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    has the club had to cut back on it's off the field staff?
  2. more importantly, do we actually have the money to do this?
  3. Not sure Burke would get much more anywhere else than he will be offered at Killie, and at his stage he will have made a good wedge already. Maybe he is holding out for a player coach role?
  4. no chance, lots development as a player and physique needed yet
  5. Would rather have had Andy
  6. backy in was a designated goalie who could come out but only they could handle the ball in the semi circle (fives), any man was as it says, any man could handle the ball in the are. That's how we played in killie anyway
  7. I know they are an excellent local company and good for the club.....But i really can't take to the Brownings logo as a sponsor.
  8. This. Think we had wool pulled over our eyes about the fee we got for Taylor
  9. not sure if this is still the case, that article is 3 years old. Was being widely reported last night and at the weekend on radio and journalists on twitter that it would be an 11-1 vote in SPL for it to carry.
  10. suppose will have to have the renewals out soon. Would imagine they already had prices in mind depending on what league we were going to be in. Would expect the tickets to go on sale next week at start of June
  11. no it is definitely an 11-1 vote still in the SPL
  12. do the youth and woman not use the pitches at Kilmarnock academy for training and some games? Would imagine it would cost the club a significant sum to lay a grass pitch, whole new underlayer then the grass and also take in to mind we just paid for new plastic pitch a year ago and the fact the club will already be taking a hefty financial hit by being relegated the money is unlikely to be there to move to a grass pitch any time soon
  13. He's injured, wouldn't have made a difference
  14. Young team letting of some me pyros going NG by the radio. That's what we need, show the players what it means, passion
  15. Don't know, given the choice between his fancy piece and Fiz?? 🥰 Still going to tune in to RP tonight though
  16. what's a game from two years got to do with it?
  17. considering the idiots thought only 600 fans could get in a fifty thousand seater stadium i wouldn't hold your breath
  18. also a sign of being dehydrated
  19. Fag packet calculations here, but if 5% of ST holders did take the club up on the offer that would be approx 125 people at about £325/ticket = £40,625. Rough calculations , but still a considerable sum. The uptake for the refund last season was probably so low as the refund itself wasn't going to be very much and can be taken as a hit. However, times have moved on massively since then and i fear that there may be more people needing the refund from this season's ticket more, especially as it is a full price ticket. Like i say, purely fag packet workings out, but still a thought
  20. the wee guy at D&D programmes will take them off your hands
  21. wasn't looking too good even before the virus arrived
  22. mate , if you think £100 equates to a decent investment in a company/business/club this size you are seriously deluded
  23. Maybe not best of ideas in the current climate, especially after the weekends escapades up the 77
  24. Yes, unfortunately even if ref takes action it can be upgraded retrospectively should it be deemed that he was not aware of the seriousness of the offence. To be fair, i don't think this one will get pulled in for it, the yellow card was adequate punishment