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  1. I've parked before on the on street parking next to the council building on Beckford Street, just a quick walk down to the the away end around the Morrisons, and has the added advantage of in my experience being fairly smooth getting out of and avoiding the tailbacks from the football traffic.
  2. Mulumbu was outstanding today, though an extra vote for the 2 East stand ball boys at the half way line who were quite entertaining in 2nd half!
  3. Cheers for that. I wasn't planning on being in Killie till 11:30 so could have been in a bit of bother there!
  4. What is the latest time you can buy tickets tomorrow? I had a season ticket last season and happy to fill out a form, bought a ticket for the Celtic game day of the game no problem but was able to go down early doors that day, might be a bit more tight for time tomorrow.
  5. Horrible news, best wishes to Bobby and his family.
  6. I disagree with this sentiment that he is the best striker at the club currently and our top goalscorer means we should not want Boyd to leave. It's not as if he's currently our top scorer with 6-7 league goals challenging the top of the goalscoring charts, he's scored 3 league goals, same amount as JJ, and scored a further 3 in league cup group stage (2 of these 3 came against League 2 Annan) Furthermore his physical condition earlier in the season was woeful for a supposed top flight football player (never mind 1st choice striker and captain) and he has written a few managerial team talks for upcoming games against us with his nonsense. He may be the current best striker at the club, but the other strikers have been so poor that it ultimately means nothing, and should not be a reason for him staying. Brophy will hopefully kick on in December, Erwin has the same time to come good else they will both be in the same boat as Boyd come January deemed surplus to requirements depending on what Clarke can bring in.
  7. It seems to me that he is so aware of his Killie connection through his father and he is so desperate to never be seen to favour us that it actually affects his ability to do his job correctly, bordering on incompetence. Yesterday there are 2/3 massive decisions that he screwed up that could have had a major impact on the game and us. He doesn't give a penalty for O'Connor climbing all over Erwin in the box, obvious foul and would have been given if anywhere else in the pitch. If we convert the penalty and the rest of the game pans out like it did we are at 2-2 2nd one is in the lead up to their third, Brophy pretty much gets the shirt ripped off his back and they then break up the pitch for May to score. 3rd one is when the players then line up for kick off and JJ is remonstrating at the ref at this decision which has just cost us a goal and gets booked for dissent. This then leads to Jones 2nd booking and red card meaning he is suspended for St Johnstone game. If he gave the free kick for the foul on Brophy then not only is there no 3rd goal but also no booking for JJ & also potentially no frustration causing him to commit the foul for his 2nd yellow. That leaves us with a free kick on 74 minutes with the game at 2-2 (assuming he gives the penalty and we convert) with 15 minutes to play and 11 men on the park for that time to push for winner.
  8. What a signing this is. I also liked how in the interview when asked what he knew of Scottish football he didn't trot out the party line of being aware of Rangers and Celtic, even though the will have been aware of the two having played with Dorrans, Naismith, Whittaker & Lafferty at Norwich.
  9. When we replace the carpet we will more than likely be needing a favour of one or two teams to postpone or switch venues for the first month or two of the season, we will however, not be going out with the begging bowl to potentially inconvenience the same club twice. Remember we have already done Hearts a favour by switching the fixtures around. This game was scheduled to be played at Rugby Park with our earlier meeting due to be in Edinburgh, but we agreed to switch around to assist them getting the stand ready hence why we had 4 homes at the start of the season and now find ourselves with a run of 4 aways. If the ground isn't ready and Hearts are looking for a postponement or to come back to RP again we would be well within our rights to be difficult, as we have already helped them out once, now they could be looking for a helping hand again.
  10. Yes he was on trial with St Johnstone and released as his fitness was not up to scratch, and we picked him up afterwards. However that was post January window where he had potentially not played in 6 months, if Clarke goes for some free agents now you would hope they have had a decent pre season somewhere to keep themselves fit and only been out of action for 2-3 months.
  11. Rangers did die but unfortunately before they died they were Scotland's most successful club, so IMO stay top but with a wee * next to it and then at the bottom another wee * with an explanation of how Rangers were liquidated in 2012 and replaced by a new club Sevco Scotland 5088 AKA The Rangers FC. Which to put us back on topic would place us 6th as I agree with you Queen's Park point plus the fact they haven't graced the top league in 59 years (according to wikipedia) and we are on a 25 year top league run with 2 cups thrown in for good measure.
