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    Rory is the new James Fowler. Honest hard working pro who is vital to the team. Played under numerous managers and well liked by players. He’s captained us a few times and a genuinely good guy. Rory has made over 230 appearances for Killie at just turned 26. Turned down leaving to be dedicated to the club. Local guy and will run through brick walls for us. Give him a break.
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    I live in France and watch the games on Killie tv. My next-door neighbour sometimes joins me on the pretext of walking the dog. He thinks the lung-bursting workrate of McKenzie and Brophie is prodigious and he couldn't believe me when I explained the pelters Rory gets from a few very loud fans. He thinks that any club should be proud to have a guy like that, ready to run through a brick wall for the cause. He also pointed out that Rory seems to think just a tiny bit faster than his team-mates and that their slow reactions to his proddings makes him look bad when he isn't at all. This is a guy who played semi-professional for many years in France and who sees the game often in ways that I can't, but I think he's spot-on about Rory. We should all give the guy a break.
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    It's not just that Rory will run through walls for us...it's that he does. Weekly. The guy is decent on the ball too and is a huge part of the defending from the front tactics that have made us so successful. In a decade or so when his time has been and gone he will, like Fowler, be sorely missed. One of many great team players our club have run down over the years.
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    Progress in Pounds The Killie Trust would once again like to thank everyone who has either donated or subscribed to the Trust In Killie initiative and, in the spirit of transparency, we are keen to keep you all up to date on where we currently stand and will try and keep it simple and to the point with a few facts and figures. If there is anything that you would like to know that we have not provided then please don’t hesitate to contact thekillietrust@gmail.com and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. We've taken down the totaliser image as we have reached the initial target with the help of our front funder...massive thanks to them for helping us achieve our aims quicker than anticipated! UPDATE #14 Subscriber Total - 395 | Entry Level - 121 | Standard - 184 | Plus - 79 | Other - 9 Monthly Subscriptions - £6,361 | Phase Two banked so far - £86,208 In Brief: Since our last financial update, we’ve raised another £20,000 which, by our estimates, will mean that the current total should approximately cover costs for the completion of the rail seating and wheelchair viewing platform projects. A fantastic achievement once again by all of our subscribers. There has been a regular monthly drop off of subscribers recently but that isn’t unusual at this time of year. It’s good to report that a number of people who had previously cancelled their monthly mandates have returned to our campaign and we are working on a strategy to encourage more Killie fans to join this initiative. The Trust Board would like to thank one and all for the valued contributions to our campaign. Every single pound is making a real difference to the Club. Every pound also secures a KFC share, held by the Trust for our members. When the rail seating and wheelchair viewing platform invoices have been received and paid, we will become the Club’s third largest shareholder. Project Updates: The good news is that the Rail Seating has been delivered to Rugby Park. The Club are currently working with the architects and East Ayrshire Council, from a safety testing perspective, and with the installers to arrange a mutually suitable date to get these areas in place, avoiding the players training times of course. Our fingers are crossed that we’ll all have something to sing about at our home game against Hearts. There’d be a kind of symmetry if that were to happen as our TiK campaign was launched at our home game against Hearts in April 2017. The wheelchair viewing platform plans are currently with council departments and architects who are working together to ensure that all the criteria is met, with the ambition of work beginning in early 2020. TiK Phase 3: It’s time to turn our attention to projects new. Since the inception of TiK, all of our projects have required long term funding to reach our targets. Whilst we will continue to look at longer term issues, the Trust Board feel it is time to devote a smaller percentage of the monthly total towards funding schemes that can be completed within 2/3 months, allowing subscribers the opportunity to vote more regularly on where they think funding should be targeted. With all of this in mind, we’d like to hear your ideas on what you think ‘Trust in Killie’ should be tackling next (projects large or small) for the benefit of the Club and our supporters. We will also liaise with the various departments of the football club to establish what they believe the priorities to be then we can all make an informed choice via a vote. Please email your ideas/thoughts to thekillietrust@gmail.com. Trust in Killie Monthly Draw Winners (August): SANDY ARMOUR - Boardroom match day guest of our Trust Director, Cathy Jamieson GEORGE WATTERSON - Signed KFC ball MICHAEL GREENSHIELDS - Oxford Blue T-shirt Trust in Killie Monthly Draw Winners (September): PHYLLIS McLEISH - Signed KFC shirt * CALUM CUTHBERTSON - Signed KFC ball RIZWAN AHMED - Oxford Blue T-shirt *subsequently re-donated into a full Trust member draw and won by SHARON CALDWELL Trust in Killie Monthly Draw Winners (October): JOHN McGARRY - Boardroom match day guest of our Trust Director, Cathy Jamieson BILL McBLANE - Signed KFC ball JAKE CUNNINGHAM - Oxford Blue T-shirt Your monthly contribution to our campaign is making a real difference to or Club and we thank you for your continued commitment. Where you can, please encourage other Killie fans to join us in our campaign journey at www.trustinkillie.com. The Killie Trust - Bringing our supporters closer to the Club
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    Is your source big Kirk by any chance. Give it a rest with the negativity will you.
