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  1. Can see him at Dundee Good luck Chris wherever you end up.
  2. Yeah cracking place visited the Turreted village very impressive did you manage to get to Siena?
  3. Time for those Keystone cops to be investigated.
  4. Ray lollita 67 good fellas fame.
  5. Montrose maybe give us a lap of honour 🎖 after stuffing 😋 the Red lichties.
  6. Londons finest saved the greased piglets bacon 🥓 for the moment.
  7. Panaroma Partygate, special 7pm tonight bbc 2 well worth watching insiders story of the Eton Tossers multiple law breaking .
  8. Should be there with the 6th biggest budget in the Premier League.
  9. I hear Broadfoot could be heading to the scum.
  10. That was his agents aim all along and it worked obscene.