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  1. If they had any decency they would resign because that tosser johnson will blame them when the public enquiry comes
  2. The Cult of Johnson and his disciples sad indictment of the way people in England especially vote for these inbreds of society
  3. Would not put by that lying b
  4. Give that lady a knighthood but wait a min the eton bufoon has been allowed the priv of exercising in the buckinham palace by her majesty to recover from his near death experience must liked being lied too?
  5. Was bad enough when 3 teams went down when TB was manager and would not feel confident of us staying up the way the club is going at the moment too much of a risk for our club just to save a mismanaged team like Hearts
  6. This Dickhead is the Puppet Master to that useless tosser johnson he is nothing without Gollum and he knows it
  7. If they go with this Turkeys voting for christmas
  8. The Eton tosser lies to the queen, shuts parliament down, spends 2 weeks with his lover with an impending pandemic coming turns up occasionall y for briefings, in hospital on death row but was never on a ventilator hypocrite clapping for NHS Workers and still could not do 1 decent thing and sack that lying Gollum
  9. Where is that Russian Report must have left it in the fridge he was hiding in?
  10. Aye these tossers remind of Monty Pythons sketch Upper Class Twit of the Year
  11. Maybe they have grand ideas they are middle class because the tories allowed them to buy their own homes at a discounted price
  12. Looks like Gollum has broken the lockdown more than once him and that privilged dickhead johnson no morals, power mad absolute arseholes of humanity

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