April 2016

No. of Shots

7 6

Shots on Target

1 2


52% 48%

Fouls Conceded

12 16

Corners Won

10 3


Goals None

Oliver 7
Quitongo 67

Killie Team

Jamie MacDonald, Josh Webb, Miles Addison , Jonny Burn, Greg Taylor , Greg Kiltie, (Adam Frizzell 89), Mark Waddington, (Gary Dicker 55), Martin Smith, Jordan Jones, Josh Magennis, Kris Boyd (Souleymane Coulibaly 55)
Subs Not Used: Oliver Davies, Steven Smith, Will Boyle, Callum McFadzean.   

Attendance: 3,020

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Match Report

We didn't have a match reporter at this game but we'd recommend David Wren's report from the Kilmarnock Standard and the most masochistic among you can check out our "as it happened" match coverage below.


Lee Clark: "We had opportunities to take a quick throw or a quick corner and we were just sauntering over to the ball.  We didn't take enough risks. When the ball went into the box there was no one else around it if the strikers didn't get on it.

It's very disappointing. These new lads need to learn very quickly. It's not an attitude problem, It's too easy to say it's about attitude or that they weren't trying. That's an easy cop out. The old adage from somebody having a pint after the game is that the players didn't try, that the attitude was bad because they lost. That's not the case. What I'm talking about is the players having the game management to win games at the highest level."

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