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  1. Lying B. stards only 0.5 percent no invasion makes you sick farage johnson patel especially coming from Ugandan refugee family
  2. You missed out Trumps Populist Govt hopefully for not much longer
  3. killie1961


    Their Medical system is Abhorrent if you cant pay your medical Bills you have to go Medically Bankrupt
  4. killie1961


    Get more sense out of Grimms fairy stories
  5. And the little Englanders bought into this
  6. Sadly Christianity here is also a easy target for minority groups of persuasion
  7. Even that nutcase Sutton wants him fired
  8. Made me sick to see that waste of space patel on a navy boat chugging through the sea as if she was a female Lord Nelson driving back the enemey of those dangerous 0.5 percent invaders of immigrants back to France but did not have the guts to do an interview
  9. In Johnsons Britain Pubs and Restaurants come before kids education
  10. Must be using the money they saved by making people redundant how ironic, if true
  11. Maybe hes off looking for Lord Lucan
  12. Easy target from a useless tosser of a racist PM

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