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    The loss this morning of big Jim "Tim" Turnbull has certainly provided me with some well needed perspective on the whole Kilmarnock FC situation. Killie fan, Burns stalwart, Bellfield legend, the best and most "weel kent" school/chapel/supporter's bus driver in the county and, I'm proud to say, my father-in-law. You bet we will be belting out "Paper Roses" at the funeral. Love you Jimbo- See you in the next one, have a good time.
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    I wouldn't want Clarke to come back. We all knew about it first time, but got blinded by his CV with Chelsea, Liverpool and so on. But there is no escaping it, the guy has absolutely no North Region Juniors experience. It's a no from me.
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    He may know all this. If he does he’ll know we need ssc. Dyer can’t provide what was here under Clarke. He is not the great man. And to hobble on with a poor imitation of what we had before could be disastrous. The alessio model was the better option as a follow up to the Clarke era. Total rethink. Only way to kick on. And there were obvious signs of change in the first few games under alessio ( to other folks points). The centre backs were tasked to come forward and join the play. Dicker was deployed in the “ quarter back “ role, dictating the play. It was clear the players would need to be changed over time to fit the new approach. It could been a sliding moment when GT was through on goal in the first half at rp. The defeat against the welsh rocked the club and whether the players or the manager or the board, the fans or a combination thereof, we collectively shat ourselves and tried to go back to type. Trying to follow the “Clarke way” without Clarke is like making top gear without Jeremy clarkson or soccer am without Tim lovejoy. The formula may be the same but it never quite works as well. ill get behind the new man and the team as always but I really have lost confidence in the board over this scenario.
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    Came across these in the attic
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    I dont blame bowie one bit he took a massive gamble on aa thinking outside the box looking up rather than down but with most times you gamble you lose but hes a killie fan himself and was prepared to take that chance hoping wee had a clauido raniero on our hands. He must care about our club or he would have played it safe so for that reason he should be applauded
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    All the board have done here is transfer fans’ frustration of the players onto Dyer. Don’t let them players) off so lightly.
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    Can I wish all my fellow killie fans wherever you are a happy new year. Let’s hope it’s a good one.
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    There are people (a lot, sadly) on here that I don't give a monkeys on what they say, but I've got to ask what is behind you posting this? Are you looking for the fans to turn on the players? Are you looking for the fans to turn on the board? Do you like bad atmospheres at Rugby Park? Do you think this will help us win games? Do you not think that the supportive attitude from the fans at Rugby Park in the past couple of seasons previous help turn the lost games to draws and the level games to victory's? It's up to every individual to take what they hear, who from, when etc. and make their own mind up on what they believe has gone on and I'm no different. From what I've heard the players deserve great credit for keeping going for the first few months under what has been a real let down of a manager. They've stuttered over the past couple of months, but that will always happen when they do not have someone to lead them in the right way - look at what the same group of players did under McCulloch then the difference under Clarke. So, for what it is worth, my shout would be to get behind the players - they deserve that after the previous two seasons. Then get behind Alex, at the very least he needs more than three fixtures before getting the grief he has got on here from some.
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    The trust represent under 10% ot the Killie support. The other 90 plus % deserve to meet the manager at any event .
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    I have a feeling that you talk s**te.
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    Don’t understand why Alex Dyer wasn’t considered to be the right man for the job in the summer but now he is. Doesn’t make any sense. Sadly I’m not optimistic about his appointment at all. Given the performance v St Mirren I’m actually pretty amazed at the announcement.
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    I can buy into this theory! He realises that he hates being around his wife and family all the time and misses the other life he had in Ayrshire. All that free time and extra salary he has with the SFA are no compensation for the joy of putting a group of journeyman players through drills in the driving rain at Rugby Park. The sarcastic “I need this like a hole in the head”, has become “I really do need this - it’s left a hole in my heart!” And watching BB’s masterful handling of AA’s appointment and dismissal has made him realise that his joke about him being the best club owner in football wasn’t a joke after all! It’s all crystal meth... I mean, crystal clear to me now!
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    I'd say the North Region Juniors
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    More unsubstantiated pish!
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    Happy new year all fellow killie fans
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    We are a fickle and childish bunch. “Alessio out. Dyer in. Oh wait a minute.“ “It’s Cathy’s fault. Sack the board.“ ”Am no paying for TiK.... NAPM.” Yes it’s p!sh at the moment, nobody enjoying it. People are allowed to be upset and are allowed to have an opinion, great. Some of the chat, however, is cringe as feck and just the big standard internet pile on that happens when things don’t go people’s way. Dyer nowhere near my first choice, however, if it is him (Or whoever it ends up being) we need to get behind him and help him turn this around. Acting like spoiled weans isn’t going to get us anywhere.
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    Bit of fun or man's stupidity to the planet? Just watched it and found it distasteful
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    I've always thought that was a cracking strip.
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    if he can work at Livi with Martindale he can work with any one
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    I hope it’s reinforced.
