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  1. Good luck killie for tonight and well done to all the fans going tonight unfortunately I can’t make it would have loved the atmosphere
  2. I totally agree he forgets who started him in football a complete and utter prick
  3. Not yet haven’t a clue what they look like
  4. I was just stating that’s what will happen this season glad we won
  5. When are some fans going to waken up this is how it’s going to be in this league winning ugly wins games. This is not premier football you don’t get as mutch time on the ball three points is three points
  6. Aye moved for a bloody cat show !!!!
  7. Ha ha you told me you weren’t drinking again after Hamilton!!!
  8. Absolutely remember going to hampden getting beaten 1-0 then it changed the late great Tommy Burns arrived
  9. Someone else. Said it was down most of the day on Twitter mine also said error
  10. Remember it well was there that day as you say i was like that as well
  11. I moved to the Frank Beattie because of ill health used to be in the east stand am now registered with the disabled supporters and the leg room is great no more hitting the seat in front of you.
  12. Anyway who cares a great player for killie for whatever way it’s pronounced we can agree on that