Managers Comments - Apr-May 2017

May 20th on the Staggies Post-Match: "We played really well today. Passed the ball, looked dangerous, we just didn't have a cutting edge up front."

On his future: "I would say hopefully we will just get a sit down with Billy [Bowie]. Billy is a really busy man and he has worked wonders with this club. Hopefully in the next few days we will get time and have a proper chat and hopefully come to some agreement for the way forward for the club.

"I want to speak to Billy Bowie and [fellow board member] John Kiltie and let's see if we can put a plan together for the future of the club, and that's all I am going to say."  - Match Report -

May 18th on Keeping Ajer: "The club would be delighted to have him back, but we’ll need to wait and see.  Now that we’re safe, maybe, the club can speak to John [Kennedy] or I might give Brendan Rodgers and a call and see what he says.  Ajer has been great for us. He has an old head on young shoulders. “There are things he needs to work on, but he is very pleasing on the eye. I’m trying to get the right blend of youth and experience here.”

May 14th on His Future: "I've always said that when we're safe, I imagine a meeting will happen. I don't know if it will be next week but I can say there will be discussions. We've not spoke for two-to-three months, so I don't want to get carried away. I just want to concentrate on this performance - it's our 25th consecutive season in the top flight. I'm not a big-headed guy or a talker. Once we sit down we'll have discussions, that's all I can say. It's probably best we do it sooner rather than later."I've surprised myself a little bit. But with the managers I've worked under and players I've worked with, I've not got bad experience. It's literally one day at a time and that's the best way to continue to be."

May 13th on the Caley Post-Match: "It was a wee bit nervy in the last 15 minutes but compared to last week, it's massive. The dressing room are together, they're with each other and believe in what myself, Peter (Leven) and Paul MacDonald are trying to do. Now we are safe we can enjoy it, but we look forward to a tough game on Tuesday. 

On Jordan Jones ...  "Jordan can be frustrating but when he's on it, he can go to any level he wants to go to. We've spoke to him about it. As long as he stays dedicated and doing the right things away from football, which he does, he can go far."Adam Frizzell coming in, having not played for a while, putting in a performance like that was brilliant to watch. I see him in the middle - he needs to be on the ball a lot. Greg Kiltie is still not match-fit so we need to get him game time but I thought big Conor (Sammon) worked really hard, too."  - Match Report -

On Jig's Future: "I  have said for the last couple of months, if we get safe then it will be a two-way conversation. I think that will happen, but I don't know if it will happen this week or next week. That is really all I can say until I speak to the board of directors. We just want to enjoy today."

May 11th on the Caley Pre-Match: "It's just trying to get a freshness on match day, That's why we moved the first-team players into the away dressing at Rugby Park. You could say it's worked a little bit. We gave the home dressing room a bit of a facelift and we locked it up so nobody could get in there. I think it's made a slight difference but you can only be the judge of that through results.It's just leaving no stone unturned really, going into every game. For the last four years it's been the worst in the club's history for home defeats and seven out of the last eight seasons have been the worst for home matches as well.  The stats don't lie. It's not as if it's been there for ever. It's not as if it's somebody's fault because there have been different managers, different teams, different players, different styles. Who knows what the problem is. A victory would be nice, Its going to be a tough match. Inverness are punching well below their weight with where they are in the league table, with the players they've got. So it's just up to us to go out and put on a positive performance in front of the (home) crowd."

May 6th on the Dee Post-Match:   "We were off it today. Even the last 20 minutes, yes, it looked like we finished the game well but we weren't at it. We were nowhere near the standards we have had in the last six or seven weeks and the boys have been told that. They know that themselves anyway. Really disappointed with the full 90 minutes, never mind the first 60 or 70. No quality at all.

"Training has been ok this week. It's not been as good as the previous weeks, maybe a bit of complacency coming into a squad with such a young mentality. We need to speak about it, we need to build on it and hopefully we make it better for next week.

"We are not safe. We will only be safe when it is mathematically impossible [to be relegated]. You won't get anybody in that dressing room or in the coaching staff saying we are safe."    - Match Report -

May 5th on the Dee Pre-Match: "[Neil McCann] and I were in the same Scotland squads, I played against Dunfermline when he was their assistant.  I have done television with him, we have spoken about football, tactics, set-plays and we have analysed games together. So I am under no illusion as to how good a coach he is and how hard it is going to be for us. I think they will go with a different game plan to the one at Motherwell so we have prepared for a couple of different scenarios, whether they sit in and hit on the counter or go for it, or they just play a normal 4-5-1 formation. So we have spoken about it, done the training for it. It is time to stop talking and start walking."

Apr 29th on the Accies Post-Match: "Delighted with that - I didn't know that [Killie can no longer finish 12th]. The focus has just been ourselves. It's not been anyone up above us or down below us. It's about coming into training every day and getting better every day. Getting better individually and as a team, not just the players but the staff too. Pleased with the result, but we're not home and dry yet. Didn't start too well, great set-play for the goals, something we have worked on several times this week. Peter Leven, the assistant manager, is always full of ideas. It was brilliant to see us get a goal from a set-play, which has been very uncommon this season. - Match Report -

April 14th on the Hearts Post-Match: "We possibly could've snatched all three points in the way the game finished. Certainly nowhere near good enough in the first half, we got away with one there as we didn't stick to the game-plan, didn't play, didn't look to get on the ball or pass it. Great character in the second half to go out and put on a performance like that, we were maybe unlucky not to nick it in the end.  Iain Wilson played tonight like a mature man, even in the first half he was probably our best player and then he stamps his authority all over the game in the second half. His range of passing, he's quick, he can play centre half and it shows what a great job the youth coaches are doing here." - Match Report -

Apr 8th on the Celtic Post-Match..."I thought first half we were too deep, stood off the game too much and allowed Celtic a little bit too much respect. Second half we changed the system and decided to go a little bit higher up the pitch.  I'm delighted with the way the boys played and the character and concentration they showed for most of the game.  We get back in the game and gather a little bit of momentum then we just switch off for a set play as we have done a couple of times this season - that's the most disappointing part of the day. Did we deserve to win then game - absolutely not. But I'm proud of the way the boys showed character and passed the ball, especially in the second half at times and maybe on another day we could have stolen a point."  - Match Report -

Apr 7th on the Celtic Pre-Match...  "I don't think it really matters [if Celtic rest players], the squad is that good.  No matter who plays it's going to be a really difficult game, it's going to be a great test for our young team.  We have got a lot of so-called inexperienced players playing so I think it's the time to let them go and get that experience and find out if they are good enough. But I am pretty confident that they are."

Apr 5th on the Rangers Post Match..."We really took the game to Rangers.  All in all, delighted with the point, delighted with the way the boys showed resilience at the end of the game as well. It's another point, it's another good point. The way we set up tonight, I thought it really worked, especially first half. Maybe a little bit unfortunate not to nick it in the end but if we're being realistic about it, I think we'd take the point. Everyone point's a prisoner as they say." - Match Report -

Apr 1st on the Caley Post Match....They've beaten Rangers up here. It's a tough place to come. A point is a fair result. We finished the game with seven teenagers, so it just shows the character we've got in the dressing room. We could've nicked it in the end. Overall, Inverness had the bulk of possession but, possibly, we had the better chances. It's another week towards safety. The next two games are massive - Rangers at home, Celtic away. We thought it was important as a staff that we didn't get beat today." - Match Report -

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