Dean Shiels

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Full Name:
 Dean Shiels

Nickname: Deano

Position:  Midfielder

Date of Birth:  Feb 1st 1985

Birth Place: N Ireland

Height:  5ft 11"

Former Clubs: Arsenal, Hibernian, Doncaster Rovers

Signed for Killie: July 29th 2011 (Loan from Doncaster) Loan Ended: Jan 15th 2012. 

Re-Signed for Killie: Jan 16th 2012 thru May 2012. 

Killie Debut: July 30th 2011, second half sub against Motherwell at Rugby Park in the SPL. 

First Killie Goal: Aug 27th at Inverness in the SPL. 

After Killie: In July 2012 joined the Third Division "New-co" Glasgow Rangers.

                Apps   As sub  Goals Yellow    Red
Total (Club)    42      (2)       14        9         1

2011-12 Season Player News & Quotes:  

July 31st 2012... Dean Shiels helped Kilmarnock win the Scottish Communities League Cup and made the four-man short-list for Scotland's player of the year after arriving from Doncaster Rovers.
He had been offered a new contract by his father, who manages the Ayrshire side, but had sought his advice about joining  Rangers and does not believe he is taking a step down in his career after deciding to join the Third Division side.

Apr 19th on Life at Killie... "I have really enjoyed my football this year and when you're enjoying it, it's easier to do well. Everyone is different and you have got to support your family and money has got to come into it. But I have never been swayed by money in any decision in my career so far. I could have left Scotland for extra money in January and in the summer but I didn't start playing football to earn money. When I was a kid I just wanted to play and enjoy it and because I have done that this year, and managed to get a medal and this nomination, it has made it all worthwhile. In January, because I had been on loan at Kilmarnock, money was never going to come into the issue of where I wanted to play. I always wanted to see out the job. The fact we were in the semi-final of the League Cup was an added bonus. Sometimes you have got to make decisions on football reasons and forget about the rest. I would like to stay in Scotland, Things become out of your hand in the summer when you're out of contract. I can't rule out moving back to England or going further afield but at the moment I'm really enjoying it here so that's going to play a big part in my decision-making. With the relationship I've built up with the Kilmarnock players and fans, that would be my first choice. My wife is from Edinburgh and I have to take everything into consideration but I'm very, very happy at Kilmarnock."

Jan 16th Dean on Taking a Pay-cut to Stay With Killie... "We have two cup games this month and are trying to win trophies at Kilmarnock. We're in a semi-final and that's better than a relegation battle in England.  My wages aren't as high as they were at Doncaster but it doesn't matter to me. When I started playing football as a young boy I didn't play for the money. I just play because I enjoy the game.  Had I left this month, it would have felt like I hadn't done my team-mates, the fans or the manager justice. We have a job to do and I want to see it out. Some are in the game for money, others don't care. I'm not interested in money but obviously you have to live and take care of your family. There was interest from other clubs when I left Doncaster but I told my agent that I just wanted to re-sign for Kilmarnock. I knew of interest from north and south of the border and from abroad where I could have earned a lot of money but I wanted to stay here because we want to win things. When you look back on your career, you'll think about teams you played in and what you challenged for and whether you won anything. That's what is important for me."

Jan 12th Kenny Shiels on His Son Dean Signing With Killie..."Dean's severed links with Doncaster. They've been very co-operative and I must give them praise. It was long and drawn out, but it got to a conclusion and he's signed with Kilmarnock until the end of the season. I would stress he's taken a massive financial hit for that, not because he's my son, that's just the truth. I think he's got attached to the Kilmarnock supporters and the club and he's taken a financial hit for this. People will say the father-son relationship is the heartbeat of his decision - it's not! I think he's got attached to the Kilmarnock supporters and the club and he's taken a financial hit for this. I'm proud of him because he's done something for a football reason. The thing I've found the strangest is that I spoke more to him when he wasn't my player. I was always asking him how he was getting on. But now that he's here, the relationship gets a bit more detached where your conscious he's a player and he's conscious I'm his manager. It sort of swings more towards that relationship."

Jan 11th on Re-Signing With Killie...Dean Shiels has signed for Kilmarnock until the end of the season, manager Kenny Shiels has confirmed.Shiels was on loan from Doncaster but severed ties with the Yorkshire club before signing a deal at lunchtime on Wednesday.

Dec 16th on Life at Killie... I've really enjoyed it, The team plays good football and you get the ball to feet. My type of player is always going to revel in playing in this team. 
On Gary Harkins and Paul Heffernan...."They are two good players with a lot of ability, When you play with good players it makes your game easier. Heff has done remarkably well since he came up, I think he has scored 10 goals. Harkins is actually an attacking midfielder but the gaffer has moved him up front and he has done very well." 
On the SPl..."There is a bit less fear in it at the moment, A lot of teams are just going out to win the game, which is pleasing to see. Obviously it's very, very tight between third and last which makes it interesting for everyone else." 
On Extending His Killie Stay...."I'm here until January 16, I'm not looking beyond that at the moment, we have still got a lot of games between now and then so I'm just concentrating on that. There have been some talks but no conclusion yet. I don't have a clue what will happen. It's like a whole new staff, a new manager and playing staff, Everything has changed.  Since I came up, I've really enjoyed working with the staff and the lads here. Doncaster are in a relegation battle whereas Killie are trying to win a cup and get into the top six. It's quite appealing. The manager and the lads know I want to stay so I hope that can happen for me."

