No. of Shots

18 0

Shots on Target

8 0


63% 37%

Fouls Conceded

9 4

Corners Won

10 3



Goals Morelos 7,45,74,79  Haliday 73 None

Killie Team

Bachmann , (25mins)  O'Donnell, S Boyd, Bruce, (Tshbola 27 ),  Taylor, Power, Dicker, Burke, Mulumbu, McAlney, (McDonald 26), Brophy, (Ndjoli 75).
Subs Not Used: McKenzie, K Boyd, Jones, Millen,

Attendance: 37,918

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Match Recap

Kilmarnock were denied an early penalty. After just three minutes, Eamonn Brophy broke into the box from the right, bamboozling Joe Worrall, who put an arm around the striker. Down he went, and Brophy was unfortunate that Alan Muir did not point to the spot.

Three minutes later, Kilmarnock fell behind to a wonderful goal. James Tavernier's incisive pass put Daniel Candeias away up the right, and Morelos clipped his cross into the empty net from two yards out.

That combination would prove deadly, but before that came the turbulence - as if Scottish football needed more refereeing controversy.

The incredulous Bachmann was sent off after being deemed to have elbowed Kamara in the head. The goalkeeper had raised his arms high in preparing to defend a corner, and as he lowered them again, caught Kamara, who fell to the ground holding his face. The contact appeared minimal, and the force little, but it was enough for the officials to decide red was merited.

Bachmann's departure and an injury to Alex Bruce forced Clarke into an awkward restructuring. Gary Dicker dropped to centre-back and Alan Power was shunted into a wider role, nullifying Kilmarnock's dynamic central-midfield unit. Forward Conor McAleny was substituted so Jamie MacDonald could come on in goal.

Rangers - and particularly Morelos - feasted on their uncertainty.


Steve Clarke:  "If the penalty had been given in the first two minutes it would have been different. The red card is a joke. It’s a joke. If that’s the standards we might as well go home. Why speak? It’s every week, every other week. Why?  You’ll probably write Morelos four goals but the officials decided the game. It’s embarrassing. The goalie just lifted his arms. Every goalie does it every week. It’s embarrassing. I’m talking in general. Bad decisions. All we talk about is our refs. How can I talk about football tonight? It doesn’t matter when it comes - a penalty is a penalty. Thirty seconds in or thirty seconds into injury time - it’s a pen so just give it."
On abuse from the Ibrox crowd: ... "It’s nice being back in the west of Scotland – really nice. When I was approached by Rangers about taking over the job here I was assured, nah, we didn’t have that in the west of Scotland anymore and it had gone. Hahaha. They can call me a b****** or w***** but to call me a Fenian b******? Come on.  We’re living in the dark ages. They’re not allowed to call my assistant a black b but they can call me a Fenian b******. Is that correct? What are we doing in Scotland. I wake up every morning and I thank Chelsea for taking me away from the West. My children have nothing to do this with this thankfully. My children and grandchildren. It’s fantastic to be back in Scotland." 

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