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    Amazing how people can find a negative in everything. Killie fans are the best The way I read it is that the players are getting lessons in healthy eating and cooking guidance. Very important you'd think eh. And yes...a bit of team building Not only that but it is great exposure for a major club sponsor
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    But but but.... "Peter Leven insists he and manager Lee McCulloch are working all hours..." "Work harder", "we're winners"... blah blah blah. Heard it all before, and it stank of pish the first time. Honestly though, just once I'd like one of these guys to come out and break down why we lost/failed to win in terms of tactics, transitional play, or something/anything that suggests a deeper understanding of the game than "we woz unlucky" and "we must work harder."
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    Always a method to Kenny's madness. Much missed and despite some of the greatest days in our history still underappreciated by some. If only he'd been allowed to finish the excellent job he started. An absolute hero of mine.
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    Absolutely spot on OK, he f*****d off twice, but he came back when he had other offers and while he's been here he's given sterling service to the club (recent times excepted of course), but his pandering to Sky and the Huns is now embarrassing and he should be ashamed to continue taking a wage from he club. As I said earlier, time to go while he still retains some integrity and goodwill from the fans.. Still a great player and servant for the club in the past tho' it's a shame he will now never be remembered as fondly as Monty and Hooky for example..
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    He truly, truly, gave a s**t. There was never any suggestion that we were a stepping stone for him. He knew Scottish football was stacked against us diddy teams, and wasn't afraid to say it. He must be the only manager who has had his fans protest in numbers because he was sacked, not to get him sacked. That says it all.
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    I disagree that we were on the decline, in fact I'd say the preparation had begun to move us up a level. For many fans, SPL survival or scrapping into the top six had become the prize. I don't think that was enough for Kenny. He wanted to blood and battle harden as many of the kids as possible, because he knew how important they'd be if we were to start challenging regularly in cups and for European football.
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    This deserves a red card. This man was an absolute legend. genuinely cared. I would give ANYTHING to have him back. if we brought him in this Friday evening we would get a result against Aberdeen on the Saturday. Set us up brilliantly. the last time we seen a manager employ tactics was Kenny Shiels.
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    "We're hurting too'! Aye...I should f**king hope so!!! Leven and McCulloch are NOT Killie fans, they DON'T know how much we're hurting. It's horrible what we're having to put up with. They'll end up at other teams through their coaching careers, we'll still be Killie, so that patronising s**te about knowing how we feel doesn't wash with me. Do what you're paid for and coach your players to do what they're paid for...playing football!!!
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    Managers and clubs can be a good or bad fit for each other, to an extent, regardless of the manager's ability. Kenny Shiels and Killie were a good fit for each other. Kilmarnock FC was big enough and could attract players good enough to let him do what he wanted on the park and we, for the most part, loved him and his passion. He was the last guy to give us a team to be proud of. My favourite Kenny Shiels memory (apart from the Cup win, obviously) was when he popped into the Sports bar after a draw with Hearts. He went round the tables, sat and talked to fans just after the game. He explained his tactics, where they had worked and where they went wrong. I got the impression that he loved the club and not in a saccharine-sweet badge kissing way. He wasn't perfect and he made mistakes, but he will always be one of my favourite Killie managers. I'd have him back in an instant.
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    But how would we know ?
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    Squirrelhumper KBP Baz Hippo Merk Killie Conman Gazza oldkillie Gaz of the 2020 DrewWylie Under5
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    Kenny Shiels was head and shoulders above everyone else connected to the game in this country. And that's why the small minded parasites couldn't wait to get rid of him.
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    A great job done by everyone involved... we were captivated from start to finish and the production looked very professional. A good nite's entertainment all round. Didn't quite 'get' the ending but that'll just be me! And you didn't come back on to take a bow... every performer loves the clap after a show, it was the least you all deserved. The music was particularly well done, so much so I bought a CD on the way out. Best of luck getting funding to do it again sometime bud. Maybe a follow-up could be about whatever happened to wee Chico? Canny believe it took another 16-odd years to get the pylons down. Does there still seem to be a higher proportion of cancer suffering in Shortlees?
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    A good goalscorer, but not a great servant imho. A great servant wouldn't have ditched us twice to go and play for Rangers. Maybe once as he was chasing and building his career. But not twice. To come back to us for a third time makes us look weak and willing to accept being second best. Which we are now seeing with the fact he's showing Killie such a level of contempt through his recent Rangers-related actions.
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    You seem desperate to get a bite His result speak for themselves, controversy aside, his style of play/team organisation/results are the best we've seen in recent years and certainly far superior to the current offerings. Should never have been sacked.
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    Was not perfect , had his faults and caused some problems both on and off the pitch But judging by what us fans have had to endure in the seasons since he was removed ------its like night and day ----he at least had a plan and put in place ideas both for first team and youth level - there has barely been a handful of enjoyeable games under 4 different Managers since and no real lasting positive impact left by any of them on our club ---as yet
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    Absolutely. I remember the fuss on here and in the press when he said he was going to put Pasca on after a few minutes, after he'd been unfairly red carded imo in the previous match. He never had any intention of playing him, he just didn't want people thinking about who he'd play instead. Most of his outbursts were to take pressure of the players after a poor performance. Smart man management imo.
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    Results, right from the first game against Ayr, would suggest otherwise.
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    Very true. Say it wasn't good enough. Not we were unlucky Kenny certainly would have. And the under 18's and the under 17's and so on
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    Loved him as manager. We were barely out of the papers back then because of him both positive and negative so imagine the value of a guy like that now when we are trying to reconnect with the fan base etc. Being honest we were on the decline towards the end of his tenure. It would have been very interesting to see where he would have taken us the following season. I thought the quality of football wasn't what it was earlier in his reign and KS perhaps got too caught up at the time in this idea of a team built by the clubs youth system. Having said that it was a good time following the club and i wanted to see where he could take us.