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    You don’t know any of that to have any substance to it. Better staying away from the keyboard than posting inane pish
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    Happy New Year all. Hopefully a year with a trip to Hampden in May, fresh hope, and a move up the table.
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    Steve Clarke has agreed to return. He misses the day to day management of a club team and yearns to return to his beloved Killie. Whether he manages both Killie and Scotland, or leaves the national team altogether, he feels obliged to hold off on announcing any move until after the playoffs. As such, there is no point hiring a new, long-term manager and Alex Dyer has agreed to keep the seat warm until his mentor can return, and he can resume the AM role.
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    I would have thought the bare minimum for a new manager would be enthusiasm. He’s as enthusiastic as me being dragged to the January sales by Mrs G .
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    The biggest difference between now and last summer is that the director of football is in place. Hopefully Fowler can help bring in some of the players we need badly this month.
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    Nelson tackle on Stokes. Phew!!
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    Sorry for your loss mate..
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    Tim was a real good guy. He drove the Bickering boys (Killie Club) bus to hundreds of games over a few decades. I am proud to have known him as a friend. RIP auld pal.
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    So sad to hear of any Killie fan passing away. My condolences to you and your family at this sad time RIP JIM
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    Especially sad at this time. Condolences. RIP.
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    Very sorry to hear this. Condolences to your family.
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    I was really sad to hear this news today, Tim was one of life’s good guys. RIP Mate. Condolences to the family.
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    Sad news , many condolences to you and your family
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    Really sorry to hear of your loss. Take care.
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    Sorry to hear of your family’s loss, mate.
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    Bell's save from the Stokes header in the same game was a better save for me. Sticking with that game Nelson's tackle on Stokes right at the end was perfectly timed.....
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    Yes but people like to rewrite history and go with the flock rather than stick to facts
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    Were we not top 6 when he left and sold one of his signings for £1m.
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    Ok, but i warm you this is going to be long and rambling. I’m going to start with the assumption that not much has changed in AD’’s life in the last 6-7 months to suddenly make him think he wants to be a manager now. That makes me wonder why he wasn’t more proactive in the summer. His boss has just left. We have a big season coming up. The board are dithering about appointing a new manager. He has the ideal opportunity to show them he’s the man for the job. Organise a decent preseason, get a few friendlies lined up, get some of the players he and SC would have obviously discussed bringing in, invited along to training to have a look at them. He could’ve been working on fitness regimes or nutritional plans to ensure we were in peak condition for the start of the season. None of this would have gone to waste is someone else got the job, but he did nothing. Why? The second aspect of my reasoning is based on experience of how things work in changing rooms and the work place in general. One or two influential individuals can make or break any proposed changes. If you can get them on board change can be a breeze. If they’re reticent you’re fighting an uphill battle. Think back to AD’s pitch side demeanour. Remember talk of him being ostracised and potentially leaving. Is it too much of a stretch to think he would have been having words with the likes of Broadfoot and Dicker to say “this is nothing like the gaffer would’ve had us doing”. AD has been around dressing rooms long enough to know how these things work. Watching our season unfold has been like watching The Damned United for millennials.
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    We sacked a manager in 5th place but should now be taking 10th for our final season position? At least we have a guid guy as manager and no doubt Dicker, Brucey and the boys will be having a good laughs in training.
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    There it is - the worst take yet. 1. Dog whistles of xenophobia that are completely false are just embarrassing. 2. He knows the league. Does he? He was part of the coaching set up the recruited Osman Sow and Simeon Jackson, so to say he “knows the league” isn’t telling the full story. Steve Clarke worked his contacts and unconverted a few gems for us. Alex Dyer’s first job up here was at us. 3. If him knowing the players was the key to fixing all of this, the last few games would have showed this - they didn’t. The players now get to have a laugh in training with their pal Alex in charge, doesn’t mean results will turn in our favour. Knowing the players and knowing how to coach and manage the players are poles apart.
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    f**k the interesting draw or decent away day. I'll take ties against Queens Park/East Kilbride/Talbot and the likes all the way to the final
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    Falkirk did scrap theirs. Which was lunacy. Fulton, Kingsley, Sibbald, McGrandles and there are others too. Players going to a good level, bringing in money. Motherwell haven’t sold anyone recently but Campbell and Turnbull are key players for them. Both will get very good fees. Scott too. And Maguire likely in due course. St Mirren have brought through guys like Naismith, McPherson, McAllister, the McGinns and McLean. The level of player other comparable teams have brought through in the past 5 or so years is night and day. Some were released by old firm, some were through their own ranks. Either way, the players absolutely are there. The youth team for us should give us team players as well as the odd transfer fee.
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    Special mention for the Jamie triple save at Perth!
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    If I could stretch a point I'd nominate Barry Nicholson's header off the line at Easter Road in the 2014 'play off' before the play off match when Hibs lost and then lost the play offs with Accies. It happened after about 15 minutes and we were being pummelled. If that had gone in we'd have lost that match and who knows where we'd be now?
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    What about Jordon Mutch and Jai Quitongo is free agent?
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