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    I'd happily have a flag for him. Currently in my top three Killie players along with Findlay and Power... honestly baffled at how wrong folk can be about him.
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    there is nothing wrong with folk having different opinions about players - Manager -coaches at our club - (unless they go on and on about it like certain one or 2) there is a lot wrong when those opinions lead to personal or abusive comments during games or on here
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    Where did you hear this? It is in breach of transfer regulations.
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    It's the good source again, name names or don't spread rumour. Rumour quickly becomes fact on fan's websites.
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    Why are we as a support allowing our players to take this abuse? I remember about three seasons ago sitting in the East and a bloke started on Jones in the first minute and never let up, I asked him to let up, he told me he paid his money and could do what he wanted, I disagreed and stewards decided to step in, I’m not saying that folk should start fighting but there are ways to talk someone down, especially when there are several people around of the same belief.
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    I was thinking this the other day. Fow used to say when his contract was due for renewal, “I don't care what it says, just give me it and I’ll sign it.” I think, instead of being cherished, this type of player is taken for granted and punished for their loyalty.
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    I like Rory. Can't understand the abuse he gets as well as some others. Was close to scoring what would have been a top quality goal on Saturday as well.
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    It can’t just be the manager changing things. The players have to give something as well. The manager has had his flaws but the players IMO have been a disappointment since he took over. The attitude at times has been questionable. The application at times has been questionable. It’s not fair on the manager to give him the job and the demands that go with it then turn round and say you have to do it the way Clarke done it.
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    Bit of an odd analogy. Generally, a band/musician will perform the same way each time because it's "scripted". In saying that, I've seen bands booed off for being too pissed to even play. I've never given abuse to an individual player in our team, but I have to admit to vocalising being pissed off about a simple chance missed, or some shambolic play. I'm quite sure everyone on this forum has. If they can't admit that, then they are lying to themselves...
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    That's a great first goal from start to finish, and some pass for the second.
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    A bit of recognition for McKenzie next Saturday would show that these bell ends are a small minority of our otherwise good support.
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    I still remember the graphic that showed the ground that Fow covered when he scored against Celtic in the 3-3 game. Great player.
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    Totally he’s succeeded when many others have fallen away or been moved on to lower levels. He’s always available and knows what our club is all about. Would rather him in my team than others who have half his commitment.
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    The fact that two of our own players felt they had to react to shouts from our own fans is really worrying. The fact that it is one who has come through the ranks - and is leading the man of the match awards this season - is doubly gutting. A large number of our players stay at the club for longer than they do at any other club - or have the best period of their career at Rugby Park. We are a great club to play at. And the away support is the envy of most. Yesterday, players would have been in the dressing room after the game, talking about how badly our support treats them. Of course opinions are all valid but as fans we need to do something about this. If people are shouting abuse at our players, we need to have a word. We want to retain our best players and we want the community club image that is being restored to actually ring true.
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    I enjoyed the six weeks without these stories more than the wins themselves.
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    Funny how we never hear these stories when the team is on a winning run.
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    Like Greg Stewart and his 30 pieces of silver
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    If clubs are talking to him, they are breaking the rules. If our club finds out, they should report Aberdeen.
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    Lifes Rich Pageant is a brilliant album. It's my one and only R.E.M. album but that is about to change on Thursday when I go into Fop.
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    Scores more than Power who is more of a danger to the kids in the Moffat with his shots than the opposition goal.
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    Let's have a MAD day for the hearts game ( Mc McKenzie Appreciation Day ).
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    Someone would probably beat The Living Daylights out of him.
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    I wonder at the outcome if someone went to a James Bond film and spent the whole time shouting abuse whenever Daniel Craig came on screen calling for him to be replaced and yelling that he wasn't as good as Pierce Brosnan.
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    I've been critical (not abusive!) of McKenzie in the past but on this seasons form he's one of the first names down on my team sheet for the Hearts game.
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    Two days before the previous round?
