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  1. Definitely not open tomorrow nobody is allowed near the ground except people going to hotel
  2. No mate and plenty of other people thought the same!!!
  3. As I said before Hugh Drennan used to do them
  4. The whole feed was terrible £15 for half a game never again hope the rest are not like that one. Good point never a pen though
  5. Paid the £15 and listened to the Ross county commentators Steven craigen still a dick
  6. Not to my knowledge it used to be the late Hugh Drenan
  7. You have been halted by the Marshall
  8. No just register with Ross county then pay £15
  9. I watched the rerun on my iPad and the coverage was great can’t wait for Saturday
  10. The big sizes like xxxl and xxxxl are coming to the shop late august
  11. Just had a quick listen on Spotify great sounding material
  12. Looking forward to them I always liked Sam maxwell the hardest shot in Scottish football
  13. So are the home tops as well
  14. Where did this one come from completely out of the blue all the best to the big man

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