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  1. Sheep home, Fred

    Going by the highlights Fasan had a few decent saves and the goal wasn’t as bad as the radio made out.
  2. New Scoreboards/Screens for RP

    Waste of money.
  3. Stream for today.

    I paid and watched it too. Very good set up.
  4. What if SSC just wants to stay?

    BB just said SC will be here next season. https://twitter.com/billybtankers/status/975839738832748544?s=21
  5. "Crazy goalie kits of the 1990s"

    Classic top that. Think I have the tartan one still.
  6. "Crazy goalie kits of the 1990s"

    I still have a few from when I was a kid
  7. Disallowed Goal!!

    Watching the video shows no one touched it before Brophy did and using the photo of the players position as the ball was kicked shows nothing wrong with the goal.
  8. Disallowed Goal!!

    https://youtu.be/gtHSh8-mRVQ Cant seem to get the video full screen but doesn’t look offside and Lee Erwin does not touch the ball
  9. Highlights

    Think we will disagree on this one. Brophy runs into him.
  10. Highlights

    Logan gets taken out mid air.
  11. Highlights

    Looked a very soft penalty but also think Brothy got away with a foul on Logan. Most ref's would have awarded a free kick.
  12. Tickets for Tuesday

    6 days from tickets going on sale to the game doesn’t give any time for advance sales especially since it’s never happened before for a cup game a Rugby Park. It’s a massive game with an increased interest for people wanting to go. As harsh as it sounds it’s just a case of you snooze you lose.
  13. Tickets for Tuesday

    People need to stop claiming it’s their seat. It’s a non season ticket game like any other cup game. If you were so desperate to sit on your league seat you could have bought it Wednesday. How long did season tickets want them to hold their seat for before general sale considering the game takes place less than a week since the ticket details were confirmed. I understand people would like to sit on their normal seat but we all knew the demand was going to be high.
  14. KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Could they simple pay cash at the gate and get a ticket in return with a seat number. Simple solution
  15. KILLIE V DONS Replay

    WILLIAM HILL SCOTTISH CUP | KILMARNOCK V ABERDEEN | TUESDAY KO 7.45PM Subscribers should note that due to the UEFA blackout on nights when Champions League matches are taking place, there will be no live TV or online video coverage of our William Hill Scottish Cup quarter final replay against Kilmarnock on Tuesday from Rugby Park. We will have live audio commentary of the match and will bring you the action as soon as we are able to under the SFA competition regulations.

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