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  1. An Orlando City Fan in Scotland

    That’s another ex colonial we’ve converted . The SFA should just allow our club to do all of Scottish footballls PR
  2. Tbf he’s be on minimum wage and probably desperate for the employment , and there s not much of that in the east end of Glasgow
  3. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Cumnock is full of sound cnuts as far as I’m concerned
  4. Lee McCulloch

    Always was a decent person and I hope he gets another chance in football , our job was too much too soon for him
  5. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    The one good thing about all of this is that the meedja are discussing all things Killie in a positive light which has not been the norm for a good few years . SSC should perhaps come out with his AGM statement again but this won’t stop the speculation as the lazy journalists would then have to do due diligence on another topic which they almost never do in the 1st place . They did report on the AGM and must have heard his assertion but that won’t stop them blathering banalities . It panders to the old firm supporters for them to be linked with someone/thing successful I’d like to think SSC is just watching these idiots spout this rubbish and he is quietly giggling to himself at there collective ignorance. They have tried on numerous occasions to get an outrageous or disrespectful comment out of him and they have singularly failed miserably because he’s far too intelligent to get caught out by them
  6. Top Six Secured

    Hibs pre split fixtures are Thistle Hamilton & Rossco
  7. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    I also said that , no wait that was S Smith
  8. gers away, Fred

    Unfortunately it’s true , a little bit of sick came up in my mouth when I heard it
  9. gers away, Fred

    Can only talk from experience and what others have told me , but it’s all about opinions I guess
  10. Alex Dyer

    Since Steve Clarke is rightly referred to as Sir Steve Clarke and will be forever known as SSC we need to give Alex a similar title Sir added to his name is not too good ( SAD ) so I suggest Lord Alex Dyer LAD which suits him so much better
  11. gers away, Fred

    He’s also a pretty decent guy away from the football
  12. gers away, Fred

    Done I urge all Killie fans to follow suit
  13. gers away, Fred

    Who do I email my complaint to ?
  14. Fleeting/ Moffat

    Don’t think Bill Costley should be labelled as ‘ some of the worst people “ and he had nothing to do with Jamie and MJ,s appointments . It was his initial idea I believe , to have a hotel , which for many years was the only profitable venture associated with Kilmarnock FC . He also lost a 6 figure sum through his association with our club and is still a regular attender at the games and AGM

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