Ross Barbour

Vital Statistics

Nickname: None

Position: Defender (Right Back)

Date of Birth: February 1st 1993

Birth Place: Glasgow, Scotland.

Height: 1.77m

Previous Club: Killie Youth

Killie Contract: January 12th 2011. Extended May 1st 2014 (2 Year Deal). Left the club in March 2016 and signed for Kirkintilloch Rob Roy.

Landmarks: Debut on April 7th 2012 as a second half substitute against Celtic at Rugby Park in the SPL. First start January 19th 2013 against Dundee Utd in the SPL at Rugby Park.


February 13th 2013: “My dad played for Authurlie. He had the chance to go to Leeds for a trial when he was younger but passed it up. He was 17 and said no because the night they wanted him to go down was his pool night. He now looks back and says he was young and stupid. He regrets it and makes sure I know how much. I think he is still hurting inside that he let his opportunity pass and wants me to make the most of what I’ve got. He ended up with for Arthurlie for a few years and did really well there. I think he top scored a few times. I have been told my dad was better than me. We moved house recently to Troon and I had to take in four boxes of his trophies. My dad is my biggest influence. He travels everywhere to see me. He is always pushing me and driving me. He’s also very critical. If I play badly, he will always let me know. We used to live in Barrhead when I played for Hamilton Accies and it was a long journey home if I played badly. But once we got out of the car it was done. There were also times when he’d help lift my spirits. I was pleased to read that the manager (Shiels) was going to stick with kids rather than bring in players. He has always said if you play well you will get your chance and that’s what has happened. I was a striker for Hamilton but I’ve been a right-back for the last couple of years. I was at Hamilton from nine to the start of Under-17s. Paul Ronald was my coach for nine or 10 years and one day we played Hillwood and he decided to let us all try a change of position. I picked centre-half and the centre-half played striker. We both did really well so he stuck with it for the next game. I moved to Queen’s Park and Paul was my manager there too. He decided I probably wasn’t tall enough to be a centre-half and moved me to right-back. It’s been that way ever since."

September 22nd 2014: “I’ve got a baby on the way on November 8th so I’m looking forward to it. My life has changed a lot already. The last five months I have hardly ever been out. I have just been sitting in with Kayleigh, so it has probably helped my football because it’s been a quiet life. We weren’t planning it so it was a shock but there’s not much you can do, you just need to look forward to it. I’ve had a few eye-openers from a few boys who have already had kids, and a few pointers along the way. This becomes more of a job now than a hobby, because I will need to provide for my wee girl. It’s been good playing every game this year but there is competition there so I know I always have to be on my toes. Darryl Westlake has come in, Mark O’Hara can play right-back and so can Jamie Hamill. So I know if I don’t play well then I know I will be out of the team. We never played really well against Hamilton, especially the first half, and they had quite a lot of possession, but they never really had any chances, which is credit to the boys. We worked well together and I think we have worked well quite a lot of the season stopping teams getting chances. I think that’s probably one of the main differences from last season, we are a lot tighter at the back.”

November 8th 2014: “It was frustrating last year. I ruptured the ligament of my ankle off the bone in a game against Hibs on the second last day of the season and couldn’t play until the following September. I was out when the manager first arrived at the club last summer and then had to bide my time when I was fit again. I had many meetings with the gaffer and assistant Sandy Clark and requested to go on loan. I even asked to leave at one point. I thought I wasn’t going to get my chance and all I wanted was to play football. I was only playing one game a month for the Under-20s because of the rule restricting teams to only three over-age players and I had to turn out more often. I wasn’t progressing and I sat down with my dad and agent and we agreed I should drop down the leagues just to get some game time. The manager told me I would get my chance but I felt time was moving on and it still wasn’t happening. I was training well and wasn’t in the team when we were struggling and he explained I wasn’t playing because of the position we were in. I knew I could make an impact – and everything changed when I came off the bench in a game against Motherwell and did well. Since then I have played every game. I was happy to put that pressure on myself to perform. I’m confident in my own ability. I had done well the season before and knew I could help the team if called upon. I’m thankful the way things have turned out but I only ever wanted to play. Maybe I was selfish but it’s a short career and sometimes you must look after yourself. Dundee were the first team to sit in against us and it’s something we have to look at. We didn’t get many points before Christmas last season and it was a struggle. There wasn’t a great mood around the training ground. We weren’t playing attractive football and the fans turned on us a bit. This year, though, the football is better and we’re winning matches. We are picking up points we wouldn’t have last year. But the last two games haven’t gone to plan. So we are looking to bounce back against Ross County and go into the international break on the back of a victory.”


39: Adam Frizzell | 03: Steven Smith

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