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  1. How do we keep Clarke?

    Jim McLean got shares in United in lieu of a higher wage, at the height of their success. Would a similar deal for Steve Clarke meet with your approval?
  2. Ref got it right

    I’m delighted our rivals have crap keepers. Not sure there’s much to say beyond that.
  3. How do we keep Clarke?

    Steve Clarke isn’t in it for the money. Skydog said so, so it must be true. We’re also too wee to have nice stuff so any good players would be sold anyway. Our failure to plan ahead has seen us lose many good players on the cheap, and now it looks like the majority of fans on here, are content to lose the man who’s revitalising the club, through the same fault. If you don’t believe Clarke is interested in money, that’s fine, but everyone wants to feel appreciated and wanted.
  4. How do we keep Clarke?

    I get what you’re saying, but if we’re limiting our comments only to the areas we have control over, these are going to be really quiet boards. No more transfer talk. No more team lineup talk. No more chat about how to get more fans back. No more drunken rants by the village idiot about Man City ruining football.... But don’t worry buddy.... I’m basking away, but I’d prefer to bask for many years to come. I have a beer at hand and have others chilling, because even though I’m enjoying this one, I’d like to experience more. I don’t watch the boxing as it’s even more rigged than the FIFA World Cup bidding process, but understand why it appeals to some people. Enjoy your evening.
  5. How do we keep Clarke?

    I’m sure the reason BB has committed to binning it is because it no longer warms the cockles of his heart to see kids playing on it.
  6. How do we keep Clarke?

    Tbh I wouldn’t blame him for leaving for any club if we’re not going to show the ambition to try and keep him.
  7. How do we keep Clarke?

    I can’t remember which article it was in, but I read SC had been sounded out on a number of occasions about joining the club; I’d suggest he didn’t wake up one day this season and decide he wanted to help the club. I think it’s more likely we sold him a more ambitious vision this time. One which afforded him the opportunity to fulfill his ambitions. However if you’re right and he’s only doing the job as a favour, I’m sure we’d have given him a contract where he can leave anytime he wants for a nominal fee.
  8. How do we keep Clarke?

    You don’t know what his motivation is either or how financially secure he is. Doesn’t stop you giving your opinion. I’m not saying his motivation is financial either, but pushing the boat out a bit, would be a sign of intent. Building a training ground would be a sign of intent. Bonuses for growing the crowds would be a sign of intent. A grass pitch would be a sign of intent. They say the club is progressive and keen to improve. Those are factors which might sway an ambitious man.
  9. How do we keep Clarke?

    Forget about how well we’re doing and the feel good factor, there’s plenty more Locke’s, Clark’s and McCullochs in the sea when SC leaves. We’re too wee to have nice stuff.
  10. How do we keep Clarke?

    In your world he’s probably so rich he’s doing the job for free, but I doubt he’s doing this “hobby” to stand still. He’s ambitious and a lack of ambition by the club will be the main reason he would leave imo. What does it say about our ambition if we don’t even try to keep him?
  11. How do we keep Clarke?

    It’s the Clarke effect chum. Imagine daring to dream again.
  12. How do we keep Clarke?

    I’m proposing some inventiveness. Bonuses for meeting certain targets etc. Someone mentioned doubling the home crowd would help keep him; how about he gets a percentage of the income every extra fan generates for the club? Shares for achieving top six? A percentage of transfer fees? In any other business, perks to top up a lower salary would be normal. Why not for the best manager we’ve had in years?
  13. How do we keep Clarke?

    Agreed, but a lack of ambition can turn you into a championship club like Dundee United in the blink of an eye. Theres a saying “strike while the iron’s hot” because the alternative “enjoy the iron being hot for now”, never really took off.
  14. How do we keep Clarke?

    Can’t we become a big club? Jim McLean did it at United, Clough at Forest, why not Clarke at Killie? Bowie has set his sights on cup finals, top six, Europe and yet the forum mafia say we’ve just to enjoy being killie fans for now. Seems small time imo.
  15. How do we keep Clarke?

    No. I’m insinuating it’s possible to keep him. I’m not as pessimistic as you.

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