the dark side!
  4. Message for Jordon

    Rangers want to sign Gordon Smith but the board are united(!) in their refusal to sell.
  5. The dud Killie strikers topic

    Eddie McNab!
  6. Super Ally Mitchell

    Mitchell on the right, McSkimming on the left, with Burke and Bagan on the bench. We ran some defenders ragged in those days.
  7. Super Ally Mitchell

    One of my favourite Killie images is Ally facing the crowd at Ibrox with his hand cupped to his ear.
  8. The Wolf

    Reminds me of Craig Dargo. Didn't Boyd once say that he was the best strike partner he ever had?
  9. Remember an article where a player from the 60's was commenting on fouls / penalties. He said when he was fouled the first thing that hit the ground was his nose! None of this "anticipating" nonsense!
  10. 81/82 season ? Hearts at Rugby Park The guy that ran on to the park in the first half, got chucked out, and got on the bus home. Decided to come back to the game then ran on to the park again in the second half.
  11. Tommy Burns' debut

    It was December 16th. Remember it well. Broke down twice on the way to the game. Absolutely frozen watching it. Abandoned with East Fife leading 2-1. Car wouldn't start and got jump leads from Frank Coulston to help. No luck so tried running the car down the big hill opposite the park. Still no luck but there was a social club at the bottom of the hill and they had a singer belting out Paper Roses! Took two trips back to try and fix the car and drove it home on the Monday after.
  12. SKY Q

    Thanks for that.
  13. Mark Connolly

    Who could forget him getting poked in the eye by the plastic grass when trying to head the ball.
  14. McLean

    For a brief spell, after Stuart got into the Hall Of Fame, his boy seemed to give us more decisions, but not recently. (Interesting to hear Stevie Clarke talking about being an apprentice at Beechams. Sure Stuart McLean worked there.)

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