Part 33 - Hearts (H)

Part 33: Record Breakers!

Dedication (dedication), dedication (dedication), dedicatiooooooon that's what you need.

If you want to win four Premiership games in a row for the first time ever! We didn't hang around in this one. A Paul Wright rocket free kick zoomed into the net after just four minutes and would ultimately secure us the points. For the rest of the game, we were cats and the visitors were mice, whose tails were trapped under our paws.

The visitors huffed & puffed, but Bobby's boys had enough about us to keep them from causing any real problems. For our part, we could have had a hatful, as we played out the rest of the match like a training session. Pinging in shots from all sorts of distances and angles.

Following the match, and having just been crowned Manager of the Month. The calls for Williamson to get confirmed as full time manager grew to an unignorable cacophony. And so, despite rumours circulating that we were waiting to see if Tommy Burns was going to be canned by Celtic, player power and our first ever run of four Premiership wins in a row saw the board bow to the inevitable, and appoint BW 'poimanently' as manager.

We were now six points clear of Motherwell in 9th, and now, we were cracking our necks to look up, and find that we were just three points off Dunfermline and Aberdeen in 6th and 5th respectively.

Lekovic, Hamilton, Kerr, Monty, McGowne, Reilly, Bagan, Henry, Wright, McIntyre, Burke
Subs: McKee, Findlay & Brown for Bagan, Burke & Henry
Attendance: 7,877


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