Paul Wright

PAUL WRIGHT will forever be known as the man who scored the winner for Kilmarnock in the 1997 Scottish Cup final.

When he stopped playing at Rugby Park a young striker called Kris Boyd came in and “replaced” him. “And he replaced him well. Now he’s back and it’s a fantastic signing,” says Wright, who remembers taking the young Boyd for training drills because “his first touch wasn’t the best” but then appreciating his special instinct for goals. “If you put the ball in the box, he’ll put one out of two in the net and that is the ratio you want. I have an old saying: You can be a million-pound player but switch off at five to three or a donkey who can turn a switch on at five to three. I know which way you want a player to go.” You want them to score goals at the right time. A knack Boyd and Wright share.


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