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  1. Absolutely loved it remmember Tom well from a supporters dance years ago ,a nice guy to talk to well done guys
  2. You can’t judge on this one issue anybody that does deserve shot!! As has been said people’s circumstances are all different. I paid for a stmirren ticket the day football was cancelled and don’t want money back. Let’s all back one an other and stop any sniping before this starts.
  3. How’s that going to apply to non season ticket holders who don’t have sky
  4. Won’t miss Nike or justsoport
  5. What about asking John livingstone
  6. Hamilton are not selling season tickets and if you have a subscription to killie tv your covered by that. There is no point in selling season tickets as I have said we won’t be at games very soon it’s not safe to do so. Although I like your idea. We can all contribute in some way. Certainly joining the trust will help.
  7. Why would there be season tickets when no one is in the ground behind closed doors there is no way we’ll be back at rugby park soon. The Scottish government won’t let it happen until safe to do so.
  8. I was the same ordered one but got a phone call and refunded my money
  9. 16th my wedding anniversary would be good wife could by it for me
  10. Only a thought but I think you’re all right about him

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