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  1. Neil Mccann

    Thought Caulker stuck out a mile, more in our box than theirs but if it wasn't for his threat at corners we'd have won comfortably. He kept checking Boyd's movements inside the box, just pinning him with his chest.. absolute brute of a boy!
  2. Development League - Accies (H)

    Finally got a look at Brad Spencer and was relatively impressed. Still seems a bit of a strange signing, at 21 I'd be stunned if he's any more than cover. Kept double taking thinking Adam Hodge was still with us! Hopefully Innes Cameron just had a quiet day and the new GK can learn to jump, absolute howler at the goal!
  3. Dundee match thread

    Boydy's celebration is the highlight of the season for me. Sums up the complete turnaround at the club. Great to see!
  4. Clarke v Brendan

    Brendan is the best manager in the league and SC would be a definite backwards step for them, as he would for the SFA if they accepted Clarke and didn't see Big Eck's obvious suitability for the national job. Thats our story and we're sticking to it
  5. Dundee match thread

    Just been on. Usual 30 second slot
  6. Where would we be

    I'd say his signing was a "colossal failure". Hasn't kicked a ball!
  7. Where would we be

    Has anyone managed to confirm if Brad Spencer is a real person yet?
  8. Retro Kits.

    I'd buy one, with the Final lettering if possible
  9. Matchdays

    Letting kids in is an absolute no, it's the only thing the Sports Bar has going for it. Theres enough space in the hotel and around the stadium without cramming an already busy wee bar with weans who will only buy a juice. Kids initiatives are all good until they start impeding the average fan who just wants a pint and a pie.
  10. Boyd

    This thread in a nutshell: if Clarke says it's a goer, it's a goer. If not, it's not. Send me off a billion times but this thread shouldn't exist on this forum when you consider the abuse Kris took up until October.
  11. We Did It!

    It's certainly not putting me off, he just constantly dilutes the TiK freds with his negativity and as Chum says above they are a lot of people's main source of info.
  12. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    "We" as in Killie. That's no really my point, I'm not claiming to know anything about what the SFA can afford but I'd like them to enquire. Can't do any harm.
  13. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Wasn't sure we could afford Steve Clarke.
  14. We Did It!

    And 90% of this forums references to TiK is one person trolling and criticising other fans. Most of what I can see is McLean using the initiative as a stick to beat other fans with, not exactly encouraging people like myself to go from intending to chip in to actually doing it. what are my options if & when I get involved? edit: before you say that's a pathetic excuse for not contributing, that's not the reason.. just wish you'd stop hindering the guys who are clearly bursting their baws for TiK.
  15. Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    Even better. Sure I heard somewhere he had a (non-management) role in Germany somewhere but not according to Wikipedia. I'm sure the SFA could find out. Would do no harm to contact him and see if he'd be interested.

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