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  1. Season tickets

    New training centre ? Not the castle, the town.
  2. Have we ever

    *anger* - the club that keeps on giving. We have had many years of mirth thanks to their incompetence and it shows no sign of abating. Now wouldn't it be even funnier if they missed out on a European place to Killie
  3. Second Place?

    Just to make it clear that 2nd is possible not probable. Ceptic will rest a lot of 1st team regulars for their last three games, which should help us and Aberdeen. Hearts, with nothing to play for, may choose to blood some youngsters in all games except Hibs. However I think both *anger* and Aberdeen have shot themselves in the foot and are doing a 'Terry Butcher' . King has made it clear that a new manager is coming in and McInnes has publicly stated that the squad he has built is not good enough - hardly the way to get the best out of your team when you need everyone pulling together - and that's where Hibs and Killie excel.
  4. Second Place?

    2nd is possible. Ceptic 4 wins 87 Killie 5 wins 70 *anger* 3 defeats (Killie, Ceptic Hearts) 2 draws (Hibs Dons) 64 Aberdeen 3 defeats (Killie, Ceptic Hearts) 2 draws (Hibs *anger*) 64 Hibs 3 defeats (Killie, Ceptic Hearts) 2 draws (Dons *anger*)61 Hearts 3 wins (Hibs *anger* Dons) 55 So even with 4 wins we could end up 2nd.
  5. Second Place?

    1 Ceptic 2 Hibs 3 Aberdeen 4 Killie 5 *anger* 6 Hearts 10 pts will see us in 4th IMO. Can't see *anger* winning another game after today's performance.
  6. post split fixtures

    Surely this is contrary to what the SPFL have previously said? I was led to believe that all 12 teams were seeded at the start of the season, Ceptic 1 : Hibs 12 Killie 8 based on their final league placings last season. The only point of this was to aid the fixture choice after the split. If this was the case then Hibs should have been the team most disadvantaged as lowest seeds (as it is they get the biggest advantage). What the SPFL have now stated is that they will decide what clubs have the most to play for and give them an advantage over mid-table clubs. With the prize money at the end of the season dependant on your league position then surely everyone can see this is unfair. They are making the rules up as they go along to suit their own/tv agenda. Also Ceptic have all but won the league and would probably do so even if they lost their 5 remaining games, so you could argue that they have the least to play for but unsurprisingly they get fixtures they would expect being seeded 1. So what are the rules then - answers on a postcard to Mr. Doncaster, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Hampden. Any competition that does not make it's rules crystal clear before it starts lacks integrity. Unfortunately the SPFL/SPL have a proven track record for this.
  7. Carpetright

    50% store reduction with a further 10% off at the till.
  8. post split fixtures

    Hibs are the real winners here with their fixtures - and they should have been the lowest seeded team. Home advantage against their main rivals for third and fourth. Plus two bumper pay days against the infirm. And for those who say it doesn't matter, the extra money generated from one infirm game would pay a top player's wages for a year, so Hibs go into next year with a huge financial advantage as well.
  9. post split fixtures

    Every day wasted costs the first three home clubs money with less time to sell hospitality deals and less time for shift changes/ rest days/ holidays. Proportionally this affects the smaller clubs more. The infirm could play on the last day of the season if they wanted to avoid Ceptic winning against *anger*. I've no problem with the police having their say (but not the final say) but the broadcasters shouldn't be informed until the fixture list is made up, giving them a day to choose their matches then the schedule could be announced. All this could easily have been done last week.
  10. Accies home, Fred

    Disagree, Sarris pole dancing round Boyd on the half-way line wins it for me.
  11. Today's Attendance

    I would have asked nicely at the ticket office, handing the money in on Monday ----- or do you look a dodgy character
  12. Junior Football

    If they were given the same status as the Highland and Lowland leagues then surely they would have to allow all the Junior clubs in.
  13. SFA Referees - What We Already Knew

    Officials should not be appointed to specific matches. The officials for each league should be announced at the beginning of the week with a draw to decide which match they get. The lower teams in the division too often get the inexperienced rooky to blood them in.
  14. Mergers - necessary to join European leagues?

    If you want to include non-league clubs then Scotland has another 34 to be added through the Highland & Lowland leagues. My point still stands - we have way too many clubs for our population to support if we want decent competition. Brechin being the perfect example. A well run wee club that can survive in the lower divisions but doesn't have the finances or support to compete in our 2nd tier, never mind top tier.
  15. Mergers - necessary to join European leagues?

    London - Population 8.7 million. Football League clubs 13 Scotland - Population 5.4 million. Football League clubs 42 So to play the merger game I have made up a few rules. Where possible the new merged club should be within 40 minutes travelling time from each feeder club. The new merged club where possible should have a core home support of 6,000 with 10,000 being the target. All clubs would continue to exist within their merger (nobody getting dumped). Top 5 clubs have a large enough fan base to go alone Aberdeen (Peterhead) Ceptic Hearts Hibs (Edinburgh City) *anger* Meeting my made up rules Kilmarnock Ayr United (Ayrshire) St Johnstone Dundee (Tayside) Dundee United Forfar Arbroath Montrose Brechin (Angus) Motherwell Hamilton Albion Rovers Airdrie Clyde (Lanarkshire) Falkirk Alloa Stenhousemuir Stirling Albion Livingston (Stirlingshire) Dunfermline, Raith Rovers, Cowdenbeath, East Fife (Fife) St Mirren Partick Dumbarton Morton Queens Park (Renfrew/Glasgow) Unlikely to meet crowd target ICT Ross County Elgin (Highland) Elgin more than 40mins away Queen of the South, Annan, Stranraer, Berwick Rangers (South of Scotland) Stranraer, Berwick Rangers more than 40min away. That would give us only 14 clubs, enough for one league but no relegation. The infirm would still be way out in front of the rest (crowd & money) but the other clubs would be more even. It would be more like the ice hockey league which survives quite well and has many different league winners. Would fans go for it? Can't see it. Personally I would go to watch our merged club as I love football and I have enjoyed the hypothetical scenario.

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