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  1. Ann budge on sportsound

    Forum Police Forum Police .... this is not about Killie Get it tae feck
  2. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Sycophants/new Sycophants... they won't change?
  3. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    ... sounds a bit callous ?? Im hoping youve taken a couple of things TOO literally ????
  4. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Tight wad....
  5. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Lend me the Money from your bragged-about winnings, and I will. Keep up....
  6. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    .... I was suggesting something different, but hey!
  7. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Excellent though that is.... it still means everyone there had a spare seat! When we break 5 figures, it'll really show intent....
  8. Broadfoot penalty v Dons.

    Spot on. Thought exactly the same as I watched the highlights....
  9. Saw them at a pre-season friendly at Fratton Park a while back. Pompey beat them 2-0. To their credit, they overfilled the away end, but it was hilarious listening to a couple of pissed-as-f*ck Huns trying to explain the relevance of The Sash to the gobsmacked inhabitants of a SWR railway carriage! I did wonder if I should offer my interpreter skills, but concluded that, when outed as a Glaswegian who supported Kilmarnock by choice and Pompey by locality - it may have proven too much for their McEwan-clutching fists ??? All BEFORE the game......
  10. Top Six Secured

    ... me too. Hopefully i can take in another 2 Sats and a midweek on the same trip?

    Exactly... and if it was on a Dons Board ?? Even sheep come in different colours ?

    All betting on Kilmarnock has been suspended after a 'suspicious' win by a RodentPumper, following consolidation of their top six position in the SPL. Claiming 'superior knowledge of EVERYTHING to do with his boyhood club', RP, speaking outside RP, refused to confirm if he'd won 20, 200 or 2,000 pence !!
  13. Top Six Secured

    ... why ???
  14. gers away, Fred

    https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/rangers-v-kilmarnock-15-00-saturday-17th-rangerstv-tv.23098 Page 12 is where the sectarian penny drops. A hilarious read from then on. And they still have those delusions of previous grandeur?

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