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    Loved him(and we were decent to watch)
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    as you've decided to make another personal attack on sandy armour rather than his killie hippo forum name. any chance you could put up your real name and photo, so that we can find out who you are? fairs fair after all
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    Kris Boyd is a Killie legend, no doubt about it. His record speaks for itself. I'm glad that I have witnessed his career, as I have witnessed other Club legends like Monty, Wright, Burns, Williamson, Alan Robertson, Sneddon, Kenny Shiels...the list goes on. I don't want to remember Boydy as a caricature of himself but unfortunately that is how it is panning out. I don't like all the rangers pish while we're paying him and would hope that he could show us some respect while he is employed by us. Don't have us remembering you for all the wrong reasons Kris
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    Is this not also building bridges with local businesses who distanced themselves from the club under MJ? Good idea IMO. Bit of publicity for the club and cook school. I'm sure the boys enjoyed it and had a good laugh. They may even have learned something about cooking and healthy eating.
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    Look what happened when the Drongan destroyer tried to cook an egg .Injured himself better sticking to his usual "mince"
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    This. Good to see they've had the sense to keep KB (both them actually) out the kitchen!
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    I don't really see the issue - can't train 8 hrs a day. Normally they'd be home long ago, at least they're doing some sort of team bonding and maybe learning how to cook food that's good for their performance.
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    it'll be team building. Worst things they could be doing.
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    I wonder if none of the players in other teams have " issues ", or remarkably, is it unique to Kilmarnock again?
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    Nothing against u but I hate this saying. It makes no sense, even more so in football. Successful ppl dont achieve success by not working hard.
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    Same old s**te I'm afraid. Really feel a sense of inevitability about the management team now. Can probably write off Aberdeen barring an absolute pumping but if we don't beat Dundee I think he's swimming against an unturnable tide.
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    Kenny was too left field for the Scottish football establishment of which one Michael Johnston wanted to be part of badly. He played to the fans who wholeheartedly bought into his vision and this was his downfall as it appeared to threaten MJ's authority and when you're the effective dicatator there was only one winner . In the ensuing years the fayre on offer has been piss poor by comparison so our yearning for his return has been heightened but this but I wouldnt have him back . Let's remember him like you would your 1st love and promise to keep in touch knowing you've no intention of doing so
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    To be fair he was a bit mental. But he was as an absolute legend and brilliant for the club. To be honest I think we're more obsessed with this idea now. To the point where we won't buy players in the 24 to 28 age bracket so we can develop the youths despite that being the exact age of player we're crying out for. As someone said players in their prime. Not developing or in decline. Youths are the way forward but must be done right.
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    Don't think I've truly enjoyed a Killie team since he left.
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    Kenny in the post MJ era would be nice
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    Absolutely right! But he hasn't and we're not. He is trying to serve two masters and is finding it hard to walk the fine line required. As I've said before, he has many years ahead of him as an ex-footballer to forge a second career. For the sake of not waiting a year or two, he is wrecking his reputation.
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    He did. You could also see he had the team fitter, he had more tactical awareness, he was constantly giving instructions from the side lines and when the opposition scored you could see the disappointment in his actions but he would then get instructions out to the players. Then you look at McCulloch and he just looks at the ground/sky/dugout with his arms folded or hands in his pockets with no instruction to the players. Somebody needs to buy him the book Football Management For Idiots. KTID
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    It's not as if they haven't got previous - didn't someone come on and attack a keeper once? It would be funny as f**k if they had to play Bayern behind closed doors and lost the gate! You shouldn't generalise but they do seem to have a large scummy element.
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    So apart from Higgins , no game time for any of the first team squad players who had not played on Saturday .and again Bell not featuring very strange ....perhaps the one to one chats will get them all match fit and ready to challenge for a first team outing
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    The same way you said broadfoot would be a good player if he played right centre back?
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    For the record there will be no response from BLTM...a shrewd member of the site spotted he'd done a "Paisley Exile" on another thread and we checked it out and he and "Killiesub" are one in the same person. Same IP addresses, same devices used to post...so a banning order ensued. As a first time offender he will be allowed back in a couple of weeks should he choose to return and face you lot, as long as he picks one account and sticks with it.
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    I agree with the opening poster. Why hasn't Sandy forced potential investors to invest? Why doesn't he know the exact in and outs of everyone who has ever had the slightest interest in investing and all surrounding circumstances? Why hasnt he got the attendance up? Why didn't he warn the Jamaican bobsled team their sled would crash? Why Sandy? Why? Its almost like he has absolutely no control over these situations.I'm sick of him just going to every single game and putting hours of his free time into bettering the club and the town.
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    I agree, BLTM, Sandy has responded to your s**te and you haven't had the decency to reply. Or had the courage of your convictions by letting us know who you really are. Is that because you now realise you've went and made a total arsehole out of yourself or maybe the drink has worn off? At no time has Sandy put himself forward as any 'apparent voice of the fans' What's wrong, are you jealous of his little fanzine. Why not try writing one of your own you total clownshoe
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    How exciting to see your name on a thread title. I never have been a fans spokesman, just a concerned fan who stuck his head above the pulpit and with that comes the inevitable guff from the keyboard warriors. Id be delighted to meet the OP for a beer and a chat about all things Killie. With regard the investment I suspect it's reasonably simple, Johnston still has 40% and can veto constitutional decisions so why would anyone invest money but not have say. I do genuinely think the investors will eventually put in the cash but only once the poison has totally cut all ties... .hope to see you at Aberdeen mate.
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