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Off The Ball

Non football related topics.


  1. Jive Talkin'

    This forum is basically a free for all, jive talkin' in the American sense! Feel free to discuss anything you like (within reason) on this forum that does not fit into any of the other forum categories. Contains the "Fans' Fare" and "Political Arena" sub-forums. Polls are allowed, but otherwise, usual rules apply.

  2. Entertainment Centre

    If you have anything to post about music, movies or video games then this is the place to do it. Also incorporating "The Book Nook" sub-forum for our fans of literature, being the well read people that we are.

  3. Does Not Compute?

    Is your PC playing up or your Mac making life a misery? Has your printer packed in or your wireless router went wonky? Consult some of KillieFC.com's resident techy whizz kids on this forum and hopefully someone will be able to help you out. Please be warned that Killiefc.com will not be held responsible for any advice issued on this board any modifications or alterations to your computer will be undertaken at your own risk...always make a back-up first!