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  1. TIK Are you In?

    I'l take the blame ...as it were...for Charlie. I used my friendship with him to have TiK appear on Sky Sports News...the Sky Sports website and in his columns in Express and Star as well as get Scott Burns to do something on us for those papers. We got more coverage from Charlie's efforts than any other outlet except perhaps the Standard. We have had more mentions on the Sky Sports website than the Kilmarnock FC website ! Everytime I have asked him to promote TiK he has delivered the goods.
  2. Alcohol Ban

    Must be the other way round....never usually an issue. We always have 'travellers'
  3. Alcohol Ban

    That will be the first time. I actually saw a guy hand a carry out onto the train at Motherwell last Saturday. He couldn't get on because it was busy so kept his beers and handed the rest in.
  4. Alcohol Ban

    Bans only tend to be on Queen St to Edinburgh services (This is why our lot go from Central) - so it will probably be ok, and with the rugby being at 5.15 I'd imagine they won't be caring earlier on.
  5. Kris Boyd on sportsound

    @Squirrelhumper...you read on...
  6. Kris Boyd on sportsound

    On Spiers - he Tweeted this week that he supported Rangers until he was 25 and then stopped for one reason - Bigotry. You can't be much more honest than that. On Boyd - Yeah, it's hard to take a guy who decides not to represent his country for the reasons he did seriously when he then questions people who are selected. He basically thought playing for Scotland was secondary and something to be used as a tool in his career. Why then should McKay not use it as a tool to get bums on seat ? (not saying he did...but you see what I mean) However, if anybody think Boyd's comments will motivate Aberdeen to some kind of super-human extent they are mistaken. What will happen is that their coaching team will make mention of the fact that elements of the Killie team don't rate them, but, 'let your ability and our tactics do the talking.You know you're good enough, we as coaches know your good enough. You don't need to do anything other than focus on that'. Boyd may be a tactical genius here - if the players he had a go at do not stick to the ethos above and decide to dunt him, sledge him and generally lose sight of their task in hand then that can play to Killie's advantage. Don't get upset about Boyd doing his media work. He's still scoring goals, he's bigging us up and, if players and fans from other teams don't like that, well - who cares? We should take the view that he does his talking for us on the pitch and they can get into their on wee huffs.
  7. Hearts away

    From goal line to goal line Murrayfield is 100m but has maximum in-goal areas of 22m each end. The pitch is normally 70m wide. Hearts mark it out to be the same width as Tynecastle but a bit longer. With no use of the in-goal area, it will seem a good 25 metres from the front row of the North and South stands to the goals - sit higher up !
  8. Hearts away

    Murrayfield Hotel sell Killie Pies on international days.
  9. Glasgow Warriors

    Yes - massive error which meant they had their tails up at half time. It was, however, a very poor second half performance and the amount of head knocks were incredible - Gibbons didn't know if it was New York or New Year and Wilson was insisting he was fine - a sure sign that you're not. I think Dave Rennie will know realise that the group stages in Europe are not about flair, but about competing up-front, especially when these teams are much more experienced in the front row that we are and their back row are going to stop our midfield from moving. Easily the poorest home result since 2012 I'd say but hopefully something to learn from.
  10. Hearts away

    Lifted a 4G pitch is a longer operation than lifting a grass pitch because of all the gubbins below it. You then have to start from scratch with drainage and layers up to the surface. It would be a challenge to get this done and allow the pitch to settle in during the summer break.
  11. Hearts away

    The trams are great
  12. Safe Standing

    Mainly because until we have a seat on the board we are not an effective part of the decision making process. We can, of course, make suggestions, but cannot have a say in what actually happens.
  13. TIK

    Cheers folks - don't forget - the most powerful endorsement is word-of-mouth. Please spread the word among your peers.
  14. 150th Anniversary match

    What should happen is that it takes place on a Saturday in the summer and is a whole day event with lots of things going on in and around the stadium. Get buy-in from local pubs to have BBQs and events to boost their coffers with ex-players wandering around between them (or staggering). Make RP the hub. Have a build up to the main game by having something like a Kilmarnock Schools select versus the u-18/17 team then a legends game. I would certainly have Killie versus someone as the main game. An international select perhaps (if clubs would release players pre-season) but certainly a team which would whet the appetite. How about Iceland ? (sits back and awaits Farmfoods suggestion)
  15. Hearts away

    It's their stadium...they can take as long as they like. They have to take special care of the South stand end where some chunky bloke rattled in a couple of tries....

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