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    I think you're doing him a disservice... he's far more technical than people give him credit for and he is 9/10 times the only player who takes the ball and trys to create. He's the scapegoat every week by folk that sit behind me in the East Stand and I've started snapping back at them as guys like LM who's a shadow of the player even JJ was seems to get a free pass from them. We will only appreciate Rory when he leaves us and there's a gaping hole for a player who can play about six different positions on the park.
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    We were a shadow of the attacking threat while he was still here after Stewart left.
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    Strongly disagree all you want but he was s**t for the best part of last season. He had a lively start to the season but didn't contribute anything in terms of goals and assists. He had a short run of goalscoring after Christmas despite not playing well. He then stopped scoring and continued to play badly until he was dropped for his bad performances.
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    November’s Alexei Eremenko pin badge is now up for sale. Link below... https://killiepinbadges.bigcartel.com/
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    Power in some of today’s papers saying he thinks the intensity of training needs to be upped to prevent the hamstring injuries we suffered from.
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    It's Jordan Jones we're talking about here. Calm down. His goals and assists over the course of last season were dung for an attacker. I believe he scored 3, possibly 4, one a pen and he scored them all in the space of about 4 games. I can hardly remember an assist from him all season, I'm quite sure when Rangers did the deal he was sitting on 0 goals and 0 assists. Let's not kid on he was the catalyst shooting us up the league.
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    Absolutely this. I also don't see a great difference in our patterns of play this year, but as we all know we don't have the Stewart/Mulumbu player to make the difference. For me - the additional thing is that people (me included) supported Stevie C blindly - we essentially had a crowd of happy-clappers and often the team responded to it. Several times under Clarke we went a goal down - crowd responded positively. I've yet to see this under Angelo. Are a power of people just stubborn Sun/Record reading bastards that made up their minds about this manager after the CQN game? I'm inclined to think so.
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    I thought AA did explain his style but quickly found out he doesn’t have the squad with the ability to do that so we’re stuck with this at the moment.
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    The way we are set up is absolutely dire to watch even when we are winning so the fans are obviously going to have more of a pop when we go behind. We started again with 3 centre midfielders who all naturally want to hold in front of the defence. I know people will say that’s not what there supposed to do but it’s what happens more often than not. Away from home or against better teams I get it but it’s tragic at home to teams we should be trying to go and actually beat by outperforming them not hoping to sneak a goal then defend it out . I read people on here criticising Hamilton but we’re as defensive as anyone in the league .
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    I canny have anyone in the crowd telling professional footballers they are s**te. Everyone entitled to a moan and to voice displeasure but outright abuse is ridiculous and just generally helpful. I criticise players same as we all do, but I do it privately - in discussion with my mates. Every single Killie player gets my support at the games. Really is the only thing we can do to affect performances - support the players. To make a broader point surrounding the relationship between fans and players. The Connah's Quay debacle cannot be underestimated. Going from the high of the last day of the season to that was the sickener of sickeners. That overwhelming feeling of our achievements being thrown away so quickly still lingers. I said at the time Alessio might never recover from it and unless he wins a trophy or matches Clarke I think that's true. That result still defines him, sadly. Some of the players are caught up in that too. The immense good will they had in the bank was obliterated that night. It really was that bad. So even though we've managed to steady the ship things are still on thin ice. For some reason McKenzie, SOD, Brophy (to an extent) and some others seem to be carrying the can. Feels like a really weird season. 5th in the league but feels more like we're 9th or 10th I think. Best hope we have is AA getting a little £ to shape the squad he wants. In a similar vein to Broadfoot maybe we'll be saying goodbye to some of these guys who've done brilliantly for a long term greater good. Cause currently we are operating a Diet Steve Clarke system and it's helping nobody.
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    Totally agree. A right good number of our fans are showing themselves up as spoiled clowns. Rory this, SOD that, Brophy the next thing. How about a bit of support? Regardless of defensive lapses, we still came back from 2 down yesterday yet it was as if some were simply waiting on the players to score a 3rd before they'd dare get behind them. The only time I'd ever get on a players back is if they clearly weren't giving 100%. That applies to no one in our current team.
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    I will get to the festival eventually. Rory Gallacher doesn't get the praise he deserves. Unfortunately I have never seen the man in concert but have all his studio albums and the Live Irish tour album. Very underrated in my opinion.
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    That’s fine, but it’s still standard Tory patter. I hope you negotiate everything on your own behalf and take nothing the union negotiate. Unions, like everything else in life, are far from perfect and pretty unglamorous, but their demise has played a part in the gig economy we now have.
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