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  1. We Did It!

    Cheers @Rusty Oz
  2. We Did It!

    @McDeeBop Top Man - we need to keep pushing this !
  3. TIK payments

    Trust board meeting tonight so update on TiK will happen in next couple of days. It has been challenging to pull everyone together in January one way or another. Thanks for your patience !
  4. TIK Funding Update #5

    Apologies folks - have had a crazy busy week at work and been on the road quite a bit. Presently writing a speech for a Burns Supper tonight too !! Will get an accurate figure out asap but I can tell you we are making real progress just now and should be moving the target date closer by quite a bit. As always, let's keep the momentum going please - this is an exciting journey we are on and need as much backing as we can. Please bear with us for a day or two !
  5. Safe standing area

    @Trojan76 it is, but once the shares are purchased and the money is in the club's bank account it will be spent on projects
  6. Safe standing area

    @Trojan76 et al, when TiK get the initial £100k it will have to be spent on a project. Who is to say that disabled facilities or safe standing wouldn't be that project? The ongoing raising of funds beyond that initial £100k will also need spending !
  7. TIK Funding Update #5

    Hi @Calummoore86 - been pulling the numbers together and will update everyone Tuesday / Wednesday next week.
  8. Steven Naismith

    I had heard earlier in the week that Hearts were willing to pay £150k in wages to have him for the rest of the season because he might be able to help them secure 4th or higher. That would give them a good return on investment. It seems that info was correct. From a Killie point of view it would have been far riskier with a return on investment unlikely under the loan terms Norwich are reported to have wanted to satisfy.I would therefore doubt if we made any approach at all to be honest. However, if he is negotiating a release from his contract and becomes a free-agent in the summer the a move to Killie becomes a real possibility as he may want to be closer to home, be able to learn coaching at the feet of SC - ceratinly can handle a wage cut to suit our budget. I wouldn't rule it out.
  9. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Barassie since I was a Junior.
  10. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    Watching a programme on More4 called 'It Was Alright in The Sixties'. Ironically the so called Snowflakes on here were probably born in the 60s or earlier and the folk clinging on to their so called heritage could do with watching this to figure it out. Anyhoo...once I am called a Snowflake I generally know the debate is over ;0)
  11. Cup tie prices

    Simple commercial arithmetic. Let's assume 4,000 folk, or thereabouts, will turn up regardless at £20. These are the folk who are not put off by a £20 asking price - they're going anyway. If the price was £15 you would need an extra 1300 on the gate to equal the revenue. There are no guarantees of that happening. I'll accept that you might sell a few more pies, but that is a lower margin. However, perhaps, given the time since the draw was made, and given the likely low away support attending, incentives for both sets of fans could have been thought up. For example, produce entry tickets and have two for £30 on production of a voucher which had been issued to those attending the Rangers game for Killie fans, and a similar scheme with co-operation of Ross County at their last game. However, having prices low is not commercially viable without some attached scheme which generates revenue in some way for that lost and to make sure match day costs are not only covered but a surplus is evident. remember - the gate money is split.
  12. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    Andrew Watson beat him by about 110 years
  13. Songs

    The problem is we are no longer performing on a local stage and, like it or not, Society has moved on. We can't take a moral high ground on racism and bigotry and then plead our owns songs are 'just misunderstood' because it's our heritage - same stuff others come away with to justify their position. I think you make a valid point about the game having fallen. It has. It has fallen behind just about every other sport who have solid reputations as being inclusive to all. These sports don't actually have to actively take part in campaigns such as Show Racism the Red Card or having players and officials wear rainbow laces and armbands simply because the problems do not exist to anything like they do in football. Yes, some sports may have issues - for example, the Welsh Rugby Union are going to introduce alcohol free areas at their ground next season- but football is the only mainstream UK sport with serious racial, gender, sexuality and sectarian problems. We will, I'm afraid, be tarred with the same brush as other clubs for these songs. It's not really PC gone mad, it's about things being different these days.I think we often use PC gone mad as an excuse when it affects us in our own lives whilst accepting it has a valid place when trying to stamp out what we find distasteful. I'm afraid arguing that we don't mind being called Killie bastards or similar is not a robust justification. As othes have said, if we have to spend time and energy defending a song then the song is probably just not worth it - certainly in it's present form.
  14. Songs

    Think off an alternative with the same amount of syllables and of you go. We are, after all, a forward thinking club
  15. Songs

    Loving the ' We're famous for our Killie Pies' alternative. we should actively promote this and shut everyone up

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