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  1. TIK Are you In?

    I will again extend an invitation to those who have not signed up for reasons other than affordability to contact me so i can talk through their objections.
  2. Glasgow Warriors

    Back to Sellout Scotstoun this Friday. Massive gave against our nemesis club Munster. At least there will be one game in Glasgow this weekend which may have a bearing on where a title ends up
  3. Nomination and Selection Process

    In short - yes. If the Trust and Club cannot agree on a candidate then, after 3 months of the date of the Club's AGM at which the previous representative stood down, an independent arbiter will appointed to act to resolve any issues and ensure that continuity of representation results.
  4. Liam's Mad Fer TIK!

    If you are part of TiK you will be in the draw
  5. Liam's Mad Fer TIK!

    Every one who is on board by end of this month..old and new
  6. "Grey and lifeless"

    And before you say...I thought you were out of here?... if you want to continue a game of a play on words and question my professional abilities then take up my offer to call me.
  7. "Grey and lifeless"

    Servicing debt is dependent on the terms of the agreement. That could be capital and interest...capital only ..or involve breaks in either or capital and interest. Based on your knowledge of fundraising then you do , of course, know this. You will note that I don't seem to have mentioned interest in the quoted post. Nae harm.but I suggest most people on here are seeing this one way...most of them are probably as bored with it as I am.
  8. "Grey and lifeless"

    Nah...im outta thus one
  9. "Grey and lifeless"

    You should read my posts again. At no point did i say debt cannot be called in if interest is being serviced. I did say that EBITDA of the hotel was servicing debt with ease and the problem was capital repayment. Indeed, this was discussed by the then chairman at many AGMs explaining the policy of asset sale to reduce debt. Covenants take many forms, with, I'm sure you know, CFADS generally being the most common. Interest cover is also common. There is no one-size-fits-all suite of covenants. They are built around specific cases so unless you know what covenants applied in this case your argument, such as it is, is redundant. To suggest that I am making erroneous or misleading comments here is quite wrong. I would respectfully suggest that I absolutely know what I am talking about when it comes to corporate finance. My present caseload has pipeline fundraising of just shy of £60m via debt, equity and grant and I just secured a rescheduling deal with a bank which will save 170 odd jobs. I rest comfortable with my abilities.
  10. Glasgow Warriors

    This is a good signing. Not as good as Ali, more exciting than Henry, can play 9, 11, 14 or 15 and has vision, pace and strength. Won't be away during the 6 nations and, I'm told, has screwed the nut in terms of some of his daft-boyness in the last couple of years. Al we need is the other Weegie From Fiji back .....
  11. 3G Pitch

    I was speaking to someone from the company who supplied the pitch recently who advises me that it is, for all intents and purposes, the same spec and age as the one at Stenhousemuir. That one is also heavily used outwith the football club's normal activities and doesn't have a bespoke sprinkler system. It was suggested that the care and maintenance programme at Stenhousemuir is different / better which is why their pitch is in better condition and doesn't attract the criticism ours does. Being in a lower league helps the latter part of that, but looking after the pitch effectively may be the real problem.
  12. Fan Zone (not my Scotsman column!)

    Regards free bus travel, perhaps Stagecoach could be encouraged to match this...http://www.glasgowwarriors.org/news/17/08/28/warriors-partner-first-bus
  13. "Grey and lifeless"

    And for clarity..the debt wasn't called up. A deal was negotiated.
  14. "Grey and lifeless"

    I am certainly not misleading anyone. What I am saying is interest was being serviced. Capital was not reducing other than by lump sum repayments through asset sale. Nothing seemed to be done to try to effect such payments through increase in revenue. That's very clear to anyone...not just me. Happy to discuss if you message me your number.
  15. "Grey and lifeless"

    Pity...you have to remain blissfully ignorant of why.

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