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  1. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    I think you’re missing the point. That’s a gimmick, the OP was a financial incentive. Not everyone is able to afford a season ticket, but those who are on the threshold might be tempted by the chance of a cheaper ticket.
  2. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    Of course but it might convince a lot of people who are thinking about buying one. Surely you see that?
  3. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    Of course but it might convince a lot of people who are thinking about buying one. Surely you see that?
  4. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    There will be many like you, but the OP’s idea isn’t aimed at season ticket holders like yourself, but lapsed supporters. I think it’s a great idea and anyone who isn’t fussed about cashback could donate it to the trust or a Killie backed charity if the option was included when purchasing the ticket
  5. Kaiserslautern

    Arrange it then
  6. Training facilities

    A think the “stress” on the pitch from a late fitness test would be very limited. Can’t imagine a short session on the day of a game either. Kilwinning is 15 minutes away. There is no suggestion from the club we have or will make an approach for KSC.
  7. Alex McLeish

    He went to Birmingham, not Rangers. Another I’ll informed RANT.
  8. Neil Mccann

  9. Dundee match thread

  10. Accies St Johnstone games

    Sell yer ticket n go to Hamilton then
  11. Let’s be having you

    If it’s that easy, why have English clubs not brought prices down in order to fill the stands? I wouldn’t necessarily agree that there are plenty of empty seats at English matches, but again, England has 10 times the population of Scotland. I think we do ok as a whole in Scottish football, but as a club we have lost a large number of fans. Probably 80% of the footballing population support either Rangers or Celtic, leaving 20% split between 40 other senior clubs, 5 of which are from cities.
  12. Let’s be having you

  13. Let’s be having you

    Germany has nearly 16 times the population of Scotland. The comparison is a non-starter.
  14. Sod for scotland

    Agreed tho Alan Hutton would probably be first choice.
  15. Aaron Tshibola

    That’s not a lack of confidence, it’s keeping the ball, or “recycling” as it’s called now

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