Jim Brown (80-81)

Jim Brown's Fourteen Killie Appearances:

Date Home  Score  Away Comp
24-Aug-80 Killie 0-0 Dundee SLC
        (Killie lose 5-3 on Pens)
09-Sep-80 Blackpool 2-1 Killie Anglo Scot Cup
20-Sep-80 Killie 1-8 Rangers Prem Div
27-Sep-80 Airdrie 1-0 Killie Prem Div
04-Oct-80 Killie 1-6 St Mirren Prem Div
11-Oct-80 Aberdeen 2-0 Killie Prem Div
14-Oct-80 Killie 4-2 Blackpool Anglo Scot Cup
18-Oct-80 Killie 0-1 Dundee Utd Prem Div
25-Oct-80 Celtic 4-1 Killie Prem Div
01-Nov-80 Killie 0-1 Partick T Prem Div
04-Nov-80 Killie 1-2 Notts Co Anglo Scot Cup
08-Nov-80 Killie 1-1 Airdrie Scot Prem
15-Nov-80 Rangers 2-0 Killie Scot Prem
18-Nov-80 Notts Co 5-2 Notts Co Anglo Scot Cup

Career Facts:

- Born Apr 3 1960

- Joined from Beith in 1980

- Picked up 1 point from 18, in his 9 Premier Division starts, with no clean sheets.

- Brought in as a replacement for Alan McCulloch (who had a broken ankle).

- Replaced by Alan Wilson on Nov 22nd 1980. 

- Moved onto Ayr and played 38 games between 1981 & 1984.

- Finished his career with Irvine Meadow!

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