Nov 15th on Playing For His Dad..."It is different when you play for your father's team, but when you step on the pitch or are in a dressing room, you are not thinking about the whole father-son relationship. The relationship on and off the pitch has been conducted on a strictly professional basis. He lives in Edinburgh and I live in Glasgow and that's the way we like to keep it. The main difference between now and when I was in Scotland last time is that the SPL teams seem to be playing more football. They seem to have shed the fear factor that is only too prevalent in the Championship. The SPL is very competitive this year with at least seven teams fighting to finish in third spot. I would love to extend my stay at Killie as we are in the semi-final of the League Cup and have a chance of making the top six. I am loving every minute of life back in the SPL."
On Playing Hibs on Sat... "My feelings for Hibs have never weakened since I left and I always want to see them do well. I owe them a lot as they gave my start in senior football. It will be great to go back to Easter Road and meet up with some old friends"

 Nov 1st on the Hearts Post Match...“It’s been going on for years, You get mother, daughter, the lot abusing you here, but that’s normal. Rudi Skacel’s screaming and falling over and it’s an intense atmosphere, but we stood up and showed a bit of bottle and mental toughness to get the three points. It was a bad tackle. (by red carded Black) I don’t think anyone could argue it was a red card. I rode the tackle but he caught me on the left ankle. You’ve got to be sharper than him to the ball and thankfully I was, otherwise I could have got hurt. If I hadn’t got out of the way it could have been a bad one.” 
On Danny Grainger ... “He stamped on me and I said about it to the ref. That’s a red card as well. That’s the coward’s way out. Stamping on someone while he’s on the ground, you can’t get much lower than that. I think it was a difficult game for the ref, there were a lot of decisions – like why at the penalty the guy wasn’t sent off. They’re hard decisions but I was convinced it looked like he was the last man and was denying a scoring chance.”

Oct 18th on the Celtic Draw... "We have to tighten up at the back but with the squad we have, we need to be looking at the top six after the split,  Nothing less than that will do. We have players who can pass to feet and I revel in those circumstances. I played with Paul before at Doncaster and we have developed an understanding, We have to continue that partnership and use the freedom we get to express ourselves. When a lot of teams play Celtic and Rangers they try to kick them or sit deep. However, we came out and tried to pass the ball. I don't think that should be forgotten."

Sept 11th on the Pars Win... "This was a really good game. Before the game the manager said he wanted us to entertain - but I'm sure he was hoping for a couple of fewer goals down our end of the pitch.

I have played in the English Championship and if you watch 10 games in that league they won't be as entertaining as this match.  The games down there are slower and it's all about organisation. A lot of teams play with fear whereas ourselves and Dunfermline didn't. A lot of SPL sides have taken on board what Kilmarnock did last season. They are trying to play football and it's a credit to the league. In the Championship it's less technical and more about the physical side. 
On Paul Heffernan ...  "Paul is a natural scorer and if you can create chances he will put them away. We have that weapon and need to make the most of it. Paul is clinical in front of goal. Even with his penalty he waited for the keeper to go down and side-footed into the other corner." 
On Paying For His Father...: "I'm a pro and you are under pressure no matter who you are at this club.  Heff is under pressure to score goals and Cammy Bell is under pressure to keep them out. Once you cross the white line you don't think about anything extra. So I just concentrate on doing my best for the team and the manager, who just happens to be my father. I don't mind what gets said. Before I signed I knew what the risks - if that is what you want to call them - were. But at the moment it's going well. I'm enjoying it so far. I also thoroughly enjoyed my time at Hibs  and owe a lot to them for giving me a chance. Now I am back up in Scotland and having a good time. My wife is from Scotland and she's happy as well but I'm still a Doncaster player. I don't know what is going to happen and, to be honest, I'm not really planning that far ahead.  My loan is up in January and I'll just have to weigh it up then."
On the Rest of the Season...  "The transformation of players coming in and going out this summer means you won't be seeing the best of this team until 10 or 15 games into the season. There has been such a big turnover and the manager is also new in the job so it will take a while to gel completely. However, there are signs that there is a great variety within the team. So we're just looking to take this victory and build upon it with more wins."
July 30th ... Kenny Shiels on his Son Dean's Ability...  "Dean is someone who can bring that. He is both creative and productive as well. He scores goals, he creates goals. He is a player I know will help alleviate the pressure from the striker. We have got the flair to score goals."

July 30th ... Dean Shiels on Playing for his Father..."I think every player is under pressure to perform, Once you're out there playing, he's not my dad, he's my boss. I'm out to do a job for him, the team, the fans. When you're out there things like that aren't on your mind. I've been in football a long time, it's a cut-throat business. Everyone knows what goes on in the changing room. But we are all here to work hard for Kilmarnock. Anyone who knows my father will know he will not treat me any different to anyone else, and I wouldn't want it any other way. You can see the way he wants to play. I've been brought up at Arsenal, at Hibs initially under Tony Mowbray and at Doncaster, and that football suits the way I play and I think it gets the best out of me."

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