  12. it is a difficult one as I do wish Boyd well in whatever career he decides to follow after hanging up his boots, it is just the way he is going about forging this new career spouting about the huns constantly whilst still a registered player at a rival team that is infuriating. I completely understand that he has to play to the masses and given he is not the most naturally articulate of characters this is his in to a sports broadcasting career so he has to go with it. He would also get a slightly less hard time I believe he was properly winding down his footballing career in the Championship as I doubt many people would pass as much comment about his media career. However the issue is that if he has appeared to have given up on his football career (fitness wise) whilst running down a pretty lucrative contract (might not be millions but is still one of if not the highest earner at the club) at Killie. If this was Kris Boyd in Season 2017/18 rather than this - then again I'm sure people would be more willing to turn a blind eye/ignore whatever pish he is spouting in the media. The fact remain that Kris Boyd of previous seasons was a fantastic goalscorer and a club legend (especially for his goals in 2013/14), but now is in a disgraceful state for a top flight footballer as well as being one of our highest earners. The fans are quite rightly questioning this and giving him pelters for focusing more on spouting about the huns and solidifying his media career than getting in shape, helping out the team and most importantly scoring goals.
  13. If he has applied it would suggest he is interested. Most people when applying for a job will contact the company/recruitment agent for more detail on the role before agreeing to progress the application and the company inviting the person to interview. In the real world this salary detail will usually be a few grand per year over/under the candidates expectations. Given Clarke has managed in the premiership and would have been on tens of thousands a week, then it would suggest at least if he has applied he has done some research into salary etc and it is at a level he his happy to progress at, with the finer details to be hammered out at negotiation time should he be offered the job.
  14. From what's been touted so far, given Jack Ross and James Fowler did a great job saving St Mirren last season and currently have them sitting top of the championship I would be selling Bowie's monster truck collection to make St Mirren an offer. However I doubt St Mirren would allow us to speak to them and if Ross would be interested in swapping a shot at a title and promotion over a relegation battle. Fowler could also be a shout on his own, was highly regarded as U20 coach before he left, was assistant manager at QOTS before taking over as manager and doing a decent job there. Was harshly sacked imo and as assistant manager helped saved St Mirren last season and now pushing for the title. I'm trying to avoid mentioning the fact he is a former player and look at coaching merits alone, however it is worth mentioning in Fow's case as the lure of being a former player may be enough for him to consider leaving a shot at promotion/league title for our relegation battle. Gary Holt should get an interview at least, ex premiership player and Scottish international. Had a good win ratio with Falkirk although only for 1 season, but has experience of being assistant manager in Premiership and youth coach at Norwich. It has been mentioned by people on here that seem to know him he would sort out fitness issues and get rid of some of the dross. I also notice Steve Clark has been out of work since leaving as assistant at Villa and always gets a mention. Maybe now after a few stints in England he would consider us? Paul Lambert is also currently out of work, realistically he's been a championship manager recently enough to probably want to hold out for another offer down south, but again is an opportunity to work at the top level (in Scotland) and even given our circumstances there is enough time for him to turn things around for us to be safe and have a successful season (in context considering how we have started the season) which could provide enough of a reputation bump to get another gig in England? (Clark after all got Bury job after playoffs and getting us just off 6th place by Christmas). Outwith that aside from left field former English league manager that submit an application, I can't say I'm overly fussed about any other names mentioned.
  15. Agree it is very much an individuals choice what they do with their time and money. The fact the guy makes the effort to attend a few games a season should be commended. As you say he has probably posted about it in the wrong place, I suppose it has generated a discussion. I think maybe what has generated a lot of the comments is the fact he has came home with a plan to see two games and decided to cut it short.
  16. I think there are two different points being twisted together here - Exiles who follow killie, go to games when back home, but go to local games to get a football fix whether that is a junior team up north, Bradford city, PNE, Melbourne City is fine and is the exiles decision if they have an affinity with local team or just like going to football games. People going on a trip to Manchester/Liverpool/London/Germany to take in a one off game at the expense of killie is also ok. People who pass up the chance to go to a Killie game to go to another teams game is what I think is being called out, considering the original post was a confession that he had changed travel plans to now miss Killie and will attend PNE game instead.
