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  1. Points Total

    The fair play season was the one where we were second top in December and only finished behind St Johnstone (I think) on the last game of the season. I'm sure SH or Skygod will know the finer details.
  2. George Green

    The other possibility of course is that he wasn't good enough at football to make it at the top level and the quality of management that he received would have made absolutely no difference. The reality is that the majority of players who represent their country at youth level don't go on to have decent football careers. George has probably already achieved more in the game than many of his England youth team-mates.
  3. Fasan your Seatbelts

    Probably but I would have expected him to catch the corner at Easter Road as well.
  4. Fasan your Seatbelts

    Are we back to the days of judging a player on a couple of games- should we post the various threads about Broadfoot, O'Donnell and Power from a few months ago? You may well be right but give him a bit longer.
  5. Let's be realistic

    It'll certainly be an interesting summer. Steve Clarke has proven overwhelmingly that he can develop a player and set up a team tactically, as well as being able to change a game and motivate players. He has still to prove himself in the transfer market though.
  6. Jordan jones

    We've played Aberdeen six or seven times with JJ in the team and we haven't managed to win so I'm not sure that his absence yesterday can be definitively related to the result.
  7. George Green

    Do we know that he wasn't managed properly? A brief look at his career would suggest that the problem lies with the player and not the clubs that he played for. His contract at Viking was terminated for "incidents off the pitch" according to Wikipaedia and that was only in November 2017. It's a bit early to suggest that he has found his feet again on the basis of a Mail on Sunday article. He's only played 11 non-league games and he has given similar interviews to this one in the past only to be released and fall further down the footballing food chain. It's good that mental health issues in football are being discussed though but establishing the point where personal responsibility starts and mental illness ends is problematic.
  8. Sheep home, Fred

    I thought so as well. He's a young keeper and a couple of those saves were really decent. Freddie took a few games to come into his own as well.
  9. George Green

    The lack of quotation marks meant that I was under the impression that Skydog had met a bearded George Green in the pub. I was a bit disappointed when I saw that it was a "Mail on Sunday" article.
  10. Tshibola

    I hope he's in isolation in that case.
  11. Score Prediction - Aberdeen (H)

    With Fasan in nets and no Mulumbu or Jones it'll be a bad day at the office I suspect. The winning run has to end sometime.
  12. Sheep home, Fred

    The only downside to this season is that Hibs have been so good. We should really have been looking at 4th with our points tally.
  13. Sheep home, Fred

    Are any TV streams likely?
  14. I really hope that he gets the credit that he deserves. I'm sure he will- they're mostly a decent group of fans.

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