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  1. Brora Prices

    I'd rather we just had the 8k tbh
  2. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    I remember feeling the same way as the birth of my wee boy approached. He was born the day before the game and as we were still in hospital, I went along to the wee day room to watch the game on TV (from memory I think it was shown delayed on Alba and I had avoided the score) Inverness beat us 1-2, but I only watched half an hour before going back to our room to sit and stare at him as he slept. You'll not even be thinking of the game
  3. Brora Prices

    We're running a business. It makes far more sense to reward your own returning customers than to make a gesture towards fans we'll never see again.
  4. Sportsound

    Do these clowns at Sportsound and the Daily Record who harp on about our supports, while giving other teams an easier ride, never see the irony in doing so when radio audiences and newspaper circulation are in massive decline? Maybe they ought to focus less on why Killie aren't drawing the crowds in (which is unfair, as any like for like comparison this season seems to show that crowds are up on previous years) and concentrate more on why people are tuning out of their rubbish? Think the one who annoyed me most was Gordon Smith having a rant about our crowds. An Ayrshire hun! The problem in a nutshell!
  5. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Anyone an idea when date finalised? Can make 11th but away on the 10th
  6. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Amazing draw. Would have loved it away mind you!
  7. Falkirk '97 highlights

    When we were in a Falkirk boozer for the first leg of the playoff, I managed to link my phone with the pub's telly and stuck the highlights on
  8. Dundee Game Also Postponed

    Didn't think it was a difficult point to follow. Would rather have games against Hamilton and St Johnstone under our belt while we're doing well, rather than after tough games we could potentially lose against Celtic and Aberdeen. Form counts for a lot in football. Just don't want anything to disrupt our momentum.
  9. Dundee Game Also Postponed

    It's hard not to worry about our run of form. I felt like the Hamilton game being called off might be the thing that gubbed it. Didn't turn out to be, although we certainly didn't play well vs Hibs. Then worried the winter break might ruin our form. Again, it didn't, but we didn't play particularly well against County either. Now we have another two games cancelled, meaning as Scouser says that our next games are now actually against Aberdeen and Celtic. Meanwhile, some of these easier games against the likes of Hamilton and Dundee are now piling up as games we'll have to squeeze in to a fixture pile up. Hope things aren't conspiring against us.
  10. For me, the home atmosphere and relationship between players and fans is a factor in winning games, but it's not nearly as important as the many factors controlled by Clarke and the players. It certainly helped.
  11. Killie 1 RossCo 0 20/01/18

    O'Donnell for me. Him and Power were excellent.
  12. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Can't argue with our ability to get results. Thought we were poor today but we keep the run going. Very uneventful game where we treated the ball like a hot potato in and around the half way line. Players awful keen to get it out from their feet for some reason. Lack of composure which meant almost no chances at goal, short of desperate strikes from distance. It was helped by County looking for the draw and replay second half. Meant they were almost never in our half and we could just try to work a way through. Took us long enough, but the ball over top was clever and Rory did well to chase on and keep it alive. Think his attempts to stay on his feet actually helped win the penalty. Glad to see Erwin getting a goal, hopefully can push on. Surely we're due an exciting, away from home, lower league draw in the cup?!
  13. St Johnstone midweek off

    Wednesday game not definitely off yet by look of it
  14. Saturday

    So excuses for not attending are only okay when they're yours? Cool, got it.
  15. Class story. Any time I met him he was brand new. In fact, I once got him to sign a bit of paper addressed to my mate Gav, with a quote that me and my pals often say to each other. He was happy to write what I wanted word for word, then asked what it meant, and was pissing himself when he realised I was essentially just winding up a Celtic fan about the cup win. Top man!

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