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  1. The curling

  2. The curling

    I'm addicted! Those lassies on Team Scotland are brilliant. There's some sorcery on the ice when they get going... and have made the semi. Let's go Scotland, let's go!!
  3. Paul Clarke

    An excellent interview, listening to that brought back some good memories of when i started following Killie. Wish I still had that strip... think I cut it up for the badge when I outgrew it!
  4. Brendan Cox

    Cox has admitted "inappropriate" behaviour towards women! "I want to apologise deeply and unreservedly for my past behaviour and for the hurt and offence that I have caused", he is quoted. You're either on the side of sex pests or against them. Who knows the full extent of what he has done (apparently he told a woman he wanted to f**k her as he held her by the throat) but isn't it strange that allegations can be excused or ignored depending on who it is and your own moral compass. Damn feminists though, who needs strong women with opinions, eh?
  5. Baby Driver... a pedal-to-the-metal thrill ride set to a killer soundtrack of rock, soul & rare groove! Heading 'out west' in the summer and some of these tracks will be in the mix!
  6. Brora Fred

    Incredible scenes here at Rugby Park... the Brora players have invaded the stand!!
  7. Liam Miller - Sad news indeed

    Terrible news... a sad reminder to live life while you can.
  8. Strike for longer Mahrez

    It's a heart wrenching tale of one man's struggle to break a multi million pound contract!
  9. The Irish border (Brexit)

    Unionists are forever saying Brexit was a UK vote, so it has to apply equally to the whole UK... except Northern Ireland it seems, that can be different. I wonder if Downing Street still expects Northern Ireland to be part of the UK after Brexit?
  10. Big Country now added to the bill... the bandstand will be bouncin' that nite!
  11. Anonymous red cards

    If going by reputation is any judge, I would suggest if you reach -1000, that's a good sign you're not really making a positive contribution to the community.... so should be cast out sine die.
  12. Tasty Burds et the darts....

    It's a fact that women's sexual imagery rules the entertainment world. Has there ever been a female in the whole industry who hasn't stripped down to their undies to get their picture published? Look at this pic of Rachel Weisz and Colin Firth in the paper... it's a freezing cold night but Ms. Weisz wears a dress with a split virtually up to her fandan. Would she have got the attention if she were wrapped up for the cold weather like Mr. Firth? Its just how the world turns... look but don't touch!
  13. Space & Astronomy Thread

    That image looks well photoshopped... maybe we'll see the untouched version with the real flat earth at some point!
  14. Dry January

    For someone who's not bovvered, you do bang on about them quite a lot... how about GiveItARestebuary?
  15. Tesco equal pay claim

    Yes, women work in both areas, but disproportionately so. It's about different jobs of 'equal value' being paid differently, it's a tough one to prove. You could argue that a customer-facing job is of higher value than a job stuck away in the back. Part of the issue may be be down to what was traditionally classed as "men's jobs" and "women's work", where men worked in the warehouses for a family wage and women worked in shops for 'pin money' while raising the family. Meanwhile, companies like Tesco have trousered ££billions by underpaying their workers, mostly the women in this case. They have also 'cereally' avoided tax and consecutive Westminster governments have facilitated wages being subsidised by taxpayers... all the while directors and shareholders are making fortunes. Maybe the few who have benefited in the past should be sent invoices to help square up these women.

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