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  1. Striker in January

    Also to be fair he said signing Mulumbu was very unlikely as well but hey ho !!
  2. Just got a reply back from Christine Cuthbertson Commercial Manager, saying it is something the club definitely do next year as it was too late this year. Asking Fans for their flags, bringing in a great manager, great prices for the ST, better coms via social media and a reply to an email within 18mins. Carlsberg dont do what a great refreshing change in a football club but if they did................ :-)
  3. https://www.poppyscotlandstore.com/poppyscotland-collections/scottish-league-football-pins-collection.html I was on the Poppy Scotland web page and noticed that they were selling Premier League team pin badges but sadly it only offered (although sold out) Hibs Hearts Dundee MWell. Does anyone else think the club should maybe approach Poppy Scotland to see if they could get involved. i have sent the club an email suggesting this but thought i would try and get a fans opinion. cheers Dave T
  4. 0-3

    The applauded at the end for the effort and fight the player put in, this team at the start of the season after going down 0-1 would have folded and it would have been 0-3 at HT. The change of attitude within the team is clear to see, the next thing we should be concentrating on is staying positive for the next game.
  5. Short List Poll

    in regards to being impressed with our present facilities yes i would agree they will not be BUT.... could the key decider possibly be that BB says we are looking forward and have plans for a new training facility which we would like you to be a part off? Basically dangle the carrot for whats to come at the club?
  6. Club Announce New SLO

    Not questioning how quickly he can reply , in fact i don't think i have questioned the gents ability at all ?
  7. Line up face Ross County

    Mcdonald Taylor Findlay Greer O'Donnell Jones Burke Hawkshaw Thomas Brophy Erwin
  8. Club Announce New SLO

    Was the last one not taken off here because not everyone had access to .com or did not use .com ? So now if you don't use Twitter then you don't have access to the SLO. mmmmmmmm interesting
  9. 2 Faced Boyd

    in todays paper saying that Alves should be at Ipox today instead of being in Spain whilst being injured........ fae a guy that never turned up to his own clubs FAMILY open day .........
  10. Line up face Aberdeen

    lol noted and changed
  11. Line up face Aberdeen

    MacDonald O'Donnell----------------Greer (if fit) / (Wilson)-----------------Findley---------------------Taylor Thomas---------------------Wilson/ (Smith)---------------Burke------------------Jones Brophy .... Erwin
  12. Need Changes team

    MacD O'Donnell Greer / Wilson Findlay Taylor Jones Smith Burke Thomas Erwin Brophy
  13. Going to Motherwell game ?

    Yes i think there was about 5 or 6 clubs including one of the old filth
  14. The club seem to being doing alot via twitter which is annoying if you don't use twitter and a bit of a P take as did they not stop the old SLO from using .com as not everyone has access / uses it ?
  15. Hamilton Accies Match Fred 26-8-17

    Macdonald O'Donnell-Wilson-Greer-Taylor Thomas Smith Burke Jones Erwin / Brophy Boyd (although i would drop him and just play Erwin Brophy)

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