No. of Shots

8 15

Shots on Target

3 7


43% 57%

Fouls Conceded

14 16

Corners Won

3 6


Goals Brophy 22, Jones 66

Defoe 12

Killie Team

Bachmann , O'Donnell, S Boyd, Findlay, Taylor, Dicker , Power , Tshibola , Burke, Brophy , (Broadfoot 89), Jones, (Ndjoli 90).

Subs Not Used: MacDonald, McKenzie, Kiltie, Waters, K Boyd

Attendance: 12,374

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Match Recap

By Dillenger @ Rugby Park (Taken from the KillieFC.Com Kickback Forums)

My voice is gone. I have huns I want to wind up in the school playground and at work tomorrow and I may not be able to, short of by sign language. Will need to think of ways to represent 2 and 1 with fingers alone...

We were phenomenal from back to front. Daniel Bachmann pulled off some terrific saves and really marshalled his defence. He was unlucky with the goal when you considere there was a handball in the leadup and he was pinned to the floor as Defoe struck it.

That Bachmann got a yellow card for dissent but Morelos only got one yellow card for hand ball, and not for dissent or diving, shows everything that is wrong with Scottish football. It's at a point now where there is blatantly a different set of rules for this one particular guy.

O'Donnell is the best right back in Scotland and Taylor ain't far behind him in terms of quality. Scott Boyd deputised brilliantly and Stuart Findlay just did what he always does - immense.

Power always takes the plaudits but I actually thought Dicker was even better tonight. Both played with the heart of a lion. Tshibola was frustrating at a couple of moments (towards the end he gave away a stupid free kick and followed it up by losing the ball a minute later) but overall he had a good game and contributed well.

Chris Burke, I'm running out of things to say about this guy. He has a fantastic football brain, great ability and end product, and for a 35 year old his workrate is just stupid. He would run through 100 brick walls if Steve Clarke asked him to.

I said before the game I thought there were two key elements to how well we played at Ibrox. One was Greg Stewart in the lone role, who was just oustanding that night. Eamonn Brophy has come in tonight and been just as fantastic. He never gave the defence a moment's rest and it paid dividends. His finish was top notch.

The other factor that night was Jordan Jones breaking us up the pitch. Fans had their doubts about how effective he might be tonight given circumstances. No one should ever have doubted Clarke. What a performance he got out of him and the celebration running to the manager says it all.


Steve Clarke: "We played well with a good energy, I thought we showed good tactical discipline. We spoke a lot about how Rangers might play with the diamond shape and I thought we combated it quite well.  We started a little bit slowly and in a strange way the goal sort of settled us down a little bit and then we showed what we could do. It was a great steal from Eamonn Brophy to get the first goal, which gave us a lift and after that I thought we were decent.  I don’t know who writes the stars. I think Jordan showed tonight that he’s a big player for us. He’s got his move to Rangers, which is what he wanted and he can make a big contribution for us in the second half of the season. It’s nice to see him get a goal because he goes on that kind of run quite often but doesn’t always finish with a goal. It was good for Jordan. It tells you that he can handle big pressure so that’s a good thing for Jordan going forward."
On the Dons (A) Match: : "It’s all about game to game and we have a tough game on Saturday. We never get carried away here, we certainly haven’t since I came to the club. We work game to game and pick up as many points as we can and try and match that performance again on Saturday. We put in a hell of shift tonight so rest and recovery is very important."   

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