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  1. Points off of last season

    After the loss to Ross county. (attached pic)
  2. What did he say @Killiepie?
  3. Line up face Rangers

    Alan Muir, who does seem to dish out cards.
  4. Ice Hockey

    Anyone else taken in any Ice Hockey games? I had no interest in it at all, until my lad started playing at the Galleon. All very family orientated and a good antidote to watching Killie sometimes! (Killie comes first for me!)
  5. Cammy Bell

    Signed. 2 year deal.
  6. The "That was f**king c**ting s**tey s**te" Thread

    Any high pressing or defensive team will be rubbing their hands having watched that, with our immobile strike department, and narrow pitch. I fear for us unless we radically shape up. Boyd is a professional, well paid footballer, his condition is a disgrace. We shouldn't be relying on a 34 year old anyway, but his shape and immobility is embarrassing.
  7. Magennis Thread

    Likely relates to the TM character. I've mentioned this on a thread before but using special characters is a bad idea for thread titles as some systems decode them differently.
  8. Can't Open Thread....

    I suspect it'll be something to do with the way the quotation mark is encoded on certain browsers.
  9. John Kiltie Interview

    Would be nice to see a time lapse photo of before and after! That list is mind numbing.
  10. Players Leaving

    Surprised to see the back of Connolly, but he was never the same after the shoulder injury sadly. O'Hara has had a lot of chances, and done well in many positions. Very surprised at this, but hopefully if he moves on he can find a settled place in a decent team. Wish all of them well.
  11. Scapegoat

    Agree with this. Calling out for a sub from 60 mins. Kiltie and McKenzie showed little desire to get in the box. Felt Hodson had a good game at LB.
  12. failkirk away 19/05

    Team full of softies really.
  13. failkirk away 19/05

    I'd swap McKenzie for Higginbotham not coming off for Rory tonight.
  14. Lee Clark Rally Call

    The recent Partick game was brutal, not many attempts on target of note. I think the issue there was treating Partick the same as Hamilton. Partick bossed the midfield, and shut us out where we reverted to long balls to Magennis. We play best when Slater can get on the ball. Slater has a good game, we generally come out on top.
  15. Predicted results thurs and sunday?

    Remember this is the same Falkirk side that lost 7-0 to Ross County in the League Cup this season (although we've also lost plenty of goals). Anything possible. 4-2 Killie at Falkirk and 2-2 at RP.

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