Managers Comments - September 2016

Sept 30th on the Dons Pre-Match: "I think we showed a little bit too much respect for Celtic, even though on Wednesday against Manchester City they went on to show what a good team they are now under Brendan Rodgers. The good thing about last week is that it shows us what we have to do better in terms of when we come up against the top teams. We have to be more aggressive and play higher up the pitch. When I say aggressive, I mean aggressive in our pressing game. I have been impressed with Aberdeen. I was impressed with Derek McInnes and the work he did last year. They have shown good football, ability to be aggressive and match teams, so we know it is going to be tough. 
On the Off-field Fan Turbulance: "I've experienced it in my previous two clubs. In those other two jobs, (Birmingham City and Blackpool)I ended up having to be the vocal chord of the full club under every situation and I won't allow that to happen this time. What I have learned and what I've reflected on is, it's not my issue, it's not my situation, I'm the football manager, In those other two jobs, I ended up having to be the vocal chord of the full club under every situation and I won't allow that to happen this time. I've got to just concentrate on the football. It's hard enough as it is to get that right and get results. So, if this situation arises, other people within the football club have to come out and deal with that.
Clark appealed to the fans to back the team and "give us what you've given us since I walked through the door".

Sept 23rd on the Celtic Post-Match: "They blew us away in the second half. It was men against boys in every aspect. We came up against a class act. It's a shame because Coulibaly's goal will be forgotten about now. He's scored some unbelievable goals since he's come up. They are the champions of Scotland but they have taken their football to a new level. We are not the first team to take a beating here and we won't be the last. But we felt we made it a little bit too easy for them. The result won't define our season. We have to get results elsewhere." - Match Report -

Sept 23rd on the Celtic Pre-Match: "Brendan and me go back a long while. We played against each other as 15-year-olds in the England versus Northern Ireland schoolboys. We have a bit of history there - longer than we would have liked. I signed Jordan Ibe from him on loan when I was Birmingham manager and he was Liverpool manager, he was a big supporter of me. Brendan suffered a serious injury as a young footballer, his career path went on a different route but he has proved himself to be a top manager and top coach. We had a brief encounter in Spain one summer where we reminisced about the old days so I am looking forward to meeting up with him. I hope he will be a little bit unhappy after the game when I pop in and see him because we have done a job on him. 
These occasions are one of the reasons I accepted the job. Obviously it is a very tough examination for us. They are champions of Scotland and Brendan has got them playing at a new level in comparison from last season in terms of possession, the speed they play at without possession, how quickly they win the ball back. It is a really tough test but if we do our job, stick to the game plan we will give ourselves a chance. There is no team unbeatable. Obviously it is tough we understand that."
On Chris McMail warning that administration is "likely" (unless former chairman Michael Johnston quits the club board): "I am in regular dialogue with the board of directors.  This has been quite common in the last five or six years of my managerial career. I had a lot of this to deal with at Birmingham and not administration and stuff like that at Blackpool, but things off the football pitch. But this board of directors keep me updated, keep me well-informed and there is no way the club will go into administration from the conversations I have had. They are backing me with signing players. I just haven't had that conversation with anybody and I have never had that indication so from my point of view it is business as usual."

Sep 14th on Signing Nathan Tyson: “We’re really happy because we’ve got an experienced striker with a good goalscoring ratio. He’s still very athletic and quick. He’s got a willingness to be here, he had opportunities to go elsewhere down south. But he said this ticked a box for him, in terms of a fresh challenge and an opportunity to play at some fantastic stadiums. The board have backed us and we feel it’s another great addition to the group. It’s another option in an attacking position and gives us the chance to mix and match with personnel. What would be great for us is to build on these performances and take maximum points on Saturday.  In the league, our two performances in the league at Rugby Park have been encouraging. We lost to Motherwell but we looked like we had a lot of fight and spirit that day. We had an excellent performance against Rangers – in all aspects of the game. We’ve got to turn the tide in terms of getting results at home. We’ve got to make it a hard place to come. That will give us a chance to be successful in the league this season.”David Wren - Daily Record - Sep 13 2016 
On Charlee Adams Injury...  “Hopefully Charlee will be available for Celtic but we’ve had to put him in a surgical boot so there’s no pressure on the shin. So I’m quite astounded when I hear some TV pundits saying it wasn’t a red card, it wasn’t a tackle that warranted a sending off. I can see the lad on the treatment table when I’m doing the de-brief with the players after the game and can see his shin bone staring at me.”

