Part 24 - East Stirlingshire (H)

The Road To Hamp... Cel... Ibrox

You know, I always thought the TV companies missed a trick during the redevelopment of Hampden. We never knew where the final was to be held until the first of the twisted sisters got knocked out. They could have used 'The Road to Nowhere' by Talking Heads as the tune for the round montages.

One day shy of four months before the final and Cup minnows, actually more like Cup unicellular organisms, bottom of the bottom East Stirlingshire rolled in to Rugby Park to play The Mighty. On the surface of it, an easy tie, and a free pass to the next round but we are Killie and we don't do easy games against lower league opposition

On a poor playing surface, the visitors started to scare the pants off us. Inglis forced a fine save out of Lekovic after springing the offside trap. We might not do easy games but no-one expected it to be as tough as this. With the first half ebbing away it was left to the, as yet unbandaged, Kevin McGowne to show the striker how to do it.

And from 178 yards... okay, 35... fine 23 tops,  Big Kev gave a free kick a big hoof into the net, giving the opposition goalie a manicure in the process as he attempted to get something on the thunderbolt strike.

HALF TIME: Kilmarnock 1 - 0 East Stirlingshire

The second half was just three minutes old when we added a second.

Roberts went on a bit of a run, leaving players in his wake. The wee fella struck a shot that looked netbound all the way, until Shire keeper McDougall got something on it to tip it on to the bar. As his defenders stood and admired his save, Broono came charging into the 6 yard box, getting his head to the rebound, and snaffling our second of the game.

It was nearly 3. But that man McDougall punched the ball away from a corner, and made sure McKee's shot didn't find the net from the resultant outball (no, I don't know either but it sounded good).

From that corner, Broono had another blast and once again the visiting goalie produced a good save, this time tipping over the bar, to keep it respectable.

A good old fashioned goalmouth stramash produced the last action of note in the game. McDougall finally flopping on the ball in amongst the flying boots.

FULL TIME: Kilmarnock 2 - 0 East Stirlingshire

Next up in the cup. We'd be drawn away from home. a tie against Clyde at Broadwood Stadium. And the softest penalty you ever did see...

Lekovic, MacPherson, Anderson, Reilly, McGowne, Henry, Bagan, Roberts, McIntyre, Brown, McKee

Subs: Kerr & Burke for McIntyre & McKee

Attendance: 4783

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