  17. Screw that, whilst I think his behaviour is worthy of a ban, can you imagine how more cringeworthy his videos were to become if he was able to play the martyr card of "my fellow fans petitioned for me to hand in my season ticket" or in his own head, "I'm so notorious 3000 people petitioned for me to hand in my season, they can't handle the truth how I tell it"? He'd no doubt end up with some stupid youtube channel releasing videos daily, and given how other fans play up to it to get him to believe in his own fame he'd probably end up doing appearances like that Wealdstone Raider character from a few years back. The club have issued a temporary ban, let him stay away and hopefully take stock of the situation and if he comes back in January still ranting away, given the letter and a temp ban I'm sure a permanent banning won't be too far behind and it'll be all his own fault.
  18. Unless you are going to the Stone Roses...
  19. To be honest since the Chick Young interview I can't help shake the feeling that there has been discussions, a contract has been offered but McCulloch hasn't signed it yet for some reason. Be it he sees his future elsewhere or he is seeking assurances from the board that haven't been made yet. There is something that I just can't put my finger on that seems strange about the whole situation, and as frustrating as it is waiting on confirmation one way or another I suppose we can be thankful that if something is going on at least it is behind closed doors rather than it splashed all over the press making the club look bad again.
  20. I don't think there is anything wrong with the manager being there to give a short presentation on the playing side, made up of his impressions on how the season has went, an overview of where he wants to improve the squad, what youths he sees making a breakthrough this year, maybe even the cheeky snippet of a transfer target or two. Not a Q & A session where it is far too easy for mouth pieces to get carried away with their own importance asking stupid question or making stupid points. This should be included in some of the stuff shareholders were treated to last night i.e. supporters initiative presentation, update on the work done in the community, financial update, then rounded up by the directors stating how pleased/disappointed they are and how they plan to build on/improve the situation before a structured Q&A. As a shareholder AGM, there should be the opportunity to submit AOCB questions prior to the meeting but with the submitter being allowed to respond to the answer, rather than just open the floor and allow people to talk s**te, or redirect the topic to their own agenda. Also if there are questions not answered they should be at least acknowledged as not being answered due to time constraints but a formal response will be circulated to these questions afterwards no later than x period of time. Anything that they can't answer due to confidentiality, should be acknowledged that is the reason there is no answer at this stage. Then the refreshments can be served. Open honest discussion completed but from what the guys who were there are saying and from what I've read of previous AGM's will be a long time coming before it is implemented at this club.
  21. For John Kiltie to say the above to Squirrelhumper it doesn't inspire confidence. Yeah it might actually be true, but locate your balls and come out and admit that is the case and you're at least doing something. Even something similar to what is quoted above and said afterwards, but as part of the AGM and minuted, make a note that there are negotiations ongoing to change the make up of the board but you'll appreciate that due to confidentiality we can share specific details. Absolutely no different to what was said afterwards, difference being is it is something official to acknowledge that they are trying to implement change. That one little bit of openness shouldn't cause waves that will hamper negotiation, but should maybe stop people questioning BB and JK's intentions and maybe buy some patience from us whilst the negotiations are ongoing. Instead we have what I interpret as a half arsed comment without any real commitment and still to the masses it looks like they're doing hee haw whilst we continually list from mess to mess to a relegation battle, to surviving by a baw hair, to repeating the same s**te next year.
  22. Whilst he may be willing to take a big pay cut at age 30, I seriously doubt he is willing to take 48K pay cut as speculated to join as our top earner. If he did we still wouldn't see him play though as he would quite rightly be committed to a padded cell. He may be willing to take a pay cut but I'll bet there are championship teams/bottom of the premiership teams looking at him preparing an offer with a 10 -15k pay cut putting him well out the reach of anyone apart from Celtic up here.
  23. After Locke fiasco I don't think there is any chance of McCulloch being named permanent manager until the end of the season. However I expect there to have been a conversation between board and McCulloch outlining his remit (try sneak top 6, keep us up, show improvements in the team etc), that it is his to lose, and to confirm he is happy with and agrees to this. Given we are approaching 2 months since Clark left and McCulloch is still in charge with no one else being touted suggests that this is the case. Personally my main concern with giving him the job is how he will do in the transfer market given that pretty much all Clark's signings are away, the loanees will all return with Dicker, Jones out of contract in summer.
  24. I think he is a bit like Clark when he first came to the club, in the sense that he is working on the weaknesses 1 by 1 to ensure improvement rather than rushing it all at once. So last season Clark got us fit, then solidified the defense, then worked on the attack. This season McCulloch appears to be focusing more on set plays to assist the attack. Starting with Corners which you should get a couple each game, then probably move on to free kicks, I would also like to see them work on throw ins though the couple of games I've been to recently they don't seem to be as rushed/bad as they were under Clark.

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