Sep 10th on the Dee Post-Match: Possibly [a draw] could have been the correct result but I'm a little bit disappointed. We had numerous opportunities and scored an unbelievable goal from Coulibaly. I just felt we didn't quite push on in the second half. I left it [the decision to play] up to Kris. He is an experienced man and an experienced footballer. It's been a horrendous week. My toughest week as a football manager to deal with this situation. We can only support him and his family. He is a local boy from Kilmarnock. He showed great courage. We had a little talk before the game and in a tribute to Kris and his family we get a positive result. Unfortunately we couldn't get three points but it's the mark of the man he wanted to play today. 
 We handled the setback of going one down early, and we scored a wonderful goal, where the technique was just out of this world. He [Coulibaly] is always doing that in training, and a few lads are getting cuts and bruises [trying to stop him]. My lads are ducking and diving when those crosses are coming in. He's a great lad, and the rest of the boys have really taken to him. I'm fine with his celebration. I wish I could do it. I couldn't do it when I was in my pomp. The medical team and the doctor are having kittens when he's doing it, and the lads give him a bit of space too in case they get a whack in the face off his somersault.” - Match Report -

Sep 8th on the Dee Pre-Match: “It’s absolutely vital to follow up the Rangers result with a good performance against Dundee. That’s the message to the players this week and that was the message straight after the game against Rangers.
 We have to go into the games against the other teams, who we think will be in and around us, with the same sort of performance. The Dundee match is a big test in terms of the mentality of the players and whether they think that they’ve done the hard work because they got a good result against Rangers. We’ve now got to back that up with a similar type of perfomance against Dundee.”

Miles Addison will probably be three or four weeks and unfortunately we’ve lost Greg Kiltie with a hamstring injury. He’s been put on a course of injections and will probably be out for the next two or three weeks. We probably won’t see Greg again now until after the next international break which is a hell of a blow. I thought in that midfield area he was outstanding with Taylor, Frizzell and Hawkshaw. It makes it awkward because you want to keep a settled team and group. But I’m going to have to make at least two changes because of Kiltie and Taylor. We’ve got Rory McKenzie back who plays an important part for us so that’s a boost. We’ll look closely this week in training to see who stakes a claim for those positions.” David Wren - Daily Record Sept 8th 2016

Sep 7th on Scott Boyd's Passing: "Whatever Kris needs, we will support. We will be there every step of the way, whatever is needed.  I have been speaking to Kris since the horrendous news and it will be left up to him, it is his decision, whether playing or training. I will be guided by him. The best tribute to Kris, his family and his late brother, that we can go there (Dundee), put on a performance and get the win."

Sep 4th on His First Management Job (at Huddersfield in late 2008): "What gives me hope at Killie is what we did at Huddersfield, We built a young team, went 43 games unbeaten at one stage and came very close to promotion. On the day I lost my job we had three defeats in 55 games. That's life. The queue of lads that came to see me to say goodbye was humbling. 

"Jordan was one of those. A wonderful kid. There's a picture I have on my wall at home of me embracing Jordan after a game at Sheffield Wednesday. We drew 4-4 and Jordan got all four.  He said he a choice at that point to buckle or to fight - and he fought. He became Birmingham City manager in June 2012 but it did not work. The club's owner, Carson Yeung, had been arrested for money laundering a year before - he was later sentenced to four years in prison - and the club was in financial limbo and forced to sell its best players. He was sacked in October 2014. Five days later he joined Blackpool. "My silly ego got the better of me. The club was bottom of the league and I thought I could turn it around. I quickly realised I couldn't. It was an unhappy place. Fans were demonstrating about the owners and it got very nasty. The atmosphere was poor and we went out of the league with a whimper. I resigned (May 2015) and then took some time out to take stock. Then I got the opportunity to come to Kilmarnock. Will it take time to get the club up the table on a consistent basis? Yes. Do managers always get time? No, but I'm hopeful. I want top half of the league. I don't to be always seen as a fire-fighter. I want to get back to where I was at Huddersfield where we were always looking up and striving rather than looking down and worrying. I've always said that it's not how people perceive you when you come through the door, it's how they perceive you when you go out." 

Can this driven Geordie turn Kilmarnock around? He answers: "A lot of people would say no and that's understandable. We're underdogs, but underdogs have their day, too, you know." 

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