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  1. Message for Jordon

    I've heard Alex Totten is looking at a young lad called Paul Scholes. He's too wee to make it in the top flight- I'd go for Billy Findlay instead.
  2. Kris Boyd Picture Thread

    A fascinating question- someone should start a thread on it.
  3. Assistant Managers

    I've heard that story as well.
  4. Reasonable points but what other option did the club have? He was under contract so they had no choice but to stick by him and pay his salary.
  5. I love how we make five Championship-equivalent signings but Dom Thomas manages to find himself back in the starting line-up!
  6. Ladbrokes Team of the Month Show

    Big Kirk and Alan Power can count themselves unlucky not to have been picked.
  7. Steven Naismith

    The whole saga has been the gift that keeps on giving these past five years. It's almost too good to be true.
  8. 42 degrees yesterday! I was back for Christmas though and made it to the Rangers game, the Hamilton car park and Easter Road.
  9. Steven Naismith

    It was reported in the Scottish Sun. How much more evidence do you need?
  10. Steven Naismith

    Yep. Two years ago we would have been more likely to sign Gary Naysmith!
  11. Hibs Match Thread (Fred)

    JJ hasn't done anything to convince me that he's anything more than a white Tope Obadayi. If we got anything like £400,000 for him next month it would be a great bit of business.
  12. Hibs Match Thread (Fred)

    John McGinn has been outstanding and running the game. He's been playing deep and we're missing the pressure that Brophy would put on him. Power missing in central midfield and Mulumbu not involved. We'll be really fortunate to escape this with a point.
  13. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    I've emailed Hamilton to get some idea of what actually happened. They haven't replied yet so I've sent them this one, complete with my bank details. When I receive the $15 million I'll refund everyone's transport expenses.

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