Part 32 - Rangers (A)

Victory at Ibrox? Not for the last time...

Lekovic returned to the starting line up in place of Melly but other than that it was as you were from the previous week for Killie's trip to sunny Govan.

The home team's multi-million pound signings were not finding Killie's scrappy squad of chancers and scoundrels the same pushovers they were earlier in the season and Bobby Williamson's boys made Walter Smith's millionaires pay dearly for their disrespect.

A careless pass was picked up by The Legend Dylan Kerr, who proceeded to tear up the left flank, changing pace as he went, leaving Charlie Miller looking like Peter Reid trying to catch Diego Maradona. That's right: Dylan Kerr as Maradona. My adulation knows no bounds.

His cross was not in any way shape or form dealt with by the home defence, and when the ball dropped to Jim McIntyre, he turned and shot so fast you could hear the sonic boom in Mauchline. The ball zoomed past stand-in goalie Dibble (not the one from Top Cat, although he might as well have been), and into the net to give us a 1-0 lead.

Jimmy Mac got booked for his celebrations. I thought it was a salute. John Rowbotham saw it as cupping the ear. Either way, the Gers weren't singing.

HALF TIME: Rangers 0 - 1 Kilmarnock

Desperate times for the home side, as they rolled the dice and brought on a thin Fat Sally to give everyone a laugh at his own brand of comedy football.

They weren't long in finding an equaliser. Laudrup woke from his slumber and ran straight at our back line who, not wanting to give away a penalty, did their best to try and bump him out of danger. Laudrup, however, just about managed to get his cross in, and, while we had been drawn out to deal with the Dane, Gordon Durie was loitering with intent at the back post slammed home from an unmarked position to level things out. 1-1.

Rangers were getting more and more into the game. The Killie defence were now being tested time and again. They would bend, but refused to break. Although, Lekovic did have to be on his toes for some long range efforts, which is what we were reducing them to by that point.

The more we denied them, the more frustrated they became. So much so, that when Burke put on the style and left a couple of them looking foolish, in came Craig Moore and introduced the lad to the Ibrox turf.

The free kick was correctly awarded, but then for some reason, Alan McLaren decided to hit Burke with the ball as he lay prone on the deck. A show of petulance you'd expect from your average 5 year old. But... well, actually... it's what you'd expect from them too, when 'It's Only Killie' come to town, and you're getting nowhere fast. Yellow card for primary one footballer Alan McLaren.

What would ultimately prove to be the winner came from the penalty spot. McGowne picked up the ball from a Rangers player's inability to control a ball. He passed to Wright who lobbed the ball forward toward the box. McIntyre and Joakim Bjorklund were have a wee jockey (see what I did there?) for position when out came Dibble to flatten McIntyre. Penalty, no question.

When the radio commentator said penalty at Ibrox, how many of you thought they 'got their pen'? Be honest. 

Just the penalty mind you. No even a yellow card. This is Ibrox, and we're diddy team after all... Bunion stepped up, and with their goalie going down quicker than President Trump's approval rating, Wright simply stroked the ball, into the other half of the net. 2-1 to Ayrshire's Blue and White.

That wasn't the end of it though. You know how I mentioned that many radio listeners thought a 'penalty at Ibrox' would would be for Rangers? Well, guess what. They had what they thought was a shout for one right at the death. However, as you will see from the pictures, was nothing more than a perfectly timed tackle by the king of Perfectly Timed Tackles Dylan Kerr...

Lekovic, MacPherson, Kerr, Monty, McGowne, Reilly, Bagan, Henry, Wright, McIntyre, Burke

Subs: McKee & Mitchell for Bagan & Burke

Attendance: 50,036

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