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  1. Accies home, Fred

    Will that be tish that wasnt even in the squad today? Sit doon man
  2. Steve Clarke-- "I am happy at Kilmarnock"

    Fair play mate, my apologies
  3. Steve Clarke-- "I am happy at Kilmarnock"

    What changed in 11 days? Worse fans in the land
  4. Sheep away

    Are you getting a picture? Im only getting sound but wondering if the picture will start at k.o
  5. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    Straight to the slaughter, f*ck them its 11 v 11 lets not forget this is the cup so lets enjoy it and go up there in numbers and back the famous blue and white
  6. Current form

    The encouring thing here is that the majority of our games played since SC came in have been againt usually alot tougher opposition, We have held our own against top 6 teams so far and throttled thistle yesterday a team which we usually in and around. Promising times indeed
  7. Jamie McDougall RIP

    R.I..P Champ, I never met jamie but my deepest sympathies are with his friends and family
  8. Belief.

    Belief? Aye we believe right enough mate, celtic killie final easy. We are a different team now and i know im not the only one loving it, get the bets on people
  9. Murrayfield - who's in?

    There is a cash turnstile today was announced by the club on friday i think
  10. Murrayfield - who's in?

    Buzzing for it after tonights show and the fans it feels like we’ve went back 15 year but in a good way strange saying that after a 3-0 defeat but we were decent tonight, its a funny old game after all. Send on sunday!!
  11. Crowd Tuesday

    Can pay at the gate mate
  12. Birthday Mentions v Hibs

    A special mention to my mum would be excellent please gav 63rd birthday fiona lamberton from her son alan. Thanks mate
  13. Jamie MacDonald

    This is the most positivity ive seen coming from RP for a long time. Lets just enjoy it and long may it continue
  14. Jamie MacDonald

    We could maybe get zorro to stand on the edge of our box screaming the same negative abuse to opposing players that he regularly spouts at every opportunity on here, hibs wont stand a chance

    Thats what i thought mate, hope people turn up in there numbers for the hibs game

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