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  1. Looks like he has Saturday Night Fever
  2. Broadfoot. Third game in a row for me
  3. Dillinger

    Sheep home, Fred

    Alright, simmer doon! Too far
  4. Dillinger

    Sheep home, Fred

    No issues with the result as Aberdeen the better team. Without Jones in the team we struggled to create anything. Can't win a game if you don't trouble the keeper. Coupled with our poor performance was a shower of s**te from Nick Walsh. Saw Kenny McLean kick the ball away and antagonise the fans, did nothing. Saw Shay Logan antagonise the fans, did nothing. Brophy had shirt pulled near off him, did nothing. Ryan Christie wins a foul for the second goal by diving from no contact, the second puts the game beyond us. None of it to blame for the loss, just frustrating. Six wins in a row was incredible, dust ourselves off and move on to big game at Hibs.
  5. Dillinger

    Sheep home, Fred

    A poor first half where we've only played in the odd spell. Aberdeen not much better and level would probably have been fair. Got to close down the shot, and Fasan has to save that ten times out of ten. No excuse. Clarke always good value at half time for sorting things out so hopefully he can correct the issues.
  6. Dillinger

    Aberdeen game

    Celtic have been crap, Hibs worthy of the lead. Must be first time I've ever rooted for Celtic so of course they're rank rotten!
  7. Dillinger

    Aberdeen game

    Before Clarke, I was going to games myself or with a pal. 9 of us going today, and that's becoming the norm.
  8. Dillinger

    Aberdeen game

    Is this a forum for football or for high school girls gossip? Who cares who Derek McInnes is shagging! Good interview from SSC as always. Annoys me we clip the questions out of the videos though, isn't always easy to immediately pick up on what he's been asked!
  9. Dillinger

    Rory McKenzie

    Shame for him as he's in the form of his career and is becoming an important player for us.
  10. Regardless of which vacancies come up we have to stop speculating. The fact Clarke has signed so many of our players to longer deals suggests he's selling them a vision/project for the next couple of years under his stewardship. He obviously plans to be here for the foreseeable so let's just trust him and enjoy it rather than wetting ourselves every time a job comes up.
  11. Dillinger

    Jones or Mulumbu?

    New here?
  12. Dillinger

    Modernised Ticketing System

    Mate of mine lives in Edinburgh and relies on a pal getting ticket for him for away games or else paying £7 postage. This type of thing would be perfect
  13. Dillinger

    Manager of Month March

    Just Mclean07!
  14. Dillinger

    Manager of Month March

    Never read so much pish in my life

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